There’s always this push when we get to start something new.

It stays for a little while – and by this time, you can cover/do a lot, in what ever thing it is.

But then, there’s the pain.

…the pain, when you keep doing it, and it is not productive in any measure.

Well, that’s how it is when we start something new, especially when it a business.

And Onlyfans is not an exception to this.

Wanna start an Onlyfans account from scratch?

Keep reading… because in this article, we’re going to talk extensively on how to Start an onlyfans without followers.

What is Onlyfans?onlyfans homepage - how to start an onlyfans without followers

Onlyfans need no introduction.

I can tell, that the majority of readers are already familiar with the website.

But to make this article a complete guide, we’d have to go over it.

So, Enough chatters…

Onlyfans is kind of a social media site that operates on a subscription model.

The site was launched in late 2016, making it a 7 years old company.

The plan of the founder, Tim Stokely, initially, was to create a platform that’d help content creators earn money from their audience.

So they’d have to pay a monthly fee for being a fan of the content, on the platform.

The plan had worked well for a while. But, soon, everything eventually changed.

…in late 2019, and early 2020 –during the pandemic– people began switching to the platform to offer NSFW content to their fans.

Well, as supposed, people loved it and began trooping into the platform for this.

And today, Onlyfans has garnered over 130 million users glued to the roughly 2 million content creators on the platform.

Currently, Onlyfans is known as a pornographic site.

And If you’re planning to join them, you should make up your mind about what you’re planning to do.

Because as they say, you would be producing NSFW (Not safe for work) content.

It’s not actually advisable because it could tarnish your image if you plan on doing something formal in the future.

So yeah, please confront the upfront.

Meanwhile, in time past, we’ve also created an article that can help you stay anonymous on Onlyfans.

Or a way to promote your Onlyfans account without social media.

Can you be Successful When You Start an Onlyfans without followers?

Before we get started on the main topic of the day, let’s get things right.

Is it actually possible to be successful when you start an Onlyfans account without any prior followers? And how feasible is this?

Well, it’s possible.

Onlyfans is not a social media site like Instagram that really cares about how many followers you’ve got to determine your reach.

In fact, don’t expect an organic reach from Onlyfans, because it doesn’t give much.

And also, it has no monetization restrictions like Youtube.

So, it’s your thing,

All you have to do is to create valuable unique content, promote your page, and get intrigued audience.

Monetization is now left in your hands and it is independent of the number of followers you have.

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Between, you’d need to verify/bypass Onlyfans verification, before you can be approved as Creator on the platform.

Best Approach on How to Start an Onlyfans without followers In 2022

Now, to the nitty-gritty of this article, how can you start an Onlyfans without followers in 2022?

1. Understand The Platform

The difference between a successful person and the one who isn’t is basically one thing;

The successful one was able to put his effort to see and understand how things work, while the other keeps on wishing and procrastinating.

I started YouTubing in 2017. Struggled for two years, and all was to no avail.

Months after, when I had already stopped YouTubing due to frustration, I  discovered my mistake.


  • I started with the burning desire to make quick money
  • I didn’t even have the proper knowledge of what I was doing.
  • I was lost in the ocean of having to create content randomly.

I’m gonna be relating my story to this Onlyfans guide, here.

a. I started with the burning desire to make quick money

Except if you want to venture into a Ponzi scheme, most online businesses require what we call patience.

Starting an Onlyfans without followers with the idea that you’re gonna make $1000 in your first month.

…should be cut off, because it’s not as easy as it is.

Yeah, there are screenshots of successful people who had done that within a short time, but don’t put your hopes so high.

Most people who get massive followers within a short period of starting their Onlyfans are usually people with huge followings on other platforms.

We’d talk about this later in this article.

But in the meantime, bear this in mind.

b. I didn’t have the proper knowledge of what I was doing

It’s one thing to start and another thing to understand what you’re actually doing.

…And most importantly, to know if you’re actually doing it well.

