Here’s our approach to Adidas affiliate program review:

Affiliate programs… When it comes to fashion, the options are crazy!

There are a lot of them.

Shein, H&M, Nike, Burberry, Gucci, Prada…they keep coming.

Our massive list of affiliate marketing statistics has it that the Fashion Niche is the largest Sector in affiliate marketing industry.

Yeah, it is, statistically speaking.

But, I bet when you niche it down to something like sports, the reverse becomes the case.

Funnily enough, at this point, we only have two major giants, Nike and Adidas. Thank goodness, they both have affiliate programs.

Two months ago, we did a sound review of  the Nike affiliate program. However, in today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at Adidas affiliate program.

Enough chatters, let’s drive in

What Is Adidas?Adidas homepage

Founded way back in 1924, Adidas is a dedicated sportswear brand based in Germany.

Adidas designs, manufactures and sells anything sportswear, from shoes, accessories, to clothing.

The company appears to be one the notable brands in the sports industry. In fact, it is the Largest sportswear manufacturer in the whole of Europe.

Although not first, Adidas is the second in the list of largest sportswear manufacturers in the world.

Adidas Affiliate Program – OverviewAdidas affiliate program landing page

So here’s the question; Does Adidas have an affiliate program?

Yes, adidas has a well established affiliate program, hosted on impact radius. 

Adidas affiliate program is a marketing strategy from Adidas inc. that aims to allow affiliates earn while marketing Adidas products.

Adidas affiliate program is hosted officially on Impact radius. Hence, the affiliate network handles everything from tracking to payment.

Graciously, Impact does a good work for affiliates in providing creatives, banners, tips etc.

In addition to that, you’d be able to deep link on the Adidas affiliate program via Impact.

So if you already have an account with Impact radius, you’re a step away from joining. And if you’re not a member, you then need to sign up.

It’s worth noting that you can also find Adidas affiliate programs in a bunch of other affiliate networks.

The Adidas affiliate program is available on VigLink, Acceleration Partners, Flexoffers etc

But as usual, there are always varying details on various affiliate networks.

So, to stay on the safer side, it’s advised you stick with Impact radius, for the meantime.

Thank goodness, Adidas affiliate program, unlike Costco, has a landing page

Although the Adidas Affiliate Program’s landing page doesn’t seem to be much informative, as it doesn’t contain vital information, it’s still okay. 

At least, by sliding to the landing page, you can be sure you’re signing up with Adidas latest partnership. 

…rather than having to make personal research of the best affiliate network for Adidas affiliate program.

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What Type of Products Can you Promote on the Adidas Affiliate Program?

So let’s see how well the Adidas affiliate program tend to match up with our “3 P’s Analysis”

In case you’re oblivious of this, the “3 P’s Analysis” is simply a short term by Emmanuel Sunday that emphasizes a company’s products variety, Authenticity and Relevance.

So relatively, does Adidas affiliate program support a variety of products, or should I go for another? Is Adidas an authentic company? How relevant is Adidas to my niche?

Well, let’s take a quick look at this, closely.

Product Variety:

Adidas is an enormous brand – the second largest manufacturer of sportswear, worldwide, after Nike and the largest in the whole of europe.

There are a whole lot of products available at From men, women and kids shoes to sweaters to slides to even rompers.Adidas homepage – Adidas products variations

Like, what else do you expect?

Basically, Adidas homepage is arranged in categories of men, women and kids. So, it’s actually easy to navigate.Adidas homepage category

The one thing about Adidas is that it isn’t just limited to only sportswear products. They also have a number of casual products.

Product Authenticity:

The Adidas Affiliate Program is from a well reputable company. Like, who doesn’t know Adidas?

Well, Adidas is the world’s No.2 most trusted brand for sports clothing. In fact, sports teams like Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Man Utd, and Real Madrid partners with Adidas.

So, I don’t think there’s any issue, authentic wise, in promoting Adidas.

However, we noticed a plot twist on heading to Trustpilot.Trustpilot reviews of Adidas

Majority of the reviews, precisely 75% of them, refer to Adidas as a bad product, leaving only 13% excellent reviews.

On going through these reviews, we noticed some repetitive words like “Bad customer service”, Misproducts”, and “Broken orders”.

But the emphasis on “Bad customer service” was really high, sincerely. I think the company should work on that.

Aside from that, Adidas is a good-to-go company with popularity and Authenticity.

Product Relevance:

The question here is – is Adidas products right for your audience? Is it in line with your industry or niche?

If yes, you can go for it. But if no, then you should take a second thought.

Because, if Adidas can’t work for you, I don’t think any of its alternatives (Nike, Shein, H&M, Under Armour) would.

And if any of Adidas alternatives is already working for you, then you should give Adidas a try.

Meanwhile, Adidas affiliate programs tend to work well in niches like Fashion blogs and  review sites. However, that’s a blog centric approach.

Commission Rate of the Adidas Affiliate Program

The commission of Adidas affiliate program basically depends on the affiliate network you’re hosted on.

If you did register from Adidas landing page, then you’d probably be registered via Impact. 

Because, at the moment, Impact appears to be the official affiliate network for Adidas affiliate program.

That aside…

Via Impact, Adidas affiliate program has a commission rate of 7%.

The goodies here’s that, Adidas has a recurring commission structure. But their recurring payment only applies to the following 3 purchases of the buyer after they’ve bought a product through your link.

In addition, It’s worth noting that not all products available at Adidas are eligible for earning. 

You’d earn a 0% commission rate for promoting these sets of products.

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There’s a list of non-commissionable products on Impact’s signup page to the Adidas affiliate program.

Additionally, if you were to register under VigLink, you’d be receiving a commission rate of ~5% for every single sales referral.

