Here’s a well-detailed review on AliExpress Affiliate Program.

Let me start by mentioning “Affiliate Program”.

I’m pretty sure what came into your mind was the “Amazon affiliate program”.

The trends of Amazon’s affiliate program is overwhelming. 

Not bad, but what if, for instance, Amazon goes out of business tomorrow. 

Will you end up being frustrated, because Amazon appears to be your only stream of income?

Or would you be okay since your income streams are diversified?

Surprisingly, most people, possibly including you, are sure to fall under the first category of people.

That’s why it’s very crucial to check out other affiliate programs – You could even find a way better alternative to Amazon.

Well, in our quest to find that better alternative, we’ll be taking a detailed review on AliExpress affiliate program.

What is AliExpress?AliExpress homepage

Founded back in 2010, AliExpress is an established China based e-commerce store that offers products to international buyers.

Unlike Amazon, AliExpress operates on a distinct market approach, although similar to eBay’s.

AliExpress appears to serve more like a middleman standing between China retailers and buyers all over the world.

If you say AliExpress is a marketplace, then you’re nowhere wrong.

Basically, sellers on AliExpress can either be manufacturers, companies or individuals.

AliExpress initially started out to work as a B2B. But over time, the company has changed its business module to support B2C.

The company is now being used massively by dropshippers to serve as a provider. However, since it has long left the B2B model, it’s not dropshipping friendly. 

By the Way – AliExpress is a conglomerate of the e-commerce giant, Alibaba who decided to develop it in 2010.

AliExpress, although a Chinese company, aims to serve products internationally. According to Wikipedia, it doesn’t even sell its products to customers in mainland China.

The company, with a global market share of 8.4% in e-commerce in 2020, comes out to be the most visited e-commerce website in Russia and a prior 10th most popular website in Brazil.

AliExpress Affiliate Program – The Ultimate Review

So, I’m sure you’d have probably bought something from AliExpress, at one time or the other.AliExpress portals - AliExpress affiliate program

But have you ever pondered on whether you can make money from Them? Yeah, there are tons of ways to do that. But what about affiliate marketing?

Well, AliExpress has an affiliate program, unknown to many. 

And just like any affiliate program, you’ll earn a certain commission rate for every sales referral made.

The AliExpress affiliate is free to join and also quite easy. You can get started by hopping into their landing page and the rest should be on auto pilot.

Just like the Expedia affiliate program, AliExpress affiliate program is self hosted to the company’s server, called AliExpress Portals.

But, It’s worth noting that you can also join AliExpress from a few other affiliate networks.

Affiliate networks such as CJ affiliates, Awin, Flexoffers, etc, partner with AliExpress to feature their Affiliate Program.

However, in rare cases, the features of some affiliate programs are usually distinct in different affiliate networks.

Coming to the marketing flexibility of AliExpress, it’s important to note that AliExpress, unlike Fiver affiiliates, does not permit deep linking.

In other words, you can’t deep link in AliExpress, basically.

However, if you’re hosted on CJ affiliates and probably other affiliate networks, rather than the so-called AliExpress Portals, I bet you can.

What Type of Products Can you Promote on AliExpress Affiliate Program?

So, let’s measure up AliExpress to the “3 P’s search”, coined by Emmanuel Sunday

In case you’re oblivious of that, the “3 P’s Search” is simply a abbreviations of a company’s products variety, authenticity and relevance

In simple terms, “The 3 P’s Search” tries to stand as a measurement of whether an affiliate program would likely be fit for you, based on its metrics; product variety, authenticity and relevance.

So, enough chatters, let’s move on.

Product Variety – 

AliExpress is one of the renowned Giants in the e-commerce industry.

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Top 10 e-commerce websites

In fact, similar web has it that AliExpress ranks in the top 10 ecommerce retailers in the world.

Precisely, it is the 9th top ranking website in the world of ecommerce.

Apparently, AliExpress has a vast amount of products.

Allegedly, there are tons of products you would find in AliExpress that you probably won’t find in Amazon.AliExpress Affiliate Program – products

Yeah, as you know, AliExpress is a leading marketplace for Chinese manufacturers.