Here’s What you should know about Onlyfans:

  • You’ll barely get any followers on Onlyfans if you’re not ready to do external promotion.
  • Studying fellow Onlyfans creator technique is a good tactic to grow your Onlyfans, even without any prior followers.
  • Understanding your body type and the best way to market/create intriguing content, is a trusted tactic.

c. I was lost in the ocean of having to create content randomly.

Now, here’s one of the significant mistakes I made:

I didn’t start with enough branding; I had made random contents of all types, across several niches.

Hence, it was difficult for me to gather a specific audience who were glued to a part of what I do.

You see, the thing with people is that they always have preferences.

While someone might love to view innocent milf pornstars, others might be intrigued by videos of fitness babes.

So you see, in some cases, you mixing all this together might not make sense to some followers.

And that’s why there’s a call for you to niche down, as a startup creator at Onlyfans.

So now, how can you find your niche?

Now the question is what’s your body type?

If you’ve found yours…

Well, you’ll have to See it, Understand it, then go to Onlyfans and search for some creators with the same body type as you.

You can check for the style of content they produce, improvise them on your account and then you’re good to go – you’ve gotten your niche!

A list of popular niches includes:

  • Anime/Cosplay
  • Athletic
  • Bratty
  • College Sl*t
  • Cuty
  • Dominatrix
  • Fitness Babe
  • Findom
  • Pornstar
  • Innocent at home
  • MILF

2. Start your Onlyfans Account, even without followers

Obvious, right?

Well, yeah, just start!

You won’t be able to start your Onlyfans with the mindset of “how can I do this” and “how can I do that.”

…talk more of being successful, when you’re not ready to give it a shot.

As they say, the more we go further, the more we learn.

Not much to say here, but here’s how to create an Onlyfans account.

  • Head on to the Onlyfans official website and fill in your details, which include an email address, name, and password.
  • Hit the sign up button and you’ll be redirected to verify your email address– do just that.
  • And yikes, your account has been created!
  • You can now sign into your account to fill in some other required credentials, such as your subscription rate, and all the rest.
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3. Invest in Contents

As they always say, Content is king.

You can’t just expect to start out today and imagine a large following the next day, without at least, a bit of content.

Not possible…

Except you already have an established Audience on some other platforms, like Facebook, TikTok, and all the rest.

So yeah, create content!

Not just Contents, create a number of good contents!

A good startup should go with atleast;

  • 10 attractive videos/GIFs.
  • 20-30 teaser style pictures for promotions on your account.

Also, you should always be consistent in how you post your content.

Better still, you should create a schedule, like having to post 3 contents in a week, or even better when you specify the days, like posting content “every Wednesday and Friday.”

But, get things right…

It’s not always about the quantity of content you produce.

Trying to make your videos to be the best quality they can be.

In this process,  First off, you’d need a good camera. If you’ve got phone with a good camera, you can use em’, as well.

Additionally, if you have about $50 to spend on content creation for your Onlyfans account, you could try getting a tripod, and a Ring light.

This shouldn’t cost so much money. With a sum of $50, you can get them.

4. Harness the Pricing Tactics

If you’ve just started your Onlyfans without any followers, it wouldn’t be wise of you if your price tag is as high as an already established creator.

You should always try to bridge the price gap between you and a successful creator who offers the same content as you.

Better still, leverage the “Free  Content Pricing Tactics.”

If you’re a very attractive lady, this could work perfectly well.

Here’s how it works;

1. Make your Onlyfans page totally free/ run a 30 day free trial for New Members

Think of it this way…

You just joined Onlyfans as a user, and then you find a page with an attracting face, with few intriguing Contents.

Afterward, you decided to leave after being forced to pay a subscription fee, to view other Onlyfans pages.

While scrolling through some other pages, you find a page that offers almost the same contents as the other, but this time, for free.

How are you going to react to that?

And what if the free contents were really great?

Sure, you’d be glued to the account free page. And subsequently, if you’re asked to pay more, you’ll.

That’s just the concept behind this.

2. Alternatively, Sell Pay per View Contents in the inbox

In the case where contents on your Onlyfans page are all free…

I.e you have no monthly subscription fee on your platform or you placed a 30 days free trial for new members.

…it becomes difficult to make money from the page, right?

