Here’s a well-detailed article regarding the trending query, Can you use apple pay on Onlyfans.

According to Onlyfans card guideline, the official payment method for Onlyfans is by the use of a credit card issued by Visa, Master Card, or Maestro. However, in a recent article, we talked about how you can make payments without even a credit card.

So, it’s all too easy to think you can use apple pay with Onlyfans seamlessly, right?

But, can you actually do that? We’d get to do that in this article.

What Is Onlyfans?onlyfans homepage - can you use apple pay on onlyfans

Based in London, Onlyfan is a social media-like platform that operates on a subscription base model. Here, unlike other social media, users on the platform pay a monthly fee for subscribing to a creator’s content.

This fee could range from $5 to $50. However, Onlyfans has a 20% percent share for all transactions on the platform, whereas the creator earns an 80% commission.

Onlyfans was founded in 2016 by Tim Stokely. And Overtime the platform has been able to gather over 170 million users following 2 million creators.

Onlyfans has been able to gather this number of followings primarily due to its open contents policy, which stands out from other social media platforms other than Twitter.

Creators on Onlyfans, due to its open content policy can post whatever they find interesting. This could range from mere pictures to NSFW content. In fact, NSFW content is the major draw for the massive users on the platform.

Now to the nitty gritty of our article, Can you use apple pay on Onlyfans?

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Can you use Apple Pay on Onlyfans?

You cannot use Apple pay to subscribe to content on Onlyfans, due to some personal issues between the platforms. However, there’s a new fix to this.

Onlyfans has a primary payment method, which is basically a Credit card. Plus, the credit card must be issued by either Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, or Discover, otherwise it won’t be accepted.

This was proposed by Tim Stokely, the founder of Onlyfans, after Onlyfans was allegedly forced (indirectly) to ban sexual Contents, due to the outrage of underaged children on the platform.

For this reason, Apple Pay was kicked out, from Onlyfans payment method.

Apple pay is not the only payment network that isn’t approved by Onlyfans. Rather, all mobile wallets and e-wallets are also not accepted by Onlyfans. This includes Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

In other words, you cannot use Samsung pay or Paypal to subscribe to content on Onlyfans.

But why all this…e-wallets?

Why Can’t you use Apple pay on Onlyfans?

Apple pay isn’t supported on Onlyfans due to the fact that Apple doesn’t want to engage in the payment processing of funds from sexual content.

Onlyfans has over time been on the watch of external and governmental bodies. This is due to the fact that the platform is filled with sexual content which could be harmful to the prospect of children.

In fact, as of last year, there were growing records of young children, below the age of 18 on the platform. After the discovery, this almost led to the ban of NSFW content on the platform by the founder, Tim Stokely.

This was due to the fact that most government banks in the United States had started ceasing the funds of creators, claiming that they can’t be a facilitator of sexual content that is promoted among underaged children.

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Long story short, Onlyfans later backtracked their decision and increased their verification process for both content creators and users.

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Considering e-wallet like Apple pay…whereas credit cards and bank accounts requires paper documents (including birth certificate),  you can create an e-wallet account with just a phone number.

Allowing these types of payment methods, posses a threat of teengae indulgence.

Finally, another reason why Apple pay isn’t supported on Onlyfans is due to the fact that Apple pay doesn’t integrate 3D secure, an security layer used to get rid of online theft.

Whereas cards like cash app, have overtime integrated the 3D secure, Apple pay doesn’t seem to be reacting.

Up to date, only a selected payment networks are eligible for Payments on Onlyfan.

Are there any Alternative To Apple Pay for Onlyfans?

By now, you’re already informed that Onlyfans does not support Apple Pay. But are there some other payment methods to use, other than Apple Pay?

Well, there are a few other payment methods you could use to make/receive payments from Onlyfans without using Apple pay.

1. Credit Card

Credit cards are the officially accepted payment method on Onlyfans.

In simple terms, A credit card is a bank-issued financial instrument with a pre-determined credit limit that allows you to conduct cashless transactions. The credit limit is set by the card issuer depending on your credit score, credit history, and income.

Getting a prepaid card is quite easy. All you have to do is to provide your passport, proof of identity, application form, bank statements, and a few other documents.

2. Virtual Card

Not everyone feels okay using their credit cards to make a transaction on just any platform. A perfect alternative for this set of people is to make use of a Virtual card.

Virtual Cards are more like the credit cards you know. They possess almost the same features. However, they are digital and not physical, as the name implies.

Virtual cards are really going wide to be compatible on most platforms. The good news is that they work perfectly with Onlyfans, as well.

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It’s worth mentioning that Onlyfans only accept cards that are issued by Master, VISA, and Maestro. In essence, the virtual cards you create should be from these payment providers.

In a previous article, we talked about some virtual providers that work seamlessly with Onlyfans. Do well to check them out.

3. Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are like credit cards. However, they’re standalone. That is, they do not require users to have a bank account before they get a payment card.

Prepaid cards are more like a mini bank in a card. You’ll need to fund them before you get to use them. And when they get exhausted, you do need to repeat the process.

Funding a prepaid card works like a bank account. You either go to the bank, ATM, or make a transfer to fund your account.

Unlike Virtual Cards, you can’t get a prepaid card online. Rather, you’d need to get them physically, either through a nearby bank, retail outlet, or a credit card company.

But again, it’s worth mentioning that Onlyfans only accept cards from Master Card, VISA, and Maestro.

Prepaid cards are a perfect alternatives to use Onlyfans even without Apple Pay.

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Final Thought

Apple pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal, and Google pay, even as giants in the payment network industry are not accepted on Onlyfans due to personal reasons best known to them.

However, there are still some other payment methods other than Apple pay that are quite good, as well. Do well to check them out. Good luck!

Meanwhile, here’s how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face.


Does Onlyfans take apple pay?

OnlyFans doesn’t take payments from Apple Pay. This is due to the fact that Apple doesn’t want to affiliate themselves with processing payments for NSFW Contents.


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