There are even guesses that the company hosts over a hundred millions of products.

The goodies here’s that you’re likely eligible to promote just any one of your choice.

Obviously, this is better than Amazon’s associates program.

Product Authenticity

So here’s the issue…

Products sold on AliExpress cannot be guaranteed 100% authentic for some reasons.

Well, there are authentic and genuine products, we can’t guarantee you a 100%.

However, it’s known to many that AliExpress is made up of genuine items, high-quality replicas, and low-quality fakes products.

Majorly, the genuine items are usually ones sold by a company, itself.

Actually, the main reason for this view –howbeit, there is truth to this– is due to AliExpress’s insanely cheap prices.

However, it’s worth noting that AliExpress is totally against fake products on their platform.

Still, their traces of them.

Funnily enough, most people are not interested in that. The majority of AliExpress customers are glued to them, due to the jaw-dropping prices available there.

If we head over to Trustpilot, you’d notice that the site has quite a number of positive reviews.

Out of a total of 124,876 reviews on Trustpilot, 82% of them reviewed AliExpress to be an Excellent platform.

Product Relevance – 

AliExpress has a vast list of products distributed over several categories. 

Not finding a product on AliExpress, relevant to your niche is relatable to you having a nightmare during daytime sleep.

Well, AliExpress is not a one size fits all thing. You can as well, measure it up to your audience to know if AliExpress would work for you.

Commission Rate of the AliExpress Affiliate Program.

Here’s where things get a bit tricky.

As we said earlier, you should be mindful of the affiliate network you use to sign up for AliExpress’s affiliate programs.

Because, the details and information available in these networks are usually variable.

Where CJ would pay affiliates a 4% commission rate, Awin affiliate network pays 7%.

Additionally, Flexoffers affiliate network has a commission rate of 4.5%.

Well, that might not sound pretty much, thank goodness it’s at that rate. Because formerly, it wasn’t up to.

However, if you’re able to sign up to AliExpress affiliate program via AliExpress portal, then you’re at an advantage.

AliExpress commission rate, via AliExpress Portals, is rumoured to be set at 50%.

However, it’s not proven nor stated on their platform.

Payment Structure of the AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress affiliate program has a pretty distinct payment structure.

The AliExpress affiliate program has a low minimum threshold which is favourable to users. 

According to digital fodder, the minimum threshold of AliExpress is $16. However, you’ll need to pay a withdrawal fee of $15, before making withdrawal.

Obviously, you can see what AliExpress did here…

Yeah, they have a pretty low threshold.

But, in actual sense, who would want to withdraw $50, talk less of $16 to be deducted a withdrawal fee of $15?

It makes no sense.

Personally, I won’t even withdraw such money till it gets to $200-$300.

So, in other words, AliExpress affiliate program has a minimum of $200, Funnily enough.

Heads Up – These information stated above only applies to registrants from AliExpress portals.

Affiliate networks like Awin, Flexoffers and CJ, all have their personalized payment threshold.

In detail, Awin has a minimum threshold of $20 while Flexoffers and CJ both have minimum thresholds of $25 and US$50, respectively.

Coming to the payment cycle…

The payment cycle of AliExpress Portals is set at approximately 60 days. More like, 2 months.

So, let’s say you request for withdrawal on the 1st of February, you’d have to wait till the 1st of April to receive your money.

Anyways, that’s if you’re registered on AliExpress Portals.

The payment cycle on the rest of other affiliate networks is already pre-set.

E.g Awin has a payment cycle of either the 1st or the 15th of every month, while Flexoffers has a 2 week payment cycle and CJ, 20 days.

Cookie Duration of the AliExpress Affiliate Program

So this is where things fall apart…

AliExpress has a really intimidating cookie duration (referral period). And to me, it’s a red flag.

Based on AliExpress portals, The program has a session based cookie.

Generally, session based cookies are heartbreaks to the ears of Publishers – it’s relatable to open fraud.