Acceleration Partners, though a partner of Impact, has a 10% commission rate.

Payment Structure of the Adidas Affiliate Program

As y’all know Adidas affiliate is not a self hosted program. So, its payment details are handled by third parties. 

And in our case, here, it’s Impact radius. Well, the company has basically 3 payment methods – PayPal, BACS and Direct transfer.

That being said, The Adidas affiliate program on Impact has a really long payment cycle.

According to the company, all sales made will be moved to a section called “Sales pending period”.

At this point, your commissions would be locked for a staggering 60 days. This is done, to verify that orders made from your affiliate links are successfully purchased.

After this section, if you’ve requested payment, your payment would be processed on the 20th of the following month.

Cookie Duration of the Adidas Affiliate Program

The Adidas Affiliate Program offers a 30 days cookie duration to affiliates, with a last-click attribution model.

Adidas did pretty well regarding the 30 days cookie duration. Like, that is the standard for cookie duration of affiliate programs.

Some Affiliate programs go beyond and many others, 30 days or even lesser. In fact, affiliate programs like Amazon, Home depot, Lowe’s, Ulta affiliate all have cookie durations of a 24 hours.

Frankly speaking, the 30 days cookie is more than enough to convert a prospective buyer to an actual buyer.


Well, let’s go over the term, Cookies, for the benefits of newbies in the house.

Cookies is a set of sensitive data packets stored on web browsers temporarily.

This information contained in it, is data shared between users and websites. 

So, for instance, if I’m to buy a product onAmazon and I login to my account, my account information would be stored on the browser temporarily.

These Cookies tend to contain vital and sensitive information like Login details, account information, Carts, Affiliate referrals, transaction details, etc.

In Affiliate marketing, however, Cookies are used in Tracking referrals.

So, when someone clicks on your affiliate link, a referral data is being stored on their browser.

Since the program is a last-click attribution model, Unless your referrals clicks on another affiliate link, the referral data would be stored for 30 days (Cookie duration).

Within this period, if the prospective buyer gets to purchase the product, you’d earn your due commission, even without them clicking on your affiliate link again.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Adidas affiliate program?

Possibly, yes, you can earn that amount of money. 

Although Adidas commission rate is a bit poor compared to its rivals, you can still earn a reasonable amount from it.

Basically, it all depends on the traffic you are able to drive to your affiliate links.


So let’s just assume you were to promote this romper, which cost $110.

With Adidas 7% commission rate, you’d earn around $8 for every sale you make for this product.

Mathematically, you’d need to make over 125 sales in a month to make $1000/Monthly.

Actually, this is bulky. But of course, you can’t just promote only this product. This is just an assumption.

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Using a traffic conversion rate of 5%, you’d need to drive in 2500 unique page views within a month to hit your “$1000” target.

How to make money from the Adidas affiliate program

As seen above, it’s pretty possible to make $1000 monthly from Adidas. But as said earlier, it all depends on your traffic potential.

Basically, to start making money on affiliate marketing, you should be decisive on which Promotion platform you’d like to use.

While it might not sound as an important factor, it is. Because, it’s only when you have focus you can make progress.

Heads Up – The Promotion platform is simply the platform you use in marketing your affiliate links. E.g Blog, YouTube channel, social media, Forum etc.

Preferably, you can start up with a Blog

So let’s assume you’ve already chosen your platform (a blog). And you’ve begun growing it.

..How can you market Adidas efficiently?

Adidas is a large sportswear brand company that sells everything sports from clothing to accessories.

So what do you think? To market Adidas you need to create Contents around sports or sport clothing.

1. Harness Long Tail Keywords

So here’s the formula for quick success…

Ranking for keywords with high search potential, is nearly impossible for starters. 

By this, I’m talking about keywords like “Adidas” or “Adidas shoes”. The search volume can be exceedingly great, but the competition is usually hell."Adidas shoes" keyword analysis on Ahref

That’s where the need for Long tail Keywords comes in…

The chill pill about Longtail is the little or less competition involved – In most times, their keyword difficulty is usually less.

For instance; Instead of writing content on “Adidas shoes”, you can for a longer tailed keyword like; Adidas running shoes, “Adidas running shoes for men”, “Adidas running shoes for women”, etc.

As you can see below, this keywords are insanely low keyword difficulty keywords.Longtail keywords on Adidas shoes analysed on Ahref

2. Create Comparative Contents

By comparative, I mean contents (preferably an article) that tend to compare between two or more products – it may even be a listicle.

These type of articles may be “Top 10 Best adidas running shoes” or even Adidas Samba vs Adidas Stansmith.

Pros and Cons of the Adidas Affiliate ProgramPros and cons of Adidas affiliate program

What are the advantages and drawbacks of the Adidas Affiliate Program?


  • Popularity – The program is from a top and well known sportswear brand. Marketing Adidas might not be much of an issue.
  • Reputability – As seen on our review on Authenticity, Adidas is a reputable company.
  • Guarantees High Conversion rate – There are a lot factors promising high traffic conversion rate. From its popularity, reputability, to its 30 cookie duration, it’s facts.
  • Long lasting Cookie Duration – Adidas has a pretty good cookie duration of 30 days. At least, this is the standard of cookie duration.
  • Recurring Based Commission Rates –it’s very difficult to find an ecommerce affiliate program that offers a recurring based commission. But thank goodness, Adidas is one


  • Poor Commission Rates – When compared to its rivals (e.g Nike), the program’s 7% commission rate is kinda poor.

Final Thoughts

The Adidas affiliate program is actually a good one. I don’t really think there are any disadvantages.

However, stick to the rules like a pro, so you can break them into Massive income.



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