Well, if you have started getting a bit of followers, you can employ the popular Onlyfans’ Pay per View strategy.

This is just simple and basic.

All you have to do is to keep adding the message “to get exclusive Contents hit me on my inbox,” on your videos and pictures.

This will create a relationship between you and your audience, where they can easily inbox you for exclusive content.

And yeah, they’ll have to pay for that.

3. Run Promotional Discounts on Subscription

In time past, many studies havec shown how buyers are being influenced by discounts and coupons.

In fact, a recent study shows that 64% of buyers would wait till a discount before they make purchase.

Additionally, from the same research, 66% of buyers will close a deal when a discount is introduced, undermining their dilemmas.

This all shows that human beings are intrigued to discounts.

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And the same thing is applicable to Onlyfans.

5. Promote your Onlyfans With Social Media

Onlyfans, in general, is very competitive – you can barely get anywhere if you decide to wait for an organic reach.

What do you expect from a platform with over 2 million content creators?

Well, there are several approaches to promoting your Onlyfans account without followers.

However, we all know social media are the ruling option when it comes to Onlyfans promotion.

Now, how can we do this?

Well, sit tight.

1. Reddit

Reddit is an American-based platform that combines, content platform, forum, and social media into its beast of a platform.

It was launched way back in 2005 and has since then garnered over a 1.5billion users, even more than that of the popular Twitter, LinkedIn, and eBay.

Reddit is basically a forum.

And it’s a perfect platform to look out to when you plan on promoting your Onlyfans without followers.

You can begin by joining a list of subreddits and posting your content.

Just like Twitter, Reddit allows users to post NSFW content. In fact, according to research by, 7 out of 10 Reddit users join at least one NSFW subreddits.

The deal here is to offer value to the subreddit you plan on promoting your platform on. And then, you refer them back to Onlyfans.

The problem now is, how can you find NSFW subreddit?

Well, it’s all easy.

All you have to do is to visit, you’ll find a page like this;

redditlist landing page

The aforementioned link will load a list of high-ranking subreddits that are focused on NSFW content.

Using this website, you can then filter the good ones out.

2. TikTok

Tiktok is the newest social media platform. Its existence dates back to 2016, the same time Onlyfans was launched.

Despite being so new, Tiktok has been able to gain its own market share in the social media industry. In 2020, the platform was recorded to host over 600 million users.

Tiktok blends perfectly with Onlyfans.

Although, unlike Reddit, you can’t post NSFW content on Tiktok, since the platform doesn’t officially allow that.

However, to some extent, you can post some really sexy stuffs, enough to refer users to your page.

The thing I love about Onlyfans is its reward for quality.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook where global organic reach is almost unrealistic, Tiktok put in the work to make its algorithm favor quality content.

In other words, there are not any other hidden strategies to grow your Tiktok other than that putting out great content.

Heads Up: Never Link your Onlyfan to Tiktok. Don’t even mention Onlyfans on Tiktok, if you don’t want to get banned.

The best way to refer traffic from Tiktok to Onlyfan is to introduce a middleman, Instagram. As a result, you’d need to refer traffic to Instagram and then to Onlyfans.

6. Promote Your Onlyfans with the “Follow Newbies Trick”

There are a lot of mind-blowing ways to promote your Onlyfans. Follow Newbies Trick is just one of them.

This trick involves you having to follow new, old, and existing Onlyfans in mass numbers.

Look it this way…

Imagine you’re a new user at Onlyfans and you logged in to your account, just to see the subscription notification of an attractive Onlyfans creator.

How would you react to this?

Sure, you’ll likely follow her back, right?

Well, that’s just the trick employed here.

If you might need to execute the “Follow Newbies Trick,” in no time or a faster rate, then you might be in need of a tool.

If yes, I recommend you to try using

Don’t want to promote your Onlyfans account? Or you just want to be anonymous?

Well, there’s a way to that – you can check our review on how to promote Onlyfans without Social media

Final Thoughts

We have just laid out an ultimate guide on how to start Onlyfans without followers.

Now it’s up to you!

Hope you find it helpful…



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