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Imagine referring someone, who later buys the product, to a product worth $300. And before purchasing, he had closed his tabs or restarted his phone.

Guess what? You would earn nothing, as per the standards of session based cookies.

Heads up: Session cookies are cookies that are only retained for the duration of a user’s online browsing session and are deleted when the browser window is closed.

For example, suppose someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and then decides to take a break before purchasing the Product.

Even if they return to the AliExpress website to buy the product subsequently, you’d not earn a penny out of it. Except they return back to your affiliate link.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Marketing Tools

1. AliExpress Affiliate Plugin – AllPartnership homepage

Similar to Walmart’s affiliate, AliExpress has a plugin. 

But this time, it’s a well functioning and updated one – I guess it’s because it’s owned by a third party.

The AliExpress plugin is just a simple wordpress plugin hosted by AllPartnership.

With the plugin, you can easily promote AliExpress products at one pace.

Basically, it lets you automatically add your affiliate link to all AliExpress products.

With this, you can easily import your desired products and put them up for sale in your own store.

In other words, you would be able to perform Dropshipping. homepage

Funnily enough, it wholly supports woocommerce.

Long story short, the AliExpress plugin provides a seamless experience for affiliates while they promote AliExpress.

However, it’s important to note that the plugin is priced at $69 for a lifetime.

2. Creatives

If you’ve been in the field of affiliate marketing industry, then this should be a major concern to you.

While most affiliate programs have a bunch of creatives (such as attractive banners, prices, etc) others still lack in this aspect.

On the other hand… 

If you’re hosted on Awin, Flexoffers, CJ or basically, any other affiliate networks, then you’re on the right path.

Because that’s one of their duties.

3. SiteStripe Feature

AliExpress’s Affiliate Program also has this feature called “SiteStripe ” – which works like the Amazon Associates Program feature.

The SiteStripe feature allows you to easily link directly to any product available at AliExpress.

But the bad part here is that this feature is not available for affiliates hosted via AliExpress portals.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the AliExpress affiliate program?

Well, AliExpress is a notable brand, so I guess you can.

But the thing here is that AliExpress affiliate program is more like a Low ticket affiliate program.

So it would take lots and lots of sales to make up $1000, within a month.

However, there are still products with high price tags. But that should be electronics.

Let’s be practical here…

AliExpress umidigi phone prices

So, for instance, if you decide to solely promote this product, how much do you think you can earn within a month?

The product is priced at €139, which is the same as $159.

If we go by Awin affiliate network, you should be earning around $11 for each sale you make.

Mathematically, you’d need to make 91 product sales.

So the major problem is traffic, right?

Well, still on that, with a 5% traffic conversion rate, you’d need 1800 unique page visitors.

Note that this basically applies to blogging.

How to make money from the AliExpress affiliate program

If you already have a built audience, then promoting AliExpress Affiliate Program should not be a problem for you.

Since, in a way, it’s Authentic, has variety and possibly relevant to your niche.

So, generally, you’d need to have a promotion platform. Since, engaging in preliminary affiliate marketing strategy of spamming people, platform groups and forums, isn’t really a good idea for the long run.

There are tons of promotion platforms you can think of. But preferably, go after blogging or youtubing.

So, let’s assume you already got this in place. And possibly, you’ve got a good amount of relevant audience.

Here are the tactics…

1. Make Sounding Products Reviews

Making product reviews is one of the most effective ways of doing affiliate marketing. 

You get to do that, without worrying about ways about how you’ll get a space to do it.

In addition, audiences seeking for product reviews are already longing to buy the problem. So, quote me, they’re commercial visitors.

However, it’s important you still make your reviews unbiased, to avoid luring people to a wrong product.

Meanwhile, it’s important you spray your affiliate links on your post, making it inevitable for your audience.

But you shouldn’t do this overly much, so you don’t spam your own post.

If you’re also in the YouTube field, you can also give your audience a Call-to-action, by telling them about your affiliate link, which should be found on either your description or a pinned comment.

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2. Create Informational Guides

There’s no better thing than having or creating good content in this marketing phase.

