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While there are numerous affiliate programs to join, you might still be in the woods wondering and searching for a suitable affiliate program. Facts – you’re not alone

Ever thought of joining the Target affiliate program?

Walmart affiliate program is well-known, Amazon is even more, but most affiliate marketers, including you, are unfamiliar with some affiliate programs like Shein Affiliate program, Nike affiliate program, or even Target affiliate program.

But wait,

Coming to the Target’s affiliate program…

Is it of any good? Is it worthwhile to include it in your niche or site monetization strategy?

Well, by the end of this article, you’ll get all the questions in your mind answered and possibly, add them to your source of income.

What is Target?

Target Corporation is a popular retail company based in the United States founded way back in 1902. 

Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States and the eleventh largest retailer corporation worldwide after Walmart, Amazon, Costco Schwarz, and 8 others.

Before the fall of 1999, target went online as an e-commerce site and subsequently launched its affiliate marketing program. 

Today, Target is the 19 top-ranking e-commerce and online shopping website worldwide with over 200 million visitors.

As a popular brand that Target is, you don’t need spend time on creating awareness of the company. Rather you can focus on other necessities to drive traffic and in turn, sales.

How Does the Target Affiliate Program Works?

How does target affiliate program works

The Target affiliate program is open to everyone from webmasters to bloggers, to influencers. You can easily sign up to promote one or more of target affiliate-eligible products and receive commission per sale.

By promoting any link, you get to earn a whopping 8% commission rate from the price of the product purchased through your affiliate link.

Despite the fact that Target has a large product catalog with a diverse variety of categories, many of them are not eligible for the affiliate program.

Target affiliate program is partnered under impact radius to help with tracking, reporting, and payment of affiliate partners/marketers. 

One limiting feature of Target as a whole is it’s inability to ship out of the US. Well, that’s obviously dye to the fact that over 96% of its visitors are all the United States.

In other words, if your audience are not from the United States, don’t just bother registering for the program. However, if you still wish to, you’re can actually do that: but it makes no sense.

What Products Are Available in Target?

What products is eligible for target affiliate program

As said earlier, a lot of target product catalogs are not eligible for the affiliate program. Products such as electronics, video games, books, music, infant care products, and so on are excluded from the Target affiliate program.

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Target affiliate program eligible category products include;

  • Health & Beauty
  • Baby gear and furniture
  • Home and outdoor living
  • Apparels and accessories 

Unlike Amazon, it’s worth noting that Target does not sell digital goods. But they offer a wide range of products which should be suitable for whatever industry or niche you’re in.

Target Commission Structure

Target affiliate program commission structure

Here’s where Target differs from other affiliate programs.

Target offers a commission rate that increases directly proportional to the units of products you sell.

Take, for instance, Apparels and Accessories, from 0-10 sales per month you get to earn a 5a % commission rate per purchase. But if you’re able to increase your sale to maybe 301 to 1000, you earn a 7% commission rate per purchase. 

And if you can sell over 10 ‘000 products a month, your commission rate will be increased to 8%.

Might sound poor to you, but consider a case where the product is worth $10 or more and you make sales of 10’000 products. You would be making a sum of $8000 a month just from this affiliate program.

I think Target’s commission rate is quite a decent one. Not until Target’s health and beauty commission rate is mentioned.

Target affiliate program eligible products category

Target commission rate for health and beauty is 1% irrespective of the number of products you sell.

If you want to market beauty products, go with Amazon because they provide a basic minimum of 4% for these types of products. However, if you want to market home and outdoor products, Target is the plug.

Considering Affiliate Program of popular brands like Nike Affiliate Program, Wayfair affiliate program or even Costco affiliate program, will possibly help you figure out the right and decent commission rates you really deserve.

Target Affiliate Program Policy

Target affiliate program cookies

Target, alongside other affiliate programs (like Nike Affiliate Program), makes use of cookies to track affiliate referrals and pay you according to purchase via your affiliate link.

Sadly, cookies don’t last forever and can be easily removed or deleted by users maybe when deleting cache or something else.

In simple terms, a cookie’s lifespan indicates how long a potential buyer who clicks on your affiliate link will generate money during a given campaign.

Take, for example, a vendor who sets the cookie duration to 10 days. This means that once a link is clicked, affiliates have exactly 10 days to earn from a potential buyer before the deal is closed. When the timer runs out, you won’t be able to make any money even when he/she later purchases the products.

So how Long do Target Affiliate cookies last?

Unlike Home Depot Affiliate Program cookies which only last for 24 hours, Target cookies last for a period of 7 days.

So, what does this means?

if a visitor clicks on your link and places the product which he wants to buy on the cart. If he/she decides to leave the product or maybe think about it, the referral data is stored for up to 7 days.

This means, on the return of the visitor within this cookie duration, if the product is purchased you will still earn your commission.

It is worth noting that this cookie will remain effective within these 7days only if the visitor does not click on a new affiliate link.

This is quite okay, as a seven days cookie duration is more than enough for a potential buyer to purchase a product. 

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Target Affiliate Program Payout

Target affiliate program payout

All sales commissions made via your link are usually withheld for 90days. The reason for this is for the company to be well assured that the sales made via your link have not been cancelled or refunded.

