So, you’ve created an Onlyfans account and connected with a credit card, but you’re now stocked somewhere, trying to get access to an Onlyfans page that blocked you.

The question now is how can you solve this issue, right? Well, there’s a trick to that.

And in this article, we’d be taking a detailed guide on how to get around being blocked on Onlyfans.

What is Onlyfans?How to get around being blocked on Onlyfans

Founded in 2016, Onlyfan is a leading content sharing platform established by Tim Stokely. The site works pretty similar like traditional social media platforms, where users can share images, videos, clips, etc.

However, guaging it among social media sites, you’d find out that Onlyfans is on the top of the list of succesful social medias that leverage subscription fee business model, where users on the platform pay a certain fee to creators for getting premium contents on their platform.

The price range for the subscription fee could be as high as $50 or as low as $5, but wouldn’t be above/below this range. According to Onlyfans, out of every suscription fee paid on the platform on behalf of a creator, they’d get a 20% while the creator takes 80%.

Within a period of 6 years, Onlyfans has been able to gather a strong network of over 170 million users around 2 million creators. This incredible heights of achievements  was sparked on early 2020 during the Pandemic.

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The platform was at the time, a meeting point for club stars, entertainers, etc, who could post anything they felt was alright. Eventually, due to Onlyfans open content policy, a lot of NSFW creators began trooping into the platform to post NSFW contents.

Today, Onlyfans is known as a leading NSFW site.

Can you be blocked from Onlyfans?

You can be blocked on Onlyfans, when an Onlyfans creator decides to use the Geoblock feature, an exclusive feature for creators on the platform, which can be used to be block followers on Onlyfans.

When this happens, the follower (you), won’t be able to see their feeds, content, and find their account anymore on Onlyfan. Most importantly, you’d also be refunded the subscription fee paid for the Onlyfans.

Its worth mentioning that the subscription fee would be refunded completely, underminining whether or not the subscription is close to expiring.

Can you get around being blocked on OnlyFans?

You can get around being blocked on Onlyfans by connecting your network to a VPN that would change your IP address to something entirely different. In addition to this method, there are still other ways.

A content creator on Onlyfans can choose to block you for any reason they feel warrants blocking you. You have no say in that. However, when they do that, you sure would get refunded.

But what if you get blocked for no reason, and still want to get subscribed to that same Onlyfans page. How possible is this?

Onlyfans’ creator blocking feature works based on IP, which allows them to either block the IP address of an entire country, a range of IPs, or a single IP. And by blocking these IP addresses, they get rid of these categories of people.

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In other words, if you get blocked from an Onlyfans page, it simply means your IP address was blocked. Hence, the only way to get access to that creator’s content is to change your IP address.

Now, can you change your IP address? Well, yes. In other words, you can get around being blocked on Onlyfans

How To Get Around Being Blocked On Onlyfans?

Based on the fact that Onlyfans blocking affects the user’s IP address, To get around being blocked on Onlyfans, you have to connect your network to a VPN that can change your IP address.

When you get blocked on Onlyfans, it’s not just your account that gets blocked, your network IP address follows suit.

This means that, even if you were to go create another Onlyfans account just to subscribe back to the creator, you won’t be able to do that, since your IP address is blocked.

For this reason, the only way to get around being blocked on Onlyfans is to make use of a VPN or change your network or internet server.

Coming to VPNs, there are a number of VPNs that are been used perfectly by users on Onlyfans. A number of them includes;

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Cyber Ghost
  • IP Vanish

You’d notice that the above VPN are all premium – that is, they cost money. Well, that’s because they’re among the best VPNs you can find on the internet.

Alternatively, you could also get a free VPN that works seamlessly. However, they surely limit the amount of data you can spend a month on their free account to probably 10GB/month. In this sense, I can recommend you to Windscripe.windscripe homepage - how to get around being blocked on Onlyfans

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They provide top-notch service, with a number of servers counting to 600, accross 60 countries. Windscripe has also got a very decent loading speed of 300Mbps.

The best part of Windscripe is that you can start with a free account, which caps your monthly data usage to 10GB. However, if you find it discomforting, you can upgrade to the premium plan that places you at platinum.

The premium services cost for about $49 for a whole year. But, if you prefer paying by installments, you can pay for monthly payements.

Now, make sure you’ve gotten your VPN ready. If you’ve done that, follow the steps below on how to get around being blocked on Onlyfans:

  • Download a premium/free VPN (Windscripe is free)
  • Create an account and log in.
  • Connect your device’s network to a different or a foreign country’s server.
  • Proceed to your browser, clear all cache, and then log in to your Onlyfans Account.
  • Search for the Onlyfans account that blocked you, and subscribe back!

In a rare case, where this doesn’t work, what you have to do is to simply use another browser.

Make sure the browser doesn’t have any login history of your Onlyfans account. If it does, you’d still need to clear it off.

Final Thought

We’ve just covered the query on how to get around being blocked Onlyfans.

Hope you find our tip useful. Good luck!



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