Looking for ways to make payments anonymously on Onlyfans and avoid the Onlyfans tags from showing on your bank statements? Virtual cards for Onlyfans are perfect for that. But what if you just want to use privacy.com? Does it work with Onlyfans?

This post covers everything you need to know about Privacy.com Onlyfans.

Does privacy.com work with Onlyfans?

Even though privacy.com worked perfectly with Onlyfans in times past, currently privacy.com doesn’t work with Onlyfans, due to the high rate of abuse by Onlyfans users. However, there are still working alternatives to privacy.com.

Generally, Onlyfans majorly accepts payments from credit cards, some debit cards, and a few prepaid cards, according to Onlyfans card verification guidelines.

And for any of these cards to be accepted they must have to follow some strict rules.

For credit cards, they must be issued by either Mastercard, Visa, or Discover. To make payments using a debit card, it must be a Maestro debit card. And then, the only prepaid cards eligible for Onlyfans are a few prepaid visa cards.

onlyfans payment method - does privacy.com work with Onlyfans

As you can see, there are no mention of virtual cards, which is quite discouraging. However, we’ve seen virtual cards work with Onlyfans.

In fact, Privacy.com used to work on Onlyfans and still works now. The only issue here, is its fluctuating service, due to the chargeback of transactions containing “Onlyfans”. So you can expect it to work today and not work tomorrow.

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So why the fluctuating service, when transactions bearing “Onlyfans” are charged back.

Well, Onlyfans use different labels on transactions, as said in an article on how does Onlyfans show on bank statements. However, the three popular labels are “Onlyfans,” “OF” and “Fenix International.”

Even if privacy.com bans transactions with “Onlyfans” and “OF,” what about transactions with “Fenix International” – that’s the loophole.

The truth is, Privacy.com isn’t fully able to detect payments made to Onlyfans. So you can expect to use privacy.com today and the next day, doesn’t work.

Lastly, every other card used on Onlyfans must support 3D security.

So you know, the 3D security is an extra layer of security that is added to some credit cards, created to reduce online theft, due to misplacement of traditional credit cards.

For instance, you can’t make a payment with a 3D secured card without verifying the payment with an OTP that is only sent to the mobile sim of the card owner when a transaction is prompted.

In other words, no credit card would be accepted on Onlyfans if they don’t follow these rules:

  • Issued by Mastercard, Discover, or Visa for credit cards
  • Issued by Maestro for Debit Cards
  • For prepaid cards, it should be a prepaid visa card.
  • All cards must be 3D secured.
  • Supports transactions/payments for s*xual contents.

Knowing these, are there alternatives to using privacy.com on Onlyfans?

Are there alternatives to using Privacy.com Onlyfans?

Using Privacy.com Onlyfans is a good way to make payments on Onlyfans. However, considering the fluctuations of service, it would be best you look for some other alternative. 

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Some alternatives for privacy.com for Onlyfans, include:

  • Other Virtual Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Anonymous Credit Cards

1. Other Virtual Cards

Not everyone is fine using Onlyfans, let alone, seeing it on their bank statement. Apparently, Onlyfans is not a thing to boast of.

Moreover, some people still don’t find it safe to use their personal credit cards on Onlyfans, for security issues.

If you find yourself in one of the aforementioned scenarios, then you sure are looking for an alternative. A perfect alternative is Virtual cards, which privacy.com is one.

We won’t go into so many details about the list of virtual cards that work on Onlyfans, because we’ve already done that here, in time past.

2. Prepaid Cards

The idea of a prepaid card is a card that works as a bank account, more like a mini bank. So, expect earning the task of funding your prepaid card always.

Most importantly, prepaid cards are a perfect alternative to privacy.com virtual cards.

To get a prepaid card, you’ve got to go to the bank, or an outlet (online or offline) asking for the issuance of a prepaid card. Alternatively, you could also purchase or make an order for one.

We’ve seen prepaid cards work seamlessly with Onlyfans, however, not all prepaid cards.

Example of prepaid card that works on Onlyfans include:

  • Netspend Visa Prepaid Card
  • ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Card

3. Anonymous Credit Cards

So what if other options fail to work? Is there any way to make payments without having the risk of appearing on bank statements?

Well, yes.

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You know, you can still use a plastic credit card to make payments on Onlyfans, without having the fear of getting caught.

Most people don’t want to use their credit cards, due to the fear of Onlyfans payments appearing on their bank statements, as well as the possibility of a bank, mailing such bank statement to you, in your absence.

Yes, you can’t get rid of that, but you can always get yourself an anonymous credit card.

But can you get an anonymous credit card?

Literally, that’s not possible.

But you can always go to a bank in another town to create a bank account.

At this point, use your accurate details, but only put a home address in that town.

You can also tell them that you’re a traveller, so they can send your bank statements through your email address. PS: not even all bank send bank statements through mails.

Now, about the security issue…You don’t have to worry about that, since you’re not going to be using it for commercial purposes.

Lastly, don’t tell anyone about your newly created bank account and credit card. It should be private to you alone.

Final Thoughts

Among the list of working virtual cards on Onlyfans, Privacy.com Onlyfans is the only platform that offers a free virtual credit card.

In other words, you can give it a try, since you have nothing to loose.


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