If a product purchased via your affiliate link is cancelled or refunded, Target has the right to adjust or even cancel your commission.

In other words, if an entire order made via your affiliate link is cancelled, your commission will also follow suit. If a single order is cancelled your commission amount would be modified.

After the period where your transactions are withheld to make sure payments are confirmed, you’ll be paid 20 days after.

Generally, it takes about 110days  for your payments to be issued.

It’s also important to note that Target only makes payments via PayPal.

How To Become a Target Affiliate  Marketer

How to start target affiliate program

Before applying for Target affiliate programme you must satisfy Targets requirements:

Target does not place any daunting requirements other than having a website. In addition to that, your website traffic should be mostly from the United States, since Target is based in the United States and does not perform international shipping.

Also, it is worthy of noting that Target does not allow affiliate marketers residing in some African countries to sign up.

Before you are accepted as an affiliate marketer for Target, you’ll have to tell the Target staff how you intend to market their product. E.g social media, forums, discount sites, advertisements, affiliate sites.

If you’re now prepared to sign up for the Target affiliate program, you can click here and fill in the necessary information.

Pros And Cons of Target Affiliate Program

Is Target affiliate program right for you? Well, that’s a question dependent on what you’re looking for. Here are the pros and cons of the Target Affiliate Program.


  • Targets offer customer support –instant online chats and calls– for customers 
  • Target offers a commission rate that increases directly proportional to the units of products you sell.
  • Target affiliate cookies duration lasts for seven days irrespective of the number of referrals or products purchased within the timeframe
  • High traffic conversion; since it’s a popular and a well-known brand
  • There are over 1 million products available for promotion and all from well-known brands.
  • They’re not subjected to the near-constant government interference that Amazon is subjected to.
  • They provide their affiliates with a plethora of creatives, including over 150 different banners that cover a variety of products and special promotions.


  • Target payouts take a lot of time to be received.
  • When compared to the competition, Target’s website isn’t as sleek as it should be, and this can affect conversion rates
  • Target does not pay affiliates for many popular product catalogs. Note – you can always check for products categories available for promotion
  • The program is mostly compatible with affiliate marketers with audiences in the United States.

Alternatives Of Target Affiliate Program

Target affiliate program might sound okay to you but as much as there are many pros, there are also many cons. If you’re still looking some other affiliate program like Target, then check the list below.

1. AmazonAmazon : Home depot affiliate program alternatives

I won’t say much about Amazon apart from saying Amazon is the king of affiliate marketing.

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Amazon might not be the best affiliate program in the world, but this e-commerce site has developed itself to be one of the most trusted site in the world.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you shouldn’t joke with a popular brand. A popular brand can be the difference between high sales and poor sales.

In terms of popularity, Amazon still remains the king: being the most widely used ecommerce site in vogue.

However, Amazon comes with a major back down. The affiliate program comes with a mere 24 hours cookie duration whereas Target generously gives 7 days.

Coming to products available, Amazon affiliate program is well enriched with lots of viable products.

Although Target also has lots of products at their store, their Affiliate products are strictly restricted to only allow products from few categories including:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Baby gear and furniture
  • Home and outdoor living
  • Apparels and accessories

Both Target and Amazon affiliate program are popular brands with high potential earnings

2. Walmart Walmart ; home depot affiliate program alternative

Walmart is inescapable when discussing the world’s biggest retailers. Walmart is currently the world’s largest retailer, with $534.7 billion in annual revenue.

The company is a behemoth, when you come to offline retailing and that doesn’t stop them from leading in the online segment.

However, as much as there are Pros and cons attached to almost everything you get to see and know, Walmart has ups and downs.

One of which are their cookie duration of 3 days. Whereas Target offers a cookie duration of 7 days, a cookie duration of 3 days is still viable.

Coming to the Beneficiaries, they’re not limiting in terms of products promotion: You get to promote over 4 million products available at Walmart, at your pace.

If you’d want to surf in and promote multiple affiliate products from a well established brand, then you should try considering Walmart.

Well, we have made a comprehensive guide on the Walmart affiliate program which you can check out your convenience.


shein logo

Ever heard of fast fashion brand?

“Fast fashion brand” is the currently trending term, in vogue, in the fashion world.

So, you want to buy a clothing from a fashion websites, but you’re limited with the assets needed: you need financial assistance to get the products.

Either way, if you can’t get the financial assistance you need, then you’ll need to go further to buy a cheaper products, or wisely, buy the products from a website who sell things cheaper. If you’re among the wise gangs, then you’d probably look for a fast fashion brand.

Long story short, SHEIN is the indisputable king of fast fashion brands.

If you’re looking into promoting fashion products, then SHEIN affiliate program should be your plug.

And why?

The company sells products at a highly cheaper rate, backed with an enticing cookie duration of 30days and a commision rate of 10%.

Our article on Shein Affiliate program says it all.


Target is a good option to monetize your website traffic. 

If your niche/industry is related to their eligible products categories, then its a good deal

Once more:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Baby gear and furniture
  • Home and outdoor living
  • Apparels and accessories

With good traffic, US audience, proper affiliate marketing strategies I bet you’re good to go.


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