Here is a well-detailed article on Lululemon Affiliate Program

There are tons of affiliate program out there.

…From ones in the e-commerce industry to hosting and to travel affiliate programs.

But yet, we know the predominant of them all – The fashion industry

According to affiliate marketing statistics, fashion niche is the largest Sector in the affiliate marketing industry.

You can find tons of affiliate programs there.

…But what if you go specific to something Yoga or sports clothings?

Are there affiliate program for those?

Funnily enough, yes!

And in this article we’ll be taking a look –more like a review– into an affiliate program of a company that sells such – Lulemon Affiliate Program.

What is Lululemon?

Lululemon homepage

Lululemon is an apparel company established in November 1998 at Vancouver, Canada. The company’s clothing products are basically for both male and female athletes especially those participating in Yoga.

The company initially produced designs for women to put on during yoga before it expanded into the production of designs for other athletic aspects such as running and cycling, over the years.

With over 470 stores around the globe, Lululemon now produces one of the best sweaty apparel for both men and women in the fashion industry.

The prices of Lululemon’s products are Insanely cheap and affordable.

With a merely $200 in your pocket, you can get most things on lulemon.

An intriguing part here’s that lulemon additionally offers free shipping and returns of sales.

For further advancement, Lululemon has mobile apps available for both IOS and Android users to help users access their accounts easily and enjoy better offers from the company.

Lululemon Affiliate Program- The Ultimate Review

Lululemon Affiliate Program is one of the popular affiliate programs in the fashion industry. Yet, many appear to be oblivious of the program.

Lululemon affiliate program landing page

The affiliate program of Lululemon is termed “Lululemon Collective” and is opened to any affiliate marketer interested in promoting the #thesweatlife tag.

In the company’s words;

It’s our affiliate influencer program designed for anyone living and inspiring #thesweatlife through sweat, meaningful relationships, and personal growth.

As an affiliate marketer, you are expected to promote the company’s products through social media posts including the #thesweatlife tag and earn commissions through your leads.”

Lululemon affiliate program is targeted at influencers and social media marketers.

Basically, the company desire affiliate marketers with the right audience and relatable amount of views.

Be it YouTubers, Bloggers, social media Marketers etc, Lulemon affiliate program is open for you.

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The program is easy to join and unlike Teachable, Lululemon has its own landing page.

I would recommend that you obtain a bit of knowledge about fashion to increase your chances of making it big with Lululemon.

What type of products can you promote on the Lululemon Affiliate Program?

Precisely, Lululemon offers a variety of athletics apparel designs ranging from sport bras, leggings, tops, to sport pants.

You are sure to find something valuable to promote

This aspect is a very important one to consider before joining any affiliate program as it determines how much you can make from such programs.

However, considering the number of years Lululemon has been in existence; one should have an insight into just how reputable the company would be.

And what makes a company reputable if not its products?

Being a standalone company since 2000 is not a joke and trying to prove the company’s products variety and authenticity is a total waste of valuable time.

Whether or not its products are relevant depends on the kind of audience you have

Although almost everyone performs exercises.

On our path, its products variety, authenticity, and relevance, to the right set of people should never be a doubt.

Commission Rate of the Lululemon Affiliate Program

Lululemon did not state the exact commission rate it pays to affiliate marketers on its Lululemon Collective Page but ascertained the existence of an amazing commission rate.

On further research, we discover that the commission rate is fixed at 7% of each sale you make.

A study of its prices show that they range from $50 to about $200 which makes a 7% commission rate (although low) worth it if you jump on the right products.

Another thing you should consider is that most people will not go shopping, just to buy one sport bra and a pant; does not make sense to me though.

Which implies that you have greater chances of making a lot per sale

So, in the long run; the commission rate seems fair for such high value products.

Can you make $1000 monthly from the Lululemon Affiliate Program?

To me, this section is not needed because the above section has done justice to the question.

Anyways, to assure the doubting Thomas among us; it is a big fat YES.

Making a thousand bucks from this program is definitely realistic especially with a good traffic source.

You also have to carefully select the products you want to promote based on the type of audience you have.

Take for instance;

An affiliate marketer targeting high-income earners might promote products of price range of over $200 and hit $1000 in about 20 sales.

While an affiliate marketer targeting low-income earners might promote products of lesser prices and make $1000 in about 100 sales.

You can now see that the most important thing is to go for a strategy that works for you.

Cookie Duration of the Lululemon Affiliate Program

Lululemon’s cookies duration is no different from that of other popular fashion affiliate program like Nike affiliate program.

Yeah, you guessed right- Lululemon affiliate program operates on a 30-day cookies duration.

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Therefore, you must put in your best to ensure your leads make a purchase within 30 days from the first day they click on your link.

Luckily, Lululemon gives you a complete overview of your performance and also insights into how to increase your sales.

This will go a long way to fasten the rate at which you convert your leads and get the best out of the thirty days you have been given.

