Day by Day, Decisions taken by Onlyfans are becoming difficult to foretell, that they could get your account banned for no big reason, without prior warning. And it keeps happening to hundreds of users and gets even more frustrating when it happens to a creator who earns.

But are there any solutions to getting your Onlyfans back? Well, it’s a try and error thing – there’s no one rule for all. However, in this article, we have taken it up to talk about how to get an Onlyfans account back after being banned.

But before that, let’s take a short overview of Onlyfans.

Why Did Onlyfans Ban Your Account?

Onlyfans has strict rules and regulations stated on their policy, that if gotten breached, could cost you your account. Primarily, Onlyfans would ban you for a policy violation but this does not deny the fact that Onlyfans could also ban an account for no reason – this happens a lot to new users on the platform.

The spontaneous banning of users on the platform is caused by a glitch on Onlyfans’ AI algorithm that tries to detect auto fake accounts and ban them. Onlyfans are aware of this, but can’t do anything about it.

Generally, If you want to inquire about the specific reason you were blocked, try contacting the Onlyfans support team they would reach out to you. However, we’d talk a little about some popular reasons Onlyfans accounts get deleted.

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1. You took a Screenshot

Onlyfans are really against content piracy. Onlyfans would get your account instantly banned if you try to take a screenshot – it’s stated boldly on their policy page.  Generally, as a user of Onlyfans, avoid any action that could be seen as you, pirating their contents.

2. Posted Illegal Content

In as much as Onlyfans runs an open-content policy, that allows users on the platform to post whatever they feel is right, avoid posting content that appears to be illegal as a creator. It might not be directly Illegal, but could be promoting illegal activity. If Onlyfans gets Illegal content on your page, you’ll get an Insta ban, losing all the money you have on the platform, if there’s any. This includes attempted criminal activity, extortion or even blackmailing.

3. Promoted Hate Speech

Just as most platforms are against hate speech, Onlyfan would ban your account if it notices directed by on the platform. If you make a hate speech, two things could happen. You either get reported by the receiver or Onlyfans Ai discovers it. Either way, as long as Onlyfans gets your hate speech, you would get banned instantly. This applies to both users and creators.

4. Violence

Onlyfans prohibit content containing or promoting violence. You’d get an insta ban for promoting these types of content, whether or not you’re the one making them. This is the primary reason why most people would advise you not to get too loud when making content for Onlyfans.

5. You did something wrong with your Linked Social Media Account

It’s funny how Onlyfans can be able to track your linked social media account and ban you if something goes wrong. But yeah, they do it, a lot. If you posted something that is a violation of Onlyfans policy, on your linked social media account, you could get banned for that.

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Take, for instance,  you made a post on your linked Twitter on how you can meet up with some of your Onlyfans followers (a policy violation) – you could get banned for simply doing this.

6. Posted Unauthorised Contents

Onlyfans is after authenticity. If you get caught promoting someone’s else content on your platform, you can be banned. Additionally, you don’t want to plagiarise content from the internet, because that’s a roadmap to get deleted on Onlyfans.

7. You were Not Frequent

If you’re a user on Onlyfans, your account can get deleted or deactivated after some months of inactivity. On coming back, you’d have to verify your account with a credit card.

Can You Recover a Banned Onlyfans Account?

It could take a very long time to do, but you can recover your banned Onlyfans account. However, you might not get your contents back except it was archived.

Generally, the process of recovering your deleted Onlyfans account can be very lengthy. It could take up hours, days, or even months. But at last, if you’re lucky, your Onlyfans would be gotten back to you.

It’s however, worth mentioning that your recovered Onlyfans account might not be totally restored to how it was before. This is because when Onlyfans bans your account, it gets deleted from their database. So, a restore can only bring your account back with your subscribers on board.

How to get an Onlyfans Account back after being banned

The ideal way to get your Onlyfans back is to send an email to  [email protected] to reconsider their decision on banning your account. This should be done within a few days after your account was deleted.

1. Check for what you could have done wrong

It could be heartbreaking when you discover that all your hassle and struggles on Onlyfans could come to an end in a twinkling of an eye. However, it won’t be wise of you to get over your account simply.

Even if you don’t see the possibility of getting your account back, it’s advisable you try you think of what you would have done that caused your account to be banned, so you can avoid that next time.

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If you have tried brainstorming on what could have gone wrong but seem not to find none, you can now take up the step to email Onlyfans support team on what went wrong – they should respond to you within a few days.

2. Appeal For Reconsideration

After waiting for some time to get a response from Onlyfans support team on the possible cause for the deletion of your Onlyfans account, you can now appeal for reconsideration.

By this time, you already know the primary reason why you were banned, so your message should be written directly to them, as someone who knows what he’s doing. Don’t go off with a message of you begging them for reconsideration.

It’s worth mentioning that your email should contain your name, address, Onlyfans username, and a contact address.

3. Give them a Reason to Trust You

The truth is that you can never get your account back if you keep telling them that you’re sorry and how you made a mistake.

Give them a reason to trust you with your letter of “appeal for consideration.”

Better still, If your account was blocked for hate speech, you can mail them, telling them that your account was hacked and given access to an authorised person and how it wasn’t you who did that.

You could also find some proof to add to your message, to make it sound authentic.

Final Thought

You can see how difficult it can be to get your Onlyfans account after being banned, right? That’s not even all of the stress involved, undermining the time it can take before you get a response.

Again, it’s worth mentioning that it might not be possible to get your data back again, even if your Onlyfans account was restored.


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