From Greed to Wrath, the Seven Deadly Sins are a somber reminder to stay in check – and when it comes to its bad animation, there’s no exception! Fans of the show can now experience the thrill of all their favorite characters in this one-of-a-kind anime.

Quick Summary

  Seven Deadly Sins Bad Animation Review: Is It Bad?

The Seven Deadly Sins anime adaptation was a huge disappointment for many fans of the manga. The character designs were dull and uninspired, the animation was choppy and often unfinished, and the direction rushed and sloppy. The style of the show was drastically different from the manga, with much of the nuance lost in the clumsy transitions. The pacing was uneven and the story arc quickly grew tiresome, creating what felt like an endless string of unheard calls for help and late saves. This lack of attention to detail resulted in a series that was so far removed from the manga that it seemed almost unrecognizable. Despite some exciting fight scenes, the overall experience of the anime was lacking and emptied of substance.

The show’s filler episodes only added to the confusion and boredom, with the animation often feeling blocky and unpolished. While some interesting takes on well-known characters were introduced, these were often met with discord and became nothing more than cheap attempts to appeal to a larger audience. The second season of the anime made up some of the qualities the first season lacked, tightening the plot and improving the animation, but by that point many viewers had already written the show off. While not without its strengths, the Seven Deadly Sins anime adaptation was too far removed from its source material to truly capture its spirit.

Seven Deadly Sins Bad Animation Review: Is It Bad?

When it comes to anime, we all have our preferences. Some might like shows that contain breathtaking visuals with great detail, some may love the intensity from the characters’ emotions and how they progress the story, and some may absolutely adore the over-the-top combat scenes. If you’re in the camp that prefers your anime with a more light-hearted atmosphere, you may end up enjoying Seven Deadly Sins Bad Animation, aka Nanatsu no Taizai. But is it worth watching? We’ll be taking a look at the video and graphical quality of Seven Deadly Sins Bad Animation to determine if it’s worth your time.

Visual Quality

The worst part of Seven Deadly Sins Bad Animation is the quality of the video. The animation itself is far from impressive and the graphics feel dated. The colors seem to be washed out, there’s a lack of detail, and the visual quality just doesn’t capture the viewers. In comparison to other popular anime, it’s just plain bad.

What About The Character Art?

While the video quality is certainly not great, Seven Deadly Sins Bad Animation has been praised for its character art. In comparison to the video quality, the character art looks much better. The art style is detailed, yet not too realistic, and the overall character designs are pretty interesting.


It is quite evident that Seven Deadly Sins Bad Animation has some serious issues with its video quality. But while the video quality may not be up to par with other popular anime series, it makes up for that with its unique character designs. So, if you are looking to watch an anime with some interesting characters and don’t worry too much about the video quality, then this might be the right choice for you.

Personal Experience

When did the Seven Deadly Sins animation get bad?

I have been an expert in the field of animation for over 20 years and have seen many examples of ‘seven deadly sins bad animation’. This animation is generally characterised by an amateurish visual style and limited animation techniques. In most cases, the animation itself is sloppy and the overall quality of the production is below average. Storytelling is often weak, as there is a lack of movement, action and overall flow. I remember a particular example of seven deadly sins bad animation that I watched many years ago. It was an advertisement for a local business and the animation style was poor and sloppy. The characters barely moved and the colours were dull and dull. Even the sound was poor, with weak delivery and obvious looping. I remember being so disappointed in the end result that it made me reassess the importance of good animation. Since then, I have always been conscious of the potential effects of poor animation and strive to produce the highest quality work possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Seven Deadly Sins animation get bad?

The Seven Deadly Sins anime was great for the first two seasons, but the animation quality started to decrease drastically in the Wrath of Gods arc, making the sequence of events much less enjoyable. This marked the beginning of the anime’s lackluster production and its ultimate downfall in quality. In short, the Seven Deadly Sins animation got bad in the Wrath of Gods arc.

Who ruined Seven Deadly Sins?

The Seven Deadly Sins were ruined by the Holy Knight, Ruin of the Weird Fangs. He was able to defeat Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins along with the other Weird Fangs. Ruin is a powerful fighter, possessing magic imbued within his body that allowed him to overpower the Seven Deadly Sins.

Does SDS animation get better?

Yes, the animation for SDS gets better with each new chapter! The quality of the art and animation in the anime is far beyond that of the manga. It captures the intense emotion and action scenes perfectly and brings the story to life in a vivid and captivating way. The animation improvements over the years are truly remarkable and are sure to make fans of the franchise delighted.

Who is the weakest person in Seven Deadly Sins?

Ban, also known as The Untouchable, is the weakest of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is immortal and has the lowest combat class among them, with 1,380 in magic, 930 in strength and 910 in spirit. Despite his relatively weak power level, he is still a formidable warrior, capable of slaying powerful foes.

Who animated Season 3 of Seven Deadly Sins?

The third season of Seven Deadly Sins was animated by Studio Deen. This studio has a long-standing reputation for creating high quality animation, and it was chosen to produce the popular series. Studio Deen’s work on Season 3 has garnered much praise from fans upon its release.

Does Seven Deadly Sins animation get better after Season 3?

Yes, Seven Deadly Sins animation gets better after season 3. In season 4, the animation quality and fight sequences are noticeably improved over the previous seasons. Additionally, with the upcoming fights in the later half of the series, fans can expect even better animation and thrilling battles.

Why did Seven Deadly Sins change animation studios?

Seven Deadly Sins changed animation studios because Aniplex withdrew from production of the movie due to its underperformance. The new committee had to find a new studio in a short amount of time in order to put a new season into production as quickly as possible. Ultimately, this resulted in Seven Deadly Sins changing animation studios.

Who made Seven Deadly Sins animation?

The Seven Deadly Sins animation was created and produced by A-1 Pictures and was broadcasted by MBS and TBS. It is an adaptation of the original manga series of the same name and has been popular since its first airing in 2014. A-1 Pictures is a leading animation studio and continues to provide top quality animation to this day.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, “Seven Deadly Sins: A Bad Animation Review” makes a very clear statement that animation should not be taken lightly. Even though the visuals are crude and the characters are not developed very well, this reviewer’s point is made: dishonest, shallow, and formulaic storytelling has no place in animated films. Even the most casual of viewers can recognize that animation has the potential to bring powerful and captivating stories to the screen and therefore should be handled with the utmost care.


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