Here is all the information you need to have on the Lowes Affiliate Program

To anyone who understands human nature; being comfortable in the home will be seen as a major requirement

But, how do we become comfortable?

Firstly, by understanding the word “comfort” in the home

Secondly, by doing things that make us comfortable at home

Last but not least is by getting household items that promote comfort in the house.

These items cut across divergent functions such as cooking, sound production, and so on.

Therefore, we have established a fact that household appliances are a must to have in every home.

As you know, we are not dealing with the promotion of these products in this article but attempting to provide a comprehensive review of Lowe’s affiliate program to enlighten you on whether or not it is the right program for you to jump on.

In that regard, the goal here is how you can make money by promoting home products to people who need it.

And yeah, you guessed right; that’s affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of business arrangement in which a business owner pays a third-party an agreed percentage on purchases made through his affiliate link as a reward (commission) for his service.

Basically, what you are doing here is promoting the products of Lowe’s to the right audience and you would get paid for doing that.

To most affiliate marketers, the most difficult aspect is getting traffic/ leads/ referrals in whatever language you can understand

Which is why you have to first discover the right audience who need the products you are marketing

Take for instance; I want to promote the cooking products of Lowes

The first thing I would do is to ask myself; “Who and who needs these products?”

Then I start to mark out names

Chefs, caterers, housewives, higher institution students, and the likes

But, I would not want to target the married mechanical engineers


Because it is going to be difficult to get their attention and convince them

Instead, I chose to target their housewives who can be easily convinced since they are naturally attracted to things like this.

That is okay on that; you did not pay me for the tips

Back to the business of today; let’s get a summary of all we will cover in this review

What is Lowes?

Lowe's home page

Founded in 1921 by Lucius Lowe, Lowes has now grown into a company rated as the “second-largest hardware chain in the US” according to Wikipedia.

Lowes is an American-based retailing company that deals with home improvement appliances similar to that on Home depot.

Although Lowes is a global company, as it provides shipping services to its customers, the company is more concentrated in North America.

Infact, it runs over 2000+ physical stores in the US and Canada with some others in Mexico.

Lowes offers a wide of home improvements appliances with over 1 million products on its catalog.

From cooking utensils, security gadgets, gardening tools, and equipment, to generators; there is virtually any tool needed in the home that you cannot get on Lowes.

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To give a better picture of Lowes; You can refer it to Amazon of the home industry.

Lowes Affiliate Program- The Ultimate Review

Lowe's affiliate program landing page

Affiliate marketing program in the retailing industry has already become a trend since any retailing company not offering one risks making lesser sales.

Therefore, it is only normal for Lowes to make available an affiliate program for those who are interested in promoting home-related physical products to earn a commission

The program is open to any kind of marketers; be it, a blogger, Youtuber, Social media marketers, influencers, and other affiliate marketers.

Lowe’s affiliate program is of two types- The US Lowe’s affiliate program and Canada Lowe’s affiliate program both hosted on Commission Junction (CJ)

At the moment, reports have it that the US affiliate program of Lowes might be inactive or deliberately suspended by the platform though the platform has not yet made any confirmatory remarks on that.

We also faced a similar issue when trying to access the program.

However, if you encounter any issue with CJ on the Canada affiliate program; you can try out some other sub-platforms like Viglink.

From further dig in, we observed that Lowes has a preference for marketers in North America and Australia

Therefore, such marketers have higher chances of being approved by the platform faster than their counterparts from other continents,

Yet, we would advise that you have built enough audiences and have marketing skills at least above average before applying for the program

Because a reputable company like Lowes is sure to be very selective and would want to go for only the best of the best.

Nevertheless, like I always said; being reputable is never enough for you to join an affiliate program

You must consider all the necessary factors and since it is your lucky day; we got you fully covered

Continue scrolling as we move on to the next factor

What type of products is eligible for the Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

As already established, Lowes deals with Home Improvement Appliances and Lawn & Garden Tools with over a million (1 000 000) of these items available for sale

Yet, you still need to measure the affiliate program standards to the “3 P’s search”.

As you should know, the 3 P’s search by Emmanuel Sunday, is an affiliate marketing term which simply means – the product variety, authenticity and relevance of an affiliate program.

So yeah, let’s take a look at them.

Product Variety –

With over 1 million products, the variation and multitude should not be a doubt

Lowes has more than enough products to go round its affiliate marketers and our research ascertains that its product catalog on Home Improvement Appliances and Lawn & Garden is wider than that of the largest retailer in the US; Amazon.

To be the second-largest hardware chain in the US; you must have some excesses in your disposal

Product Authenticity –

Lowes has been in existence for over a century and has survived several generations that is not feasible, if it offers fake products

The reputability of the company was not established 10 years ago; not even 20, or 30 but 10x 10 years ago…

Therefore; its products are tested and trusted

Unfortunately, if we head on to trustpilot, there happen to be some twist.

Majority of the reviews at trustpilot appears to be negative.Trustpilot reviews of Lowes

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In fact, a staggering 84% of the reviews on Lowe’s are negative.

But note, this is from trustpilot. Mind you, there have been allergies upsurge in fake reviews on trustpilot.

Product Relevance –

This is exclusively for you to determine.

