Paysafe is a growing digital wallet just like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

If you’re using Onlyfans, you might want to think whether or not Paysafe (as a digital wallet) could be used as a payment method for subscriptions or earning option for Onlyfans creators.

Either way, this article covers everything you need to know about Paysafe and Onlyfans.

Does Onlyfans Accept Paysafe?

Currently, Onlyfans doesn’t accept Paysafe. This is however a new invention since Paysafe used to work on Onlyfans as an alternative payment method. Nonetheless, knowing this, there are still a number of secure, private alternative payment methods on Onlyfans.

Want to find the list of alternative payment options for Paysafe on Onlyfans? Click here to scroll.

does onlyfans accept paysafe

No one is proud of coming online to make payment on explicit content.

At least, it’s better they keep it to themselves (privately), rather than letting it show on their monthly bank statements.

It could have been easier to make anonymous payments on Onlyfans, considering the fact that there are a number of cards, credit cards, and debit cards that are a bit more anonymous compared to traditional credit cards.

However, it is quite difficult.

This is due to Onlyfan’s strict rules on the payment options that are being employed on their platform.

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A few months or years back, you could use networks like American Express, Chime, and Paysafe to make payments. Currently, all these payment options including Paysafe are no longer accepted on Onlyfans.

Why Does Onlyfans not Accept Paysafe?

There are a number of reasons for this, but let’s start with the fact that Paysafe is against the promotion of s*xual content.

Not everyone wants to engage in promoting their services through sexual content, undermining whether or not, they earn money from it. This is very similar to what happens at Onlyfans.

Paysafe, even though they do work on Onlyfans before, might have come up with a way of detecting Onlyfans payments, which it then blocks.

This could be the reason why it was working before, but now blocked.

Lastly, the Paysafe Card is a Prepaid Master Card.

According to Onlyfans’ payment guideline, prepaid cards are rarely accepted, but if they should be accepted, it is only a “Prepaid Visa Card” that would.

What Makes a Card/Payment Option Acceptable on Onlyfans?

While Paysafe doesn’t work on Onlyfans, there are still a number of ways and cards (payment options) that can be used to make payments on Onlyfans, anonymously.

But have you ever thought about the guideline used by Onlyfans to determine any working payment option? Well, below are they.

Onlyfans would only accepts:

1. Cards that Support 3D Secure

In Onlyfans, the 3D Secure is a compulsory requirement for any payment option on Onlyfans.

This includes credit cards, prepaid cards, and even gift or vanilla gift cards, (If they should work).

Just so you know, the 3D Security is a security feature, integrated on both plastic and virtual cards, which aims to reduce the level of money theft, in cases of stolen or lost cards.

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This security system adds yet another layer of security protection, where before a transaction is authenticated, it must be verified by the owner, via OTP on their email addresses or mobile SIM.

2. Credit Cards that are issued by Master Card, Visa or Discover

According to Onlyfans, the only approved payment network for credit cards on their network are MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

In other words, credit cards from these payment networks (MasterCard, Visa and Discover) are likely to be approved, if they satisfy other requirements.

3. Debit cards that are issued by Maestro or MasterCard

Whereas credit cards issued by Visa and discover are easily accepted on Onlyfans if they support 3D security, debit cards won’t be accepted.

On Onlyfans, Maestro and MasterCard are the only approved payment network for Debit cards.

Any other debit card (Paysafe Prepaid MasterCard, for example) with a different payment network won’t be approved.

4. Visa Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are barely accepted on Onlyfans – this is however because prepaid VISA cards are the only accepted type of prepaid card.

In a previous article, we talked about some of the types of prepaid cards that work on Onlyfans.

5. Cards that can be reloaded

Talking about cards that can be reloaded, we’re referring to Prepaid cards or cards that work similarly – where you can fund the card singularly and make use of it, without interfering with your account balance.

While most prepaid cards can be reloaded, Prepaid cards like Gift Card and Vanilla Gift Card can’t be reloaded.

Are there Alternatives to Paysafe Onlyfans?

It’s clear to every one of us that Paysafe doesn’t work on Onlyfans. Knowing this, if you still want to find other alternatives that guarantee security and privacy, read on.

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Below are some of the alternatives of Paysafe Onlyfans:

  1. Other prepaid cards
  2. Virtual Cards
  3. Try using Credit Cards, anonymously

Other prepaid cards:

The fact that Paysafe, as a prepaid card, doesn’t work on Onlyfans doesn’t mean that no prepaid card works on Onlyfans.

In fact, it’s just a matter of whether they satisfy Onlyfans requirements and accepts to transact with Onlyfans.

Enough Chatters. Here is a list of prepaid cards that work on Onlyfans.

Virtual Cards:

Imagine a situation where you could make payments for a subscription on Onlyfans without having to hold a physical card with you?

That’s actually the concept behind virtual credit cards that work for Onlyfans.

They are just like Credit Cards but a bit better, considering the fact that you don’t have to use them physically.

Use Credit Cards, anonymously:

Whichever way, Credit Cards remain the most used payment option on Onlyfans.

However, most people don’t seem to use them because they actually want to stay anonymous, which Credit cards might not satisfy.

This is, owing to the fact that all transactions made using credit cards are documented on a bank statement, which is mailed every month.

Rather than trying so hard to get an alternative card to credit cards, you can get another credit card that would be used anonymously by only you.

When creating this second credit card, you can go to the extent of using a different address.

Final Thoughts

Currently, you can’t make payments on Onlyfans using Paysafecard, which was a result of a new invention. However, you can still pay for Onlyfans anonymously using other secured payment options.

So, that’s it for does Onlyfans accept Paysafe!


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