Basically, in case you’re unaware…

A cookie duration is a set time used by affiliate network and hosts to give affiliate marketers a duration on which a click in your affiliate link would be credited as a sale.

So take for instance, our case, here in Lulemon.

If someone clicks on your affiliate link, saw the product, loved it and then adds it to his cart (doesn’t matter, though).

Him, coming back subsequently to buy the products will still credited on your behalf. So far it’s within the 30 days cookie duration.

How to join the Lululemon Affiliate Program

Getting started on Lululemon affiliate program is very easy and can be done in some minutes.

There are no third-parties involved and is opened to every affiliate marketer.

To join the Lululemon affiliate program;

  • Visit the “Collective Page” of the company
  • Click on “apply” and you will be redirected to a new tab
  • On the new tab, fill in your personal details and explain how you will help the company to promote its products
  • Submit your application when you are through
  • Wait for the affiliate team of Lululemon to review and approve your application

Once approved, you can now start to promote your affiliate links through your affiliate networks and make it big.

Pros and Cons of Lululemon Affiliate ProgramPros and cons of lulemon affiliate program

This review so far has been emphasizing how awesome the program is to affiliate marketers interested in fashion and fitness.

However, let’s find out if the suggestions have been overemphasized or not just spoken about enough

Pros of Lululemon Affiliate Program

  • High value products: Apparels are a primary need of man and therefore, promoting them will be easier compared to other products. Just locate the right audience and the conversion comes naturally.
  • Open to all: There are no restrictions on the type of content creators that can join the program be it, a blogger, influencer, or social media marketer.
  • Regular business support: You are free to reach out to the affiliate team of Lululemon and other affiliate marketers to request assistance at any time.
  • Access to customized templates: You can decide to make use of any of the customized templates on your affiliate partner’s dashboard whenever you run out of content ideas for your marketing strategy.

Cons of Lululemon Affiliate Program

  • Commission rate is low– Influencers and social media marketers appear to be favoured over other content creators.

Alternatives Of Lululemon Affiliate Program

While Lululemon Affiliate Program is a good one, it might not just be the best fit for everyone.

Apparently, Lululemon affiliate program comes with a bunch of drawbacks while maintaining its benefits.

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So, how well does lululemon affiliate program measure up to the affiliate programs of its rival?

Let’s take a brief look at that:

1. Shein Affiliate programshein logo

Founded in 2008, Shein is a well established international fashion retailer, based in China.

Shein Is a fast fashion brand and a leader in the industry.

When it comes to their product pricing, Shein stands out to offer mind blowing prices, making it a top leader in the fast fashion brand.

Same as Lululemon affiliate program, Shein affiliate program has a cookie duration of 30 days.

Coming to their commission rate, Shein affiliate program appears to be a few step higher than Lululemon.

Whereas Lululemon gives a 7% commision rate, Shein offers a 10% commission rate to affiliate marketers.

2. H&M Affiliate Program

H&M logo

Yet another fast fashion brands on the list. H&M is a United based international clothing vendor.

The company is an expert in the industry with a handful of fashion products stocked on their website.

Coming to their affiliate program, H&M’s has a cookie duration of 30 days, Unlike Sephora’s affiliate program cookie duration of 24 hours.

Additionally, the company offers a fluctuating commission rate, hovering around 5%.

3. Nike Affiliate Program

Nike logo

So here’s the boss – Nike 

Nike is not a new name to anyone in the industry.  It has been a long old brand of the 90’s.

But Actually the company was founded late 1964.

Yeah, Nike is a well known brand. But most people are actually oblivious to the fact that the company has a store.

… probably you’re among.

Just as the norm’s of most fashion affiliate program, Nike’s affiliate program has a 30 days cookie duration.

In combo with Its brand popularity, reputability and its affiliates program feature, Nike affiliate program is a actually a good one.

Final Thoughts

Making money on the internet is your choice to make

Yet, you must not just jump on each affiliate offer you come across

You need to carefully weigh the option and go for it

If it is right; otherwise…

Lululemon has played its part by giving you the offer

And we have played ours by analyzing whether or not you deserve it

The final decision remains in your hands

To join the Lululemon affiliate program or wait for some other offers.

However, you can check out our other reviews to see if you can find a suitable offer there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lululemon Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes. Lululemon has a well established affiliate program, open to Influencers of all types, from social media Marketers to bloggers.

How To Become A Lululemon Affiliate?

To become a member of the Lululemon affiliate program;

  • Visit the company’s “Collective Page.”
  • Click on apply. After which, you will be routed to a new tab
  • Fill up your personal information on the new page and describe how you will assist the company in promoting its products.
  • When you’re finished, submit your application.
  • Wait for Lululemon’s affiliate team to review and approve your application.
  • Once approved, you can begin promoting your affiliate links through your affiliate networks in order to grow your business.

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