Want to search Onlyfans, like the way it’s been done on social media platforms, like Facebook? To include the location filters in the search feature? Here’s a comprehensive article that approaches that.

Can you search Onlyfans by location?

You can search Onlyfans by location, using several Onlyfans third parties websites, also known as Onlyfans search engines. You can use these tools to scroll through a world-like map and select a location of your choice to show a list of Onlyfans creators there. 

Like we do on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, finding people on these networks are quite easy.

Just with their username or name, you can find any user.

And if there should be any confusion about the particular account  (in the case of multiple look-alike accounts), you’ve got some search features like a location filter, to only sort our profiles on a particular location.

An example of this is what happens on Facebook, when we use the popular location feature:

location searches on facebook, expected to be replicated on Onlyfans

Coming to Onlyfans, it’s also possible to implement the same strategy.

But normally, without the advent of some of these third parties Onlyfans tools, it would have been impossible to make searches on Onlyfans, talk more of adding the location filter feature.

For instance, here’s how it looks like searching for names on Onlyfans:

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searching for james on Onlyfans - Can you search Onlyfans by location

…a piece of unrelated results, not even showing one single person.

Worst of it all, when the name is not a popular one:

searching for emily on Onlyfans - Can you search Onlyfans by location

…you get nothing, but a blank result.

Apparently, searches on Onlyfans, as a platform, no longer work.

As reported, this inability of the search bar on Onlyfans to make proper searches is due to the demand of Onlyfans creators to have their privacy and anonymity.

However, with the help of Onlyfans third-party websites, you can search Onlyfans by location.

Another worth mentioning is that you can find the profiles of just mere Onlyfans users

How to Search Onlyfans by location

To search Onlyfans by location, you’ll need to visit Onlyfinder.com or Fan metrics ( Onlyfans third-party tools), click on the map icon, and scroll through locations you want to find users in. Click on any location of your choice, to get a list of Onlyfans users on that location.

As we’ve said earlier, we’d need to employ some third-party tools to make any single search on Onlyfans.

There are actually a lot of search engines for Onlyfans, just as there are for the web. Some examples of these include; Fansmetrics, Onlyfinder, Onlysearch.co, hubite, etc.

However, our best pick is Onlyfinder and Fansmetric.

These two search engines are all Onlyfans-dedicated websites that automatically index newly created Onlyfans profiles.

Depending on what you’re looking for, these tools can be used together or alternatively.

For instance, if you plan on looking for the total number of “creators” using Onlyfans in a particular location, use Onlyfinder, for its verse, flexible, and relative user-friendly feature.

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However, I’ve seen Fansmetric to be a faster crawler for new profiles, as compared to Onlyfinder. It indexes both relevant and irrelevant users with weak profiles – this includes creators and mere users.

This can be important when you’re in search of a friend who might just be a mere consumer of content on the platform.

The downside of Fansmetrics, however, is its indulgence in excessive profiles that are listed out based on paid ads – so you will have to scroll really down to find organic profiles.

Enough chatters, let’s get started with this tutorial.

Using Onlyfinder, Here’s how to search Onlyfans by Location:

  • Head over to Onlyfinder.com
  • Tap on the search bar and paste this syntax location:”country/city/state”.
  • Afterward, put in the location you intend, in between the quotation mark.
  • Lastly, tap on the search button to find a list of creators on the location you inputted.

onlyfinder homepage - can you search onlyfans by location

You could use this syntax search through any location of your choice, provided it has a name. This includes country, state, or towns.

Using the same third-party tool, you can even find Onlyfans creators distant away from you. For example, finding local creators in your area or someone you know.

To do this, you can add a suffix after the location:”country/city/state”.

For instance, if you want to find Onlyfans users within a 15km radius range in Las Vegas, you can add location:”Las Vegas”,15km to the search bar on Onlyfinder.

But what if you find a particular Onlyfans user by location?

To find a particular Onlyfans user by location, head over to Onlyfinder.com, input the name of the user, give one space bar, and add the location of the user. If needed you can input the range of distance.

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how to search onlyfans by location

Alternatively, if you find users on Onlyfans by location, visually, using a real-like map.

searching by location on onlyfans using onlyfinder

To do this;

  • Visit Onlyfinder.com
  • Click on the button, tagged “Map,” down below the search bar.
  • You’ll be redirected to the map of your current location.
  • Scroll through the map, to find the location where you intend to find Onlyfans users on.
  • Click on it, and you’ll get a list of Onlyfans users on that location.

Using Fansmetrics, Here’s how to search Onlyfans by Location:

  • Go to fansmetrics.com.
  • Click on the drop-down menu, tagged “Onlyfans.”
  • Scroll down and tap on “locations”
  • Afterward, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’d be asked to select the country or location of the Onlyfans users you want to find.
  • Tap on the country of your choice, and you’d find a list of Onlyfans users there.

Even though Fansmetrics is limited in its location search feature, it also has some advantages, as well.

list of onlyfans users based on a location

While searching through Onlyfans accounts based on locations, you could also filter the search to show gender-based results (whether women or men), category-based results, or a list of profiles under a certain price range.

Final Thoughts

There are several approaches and tools, to search Onlyfans by location. However, the best of them all still remains, using Onlyfinder, for it’s high level of flexibility and search ability.


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