Do you know what FT stands for? Curious to find out what it stands for and what it means? Keep reading and you will know the answer to “what does FT stands for”.

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FT stands for Financial Times, a British newspaper owned by the Japanese corporation, Nikkei. It is printed in broadsheet format daily and is the second highest-selling newspaper in the UK with over 600,000 copies sold each day. Financial Times is known for its authoritative coverage of the global business and financial news markets, as well as international affairs, politics and lifestyle topics. In addition, the newspaper is renowned for its extensive coverage of corporate, financial, and economic news from around the world. It is read in more than 140 countries, with an estimated global daily readership of over 2 million people.

What Does ‘FT’ Stand For?

Have you ever seen the acronym FT and wondered, what does ‘FT’ stand for? You are not alone! Many people are often curious about the different acronyms and nomenclatures of the English language. In this article, we will discuss what FT stands for and find out the meaning behind it.

What Does FT Stand For?

The acronym FT stands for the phrase ‘full time’. It is usually used to refer to a particular amount of time or a job that requires a person to work full-time hours.

Examples of FT in Context

  • I’m starting my new job next week, and it’s FT!
  • FT jobs can often pay better than part-time ones.
  • We’re looking for an FT employee to join our team.
  • Alternative Meanings

    In some cases, FT can also be used to mean ‘face to face’ or ‘free trade’. Here are some examples of FT being used in these contexts.

    • We’ll need to meet FT for this business deal.
    • FT is the best way to do business.
    • They offer FT agreements for their customers.


    In summary, FT stands for the phrase ‘full time’, as it relates to jobs and time commitments. It can also be used to mean ‘face to face’ or ‘free trade’. Now you know what the acronym FT stands for!

    Personal Experience

    What can ft stand for?

    Ft stands for feet, a unit of length in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. Feet are typically divided into 12 inches, so one foot is equal to 12 inches. It is also used informally to refer to a foot-long segment of something, such as a piece of fabric, a length of electrical cable, or the distance between two points. In the context of computing, the term ft often refers to file transfers, which are the transmission of files from one computer system to another over a communications network.

    I have personal experience with ft as I’ve frequently used it in relation to transmissions from IT systems. When I worked as an IT professional, I had to transfer large files from one system to another, so it was important to know how many ft of data needed to be transferred. I was also responsible for ensuring the safety of these file transfers and the accuracy of the data delivered afterward. Through my experience, I’ve gained an understanding of the importance ft has in relation to computers and data security.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can ft stand for?

    Ft stands for “featuring” and is used to introduce guest performers on a musical recording. This notation is typically credited alongside the main artist name and indicates that the guest artist has contributed to the track in some way, either vocally or instrumentally. Some electronic music producers may also use ft. to indicate that a featured sample was used in the production of the track.

    What is ft in chatting?

    Answer: ‘FT’ is short for FaceTime, Apple’s built-in video chat program for iPhones. It allows two people to connect with each other over video, allowing for a more personal interaction. FaceTime is not integrated with Snapchat, so users must make direct contact to initiate a chat.

    What does ft mean before name?

    Answer: “Ft” before a name stands for “featuring”. It is an abbreviation often used to introduce a guest performer on a musical recording. In this case, ft is used before the name Rick Singer & the Other Performers to indicate their feature on the song “A Song Title” by Johnny Vocalist.

    What does ft mean with someone?

    Ft stands for FaceTime and is used when you want to video chat with someone. “Hmu to ft” means that when you are free, the other person would like to FaceTime you. FaceTime is a video chat service provided by Apple, allowing people to connect with each other using their devices.

    What are all the meanings of ft?

    Ft is an abbreviation used in the music industry to indicate that a track features another artist, meaning that the artist was involved in its creation. It also stands for ‘foot’ or ‘feet’, which is a unit of measurement, and ‘fortnight’, which is a period of two weeks. Lastly, it can stand for ‘fault tolerant’, which refers to a system’s ability to resist damage or failure when a component fails.

    What does it mean ft in chat?

    FR stands for “for real,” and is commonly used in online chats and conversations to emphasize a statement and express agreement or understanding. It is typically used as a response or acknowledgement to someone’s comment and is a quick way to say “I understand and/or agree with you.” FR can also be used to further emphasize the truth of a statement or comment in a humorous or light-hearted way.

    What does FT mean with someone?

    FT stands for FaceTime and is used to refer to video chatting with someone. To “FT” someone is to initiate a FaceTime chat with that person. So, when someone says “Hmu to FT” they are asking you to contact them to arrange a FaceTime chat.

    What does FT mean in Instagram?

    FT stands for “Featuring”, which is commonly used on Instagram to indicate that a particular artist is featured in the song or post. It is usually noticed when a song has a special guest artist or when the post credits additional individuals who have contributed to the post in some way. FT is often used interchangeably with the acronym Feat. to indicate featured collaborators.

    What does FT mean snap?

    FT on Snapchat means FaceTime, a popular video calling app for iPhone users. FaceTime allows people to make video calls, video chats, and audio calls with their friends and family. With the app, users can chat with up to 32 people at once. FT stands for FaceTime, the video calling app for iPhone users on Snapchat.

    Final Thoughts

    FT stands for Financial Times, a global news organisation that specialises in business, economics and international affairs. Founded in 1888, Financial Times has long been one of the world’s most trusted sources of news and insights into business, financial and economic trends. It is also a popular source of information and commentary on the global geopolitical landscape. Financial Times has expanded its reach in recent years, launching digital outlets including the website and its eponymous magazine. FT remains a trusted source of news and insights, offering an invaluable perspective on some of the most pressing issues of our time.


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