As far as your audiences are interested in setting up their homes then Lowe’s affiliate program would possibly work for you.

Commission Rate of the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

To be sincere, the first thing I do check before applying to any affiliate program is the commission rate of such a program.

If it is not up to the standard I want. Then I’d leave it.

Meanwhile, commision rates are not the be-all and end-all of affiliate programs.

What other factors am I talking about? You know them already but I will shed more light on this in the coming paragraphs

Back to our main concern; Lowes offers a 2% commission rate to its affiliate marketers on each product purchased through their links as stated by CJ

It was further claimed that the commission rates could become higher as more sales through an affiliate link although it was not precisely specified.

Blatantly, a 2% commission rate is very low, but remember I told you there are some other factors you should consider before taking a final decision.

One of these factors is the presence of side-attractions

The possibility of earning more is a very good side-attraction and if it is truly well-implemented by the company then you can begin to reconsider the program

Yet, this is not my point when I said you already know them

The factor you already is “the products

You need to consider how flourishing is the industry, company, and the products

Fortunately, the retailing industry is business itself because without the retailers then the products cannot get to the final consumers

So, if the products fall under primary and secondary needs then it does not matter how much you are offered as a commission rate – you will surely bag some funds.

Therefore, I will leave you to decide whether or not home appliances and gardening materials are worth the effort in this era.

Cookie Duration of the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

The cookies duration of Lowes is an aspect I do not really appreciate in its affiliate program structure.

The company offers a 24-hour cookie duration.

When compared to top programs like fiverr affiliates, Expedia affiliates or affiliate program, you would notice that Lowe’s is way behind.

Meanwhile, the 1 day cookie duration is gradually becoming a norm, among home improvement affiliate programs.

Well, personally, I see the 24-hour cookie duration as more of a rip-off.

Can you make $1000 monthly from the Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

This is going to be extremely difficult given that the company uses the 2% flat rate to calculate your earnings.

So, permit me to say NO as the probability is just as low as the commission rate

Take for instance; if you make a sale of $300 dollars then 2% of this will give you just $6

Guess you are like; what the hell right now?

Empirically, for you to make $1000 then you must have a total sales of not less than $50 000

Yes, some affiliate marketers can earn this much in a month

But, let’s not deceive ourselves, how many are there?

How to join the Lowes Affiliate Program

The Lowe’s affiliate program is hosted on CJ and some other affiliate networks

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Depending on the country program you would like to join which could be either the US or Canada; you can just search for it on CJ.

This is easier if you already have an account with CJ

Just log in and search for Lowes US/Canada Affiliate Program and it would come up

However, if you are not an existing user of CJ; just visit the affiliate page of Lowe and register on CJ to get started

It is easy to join and apply for.

Pros and Cons of The Lowes Affiliate Program

Pros and cons of Lowes affiliate program

Let’s move on to the “whys” you should or should not join the Lowe’s affiliate program


  • Products are physical: Unlike digital affiliate programs, Lowe’s products are physical and therefore, will be easier to promote. In the sense that, physical products tend to catch people’s attention more than digital products though digital products are more futuristic anyways. Well, that’s just my point of view, anyways.
  • Reputable Company: Lowes is a popular and reputable retailer of home appliances and lawn & gardening tools which will contribute to the easiness to get leads and convert them into long-term customers of the company. When a company is well-known, it helps to eliminate the need to prove its authenticity.
  • Large products’ catalog: The products’ catalog of the company is very large and therefore, there are different products you can choose to promote depending on the kind of audiences you have.
  • Easy to join and apply to: The program is hosted on CJ which is notable for its stress-free registration process and quicker location of affiliate programs.


  • The commission rate is very low
  • Cookie duration is just 24-hour
  • Geographical restrictions might be applied
  • Problems with the US affiliate program

Alternatives Of Lowes Affiliate Program

1. Wayfair Affiliate Program

Wayfair is an e-commerce company that specializes entirely in furniture and home items, with headquarters in Massachusetts, United States.

In simple words, Wayfair is one of the re-known giants of the home improvement industry.

In fact, it is the second fastest-growing retailer in the United States and the fourth most popular online furniture and appliance business.

Coming to their affiliate program, it’s good, atleast from a home-improvement affiliate program’s point of view.

The program’s commission rate is stacked at 7% while their cookie duration appears to be 24 hours, just like Lowe’s.

A review of the Wayfair affiliate program would solve your quest.

2. Home Depot

Yet another home and decor specialised retailer in the line, Home depot is an American based company founded way back in 1978.

With $110 billion in revenue, the 43-year-old corporation is the largest home products retailer, followed by Lowe’s Home Improvement ($90 billion) and HomePro ($60 billion).

Home Depot has over 2,296 locations throughout the world and employs over 500,000 people.

Although it has locations in Canada, Mexico, China, and other countries, the majority of Home Depot stores are in the United States and its territories.

Where still, their cookie duration still remains the same, as that of Lowes.

Home Depot commission rate has a range of 2% – 8%.

Likewise, we also have a well detailed review on Home depot affiliate program.


Our Verdict

Lowe’s affiliate program is a two-sided coin

Good at one side and at the other side; requires a second thought

But to me, I do not see anything wrong with having an added stream of income. Of which, Lowe’s can be that.


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