Talking about Ranking on SERP? Or is it being accepted by Google Adsense? You still need content.

One thing about quality contents in affiliate marketing is that they’re easily monetized.

Just in a single guide, you can have the chance of referring to 3 or more different affiliate links.

For instance, let’s say you’re go create a guide on “How to Make Professional YouTube Videos”

If gamed well, you can link to a Microphone, Camera, sound proof, and possibly a phone.

You could even link to a course, if you’re on the Udemy Affiliate Program.

3. Leverage Long Tail Keywords

If you find yourself in a competitive niche, then ranking on SERP would be something tough you’d need to do.

Well, one of the effective shortcuts still remains the Low Kd keywords – keywords with low competition and perhaps, lower search volume.

Long tail Keywords, in most times, appear to be these keywords.

So, instead of writing on a keyword like “Best Laptops” you can go for a keyword more like “Best HP Laptops”  or even “best HP laptops under 500”.

Pros And Cons Of AliExpress Affiliate ProgramPros and cons of AliExpress Affiliate Program

Is AliExpress worth the effort? 


  • No Call For Introduction – It’s no longer an argument, products from a popular company tends to do well than that of a starter. AliExpress is a well known and established brand with a good reputation – You don’t need to spend time introducing them to your audience.
  • Supports Deep Link – Deep linking is an integral part of affiliate marketing, when it comes marketing flexibility. 
  • Vast Number Of Products – AliExpress is a house containing millions and millions of products. You don’t really need to worry much on which products to promote
  • International Shipping – Unlike most e-commerce (e.g Shein), AliExpress ships internationally.
  • Cheap Prices – Directly, this is not really favourable to affiliate marketers. But on the other hand, you should know most people can be easily intrigued to buy something, if it’s cheap.


  • Bad Landing Page – An affiliate program should be informative and not shady.
    1. Poor In-house Program – AliExpress so called “AliExpress Portals” is very poorly built. Thanks to affiliate networks like Awin, the AliExpress affiliate program would have been worthless.
  • Unpredictable Commission rates For the In-house Affiliate Program – Still on AliExpress Portals, there’s not really any fixed commission rates there.

Alternatives Of the AliExpress Affiliate Program

That was a short review on AliExpress. I’m sure, as you should know, the AliExpress affiliate program is very shady.

The whole program is in a mess. Thanks to Awin and other affiliate networks, you’d have concluded on that.

Meanwhile, are there some viable alternatives?

1. Walmart 

When top ecommerce sites are mentioned, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and the rest are mentioned.

But when top retailers are mentioned, Walmart becomes inevitable.

Walmart is a joint force of both offline retailing and ecommerce. In fact, Walmart is by far the leading retailer in the world.

Coming to their Affiliate Program, Walmart is relatable to AliExpress.

But at least, it’s more straightforward.

Their commission has a range of 1% -4%, depending on the categories of product you promote. 

While their cookie duration is set at 3 days, just like that of AliExpress via Awin.

Our article on Walmart affiliate Program should help you with more clarification.


Just like AliExpress, Target is another top ecommerce store.

However, it’s based in the United States and doesn’t ship beyond.

Target’s own program is set with a 7days cookie duration, which is about 2.3× better than AliExpress.

Likewise, we also have an article on the Target affiliate program.

Meanwhile, Target has an increasing commission rate. Basically it has a range of 1% – 8%.


Costco is a multinational retailer company based in the United States.

The company takes a really different route when it comes to how its activities are handled. 

Both in their marketing strategies and in their Affiliate program.

The company works just like a wholesaler. But this time around, it restricts its price discounts to registered members.

Yeah, you heard that right – it offers products at a discounted price strictly for registered members.

I won’t go into much details here, because we already have a comprehensive review on the Costco affiliate program.

Final Thoughts

AliExpress affiliate program, apparently, contains lots of bugs, making it a messy program.

But, not to conclude, if you get to register, from the Awin affiliate network, then it’s okay.

At least, to some extent, it could compete in the top 50 Ecommerce affiliate programs.


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