Patreon allows people to earn money from doing what they love. You can also support the content creator and help them make better content through your subscriptions.

If you are wondering if you can see how much your favourite creator makes on Patreon, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing how you can view how much someone makes on Patreon.

How do you See how much a Creator Makes on Patreon?

Viewing their profile makes it possible to see how much a creator makes on Patreon. However, this information can be hidden at the will of the creator. This is because some creators do not want to show how much they earn to protect their privacy. Although a creator shows their earnings so other Patreons can see, they can attract Patreons to their page. This, in turn, helps their page grow, especially if they are starting on the site. On the flip side, the public display of earnings may destroy their brand image.

How do you know if your Earnings are Publicly Displayed on Patreon?

If your Patreon page is public, then everyone can see your earnings. Hence, your earnings are publicly displayed if you can see “Public” under your profile image. Your earnings are not public if you see “Private” under your profile image. In other words, your earnings are only visible to you, and other Patreons cannot see them. Your earnings may also be seen on your membership dashboard.

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How can I Hide my Earnings on Patreon?

Usually, the amount of earnings displayed on your page is an estimate of what you earn monthly or per content. This amount may increase or decrease depending on the activity of Patreons on your page. It is pretty easy if you want to hide your earnings on Patreons. You can hide your earnings by:

  • Log into your Patreon account.
  • On the left sidebar, tap on the My page link.
  • Click on the Edit page from the submenu after clicking on either Page controls or “…”.
  • From the menu bar, tap the page settings link.
  • You would then see earnings visibility when you scroll down and make the changes.
  • Scroll up the page and save the changes you have made.

What Happens when you Hide your Earnings on Patreon?

The most obvious thing that happens when you hide your earnings on Patreon is that no one would be able to view them except you. Another thing that happens is that your goals will be rewritten to reflect the percentage of your goal that has been achieved rather than a monetary number if you choose to conceal your earnings. Now that your estimated earnings are private, you can change your goals to be community-based if you so choose.


Anyone that visits your page can see how much you earn if your page is set as public. However, some creators don’t want Patreons to see how much they earn, so they hide their earnings. To hide your earnings, all you need to do is change your profile from public to private by following the guidelines in this article.

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