Don’t just get into Expertnaire affiliate marketing without a proper understanding of what it is, actually. Here’s a masterpiece to put you on the right track!

The search trend of Expertnaire affiliate marketing has been on rising in Nigeria

Everyone is just talking about it…expertnaire this, expertnaire that, you can make money on expertnaire – they just keep coming.

But what actually is Expertnaire? and is it to be trusted?

Well, keep calm, take a coffee, and give yourself a 15 min break, while we take everything down, from the soup to the nuts of expertnaire affiliate marketing.

Sit, tight!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

For most people in Nigeria, the term affiliate marketing sounds new.

And you’re probably among these people, right? funnily enough…

Well, just joking…

Affiliate marketing is one way to make money online, right now.

However, it’s not as straightforward as most people say.

It requires a lot, which we’ll talk about later in this article.

In formal terms, Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy used by product marketers to induce a situation whereby a publisher (affiliate marketer) is been paid a commission for every referral purchase he brings to the company.

So, you get the point?

The affiliate marketer, here, is the action man who already has a well-developed audience.

All he has to do is to refer the affiliate products.

N.B – An affiliate product is the merchant’s product that is been promoted through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers are usually like “Sign up through my link to get 50% discount.”

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of messages like this, in the past, funny enough.

Well, for affiliate marketing to be done perfectly, an Affiliate Network/Affiliate Program must be made available.

Getting confused?

Well, Affiliate programs are the actual stuff that makes affiliate marketing possible.

It is an arrangement made by a merchant, where he pays affiliate marketers a commission for every product they’re able to sell.

An example of an affiliate program is the Jumia affiliate program.

On the other hand, Affiliate Networks are platforms that easily connect publishers to already published affiliate programs/products.

They offer a wide list of affiliate programs or affiliate products to publishers (affiliate marketers).

Joining these affiliate networks are quite easy, and difficult in some cases.

All you have to do is to follow their rules, and you should be okay.

Note that we mentioned two things while defining Affiliate Networks.

First, we said “…that offers a wide list of affiliate programs”

…and then again “…that offers a wide list of products.”

An example of an affiliate network that connects publishers (affiliate marketers) to a wide list of affiliate programs is Awin (a foreign-based company).

On the other hand, Expertnaire is an example of an affiliate network that connects publishers to a wide list of products.

What is Expertnaire and How does it work?expertnaire homepage

In the course of this review, I mentioned two types of affiliate networks…well Expertnaire is the second – A type of affiliate network that connects publishers to products.

Founded in 2018, Expertnaire is a Nigerian-based affiliate network that offers promotable digital products (books, courses, etc) to affiliate marketers.

It is made up of a collective list of affiliate products (but this time, digital products) available to affiliate marketers for promotion.

These digital products may include courses, guides, how to get rich topics, and all the rest.

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Expertnaire is more like a platform, where you, as an affiliate marketer, register, and then get a wide list of products that you can promote.

There are quite a lot of affiliate networks that do this.

However, they’re most likely foreign brands.

Expertnaire is the biggest affiliate network in the whole of Nigeria – and probably the only known affiliate network.

This is quite unfortunate for us, Nigerian affiliate marketers, as the affiliate marketing system in Nigeria gets no competition.

Unlike most affiliate networks, Expertnaire has a fixed commission rate for all products provided on the platform.

And this is a 75% commission.

This means that for every product sale you make on the platform, you’d be getting 75% of the amount back to you.

So, say you promote a product worth 10,000. At every successful sale you make, you can get as much as 7,500.

That’s pretty nice, right?

However, the major problem of Expertnaire, however, is that you’d need to get registered to the platform before you can get access to promote these products.

While most affiliate networks are free to join, Expertnaire actually requires a fee to join.

Not a new thing in the affiliate marketing industry, since a few affiliate networks usually do this.

But however, they do this majorly to get rid of scammers and not to generate money from it.

I’ve come across a few numbers of this affiliate network. And the highest amount I have been asked to pay was $3.

…that’s like 1400 in Naira.

Long story short…Expertnaire requires affiliate marketers to pay a sum of 10,000 before they can be registered on the platform.

The worst part of it all is that it’s a yearly subscription.

So, you’ve got to renew your plan every month.

What About the 72IG Course?

If you’ve heard of Expertnaire, then I’m pretty sure you’d also have heard of the popular 72IG course.

Well, many people make it their follow-up bible scripture when they try to lure into getting into the Expertnaire system.

From my Research, roughly 90% of Expertnaire affiliate marketers only promote the 72IG course.

And, approximately half of these affiliate marketers of Expertnaire were brought in by the 72IG course.

So, why the 72IG course? Is it so valuable, marketable, or just another scam?

Well, let’s take it bit by bit…

What is the 72IG course?

The 72IG course is a popular course in the Expertnaire system that claims to be a life-changer course that could take your income up to “6 figures” using affiliate marketing.

The course was created by the owner of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotoso, and appears to be a promising one.

The 72IG course is made up of 12 modules, containing roughly 13 videos.

And finally, to close the curtain, the 72IG course is priced at 62’500.

And by signing up for the course, you also get access to the Expertnaire system at no expense, for a full year.

So this is the thing about the course…

Yeah, it probably offers value…but we can’t deny the fact that it is pricey.

And sure doesn’t offer a good value for money.

I’ll give you a few things to note before you make a decision to buy the course, in the subsequent paragraphs.

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing: What You Need to Know!

A lot of people have a very distinct motion about Expernaire.

Many say it’s a scam, and others; it’s very profitable.

Personally, when I first learned about it, it was all about the money people were making from it.

Here are examples;

expertnaire affiliate marketingfacebook reviews of expertnaire affiliate marketing 3

They prioritized how you can make money from it, and how it has been making them “6-figures and 7-figures”

And if you ask them to “show you the way” they will refer you to “the 72IG course.”

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Funnily enough, I later discovered something about it, as time went on. And I’ll share it all in this review – Just keep reading.

So here is what you need to know, as said in the title…

A good number of affiliate marketers at Expertnaire are more like referral marketers – they don’t even practice affiliate marketing.

They get referred through the 72IG course, and then solely refer people to the course back again…i.e reinventing the wheel.

So you get the point?

It’s not bad, although.

But it’s also not really good, since they always over impose the course on newbies.

Here is what you should know about the course;

  • Don’t buy the course, if you don’t have a well-built audience prior.
  • Except you plan on promoting the 72IG course, as your so-called mentor has taught you, marketing any other products at Expertnaire is unrealistic without a well-built audience.
  • Marketing on WhatsApp, Instagram, etc, doesn’t work for everybody, except you want to keep on the relay race to keep promoting 72IG.
  • Most people who buy the course end up reinventing the wheel, of having to focus on only selling the 72IG course.
  • They won’t tell you, but the best way to do affiliate marketing is by blogging, YouTubing, or doing paid ads (which requires a huge amount of money).
  • Forget what these Expertnaire affiliate marketers keep claiming; you can hardly make such an amount, from marketing on WhatsApp, and all the rest.
  • Don’t use the last money in your pocket to get the course, expecting to make 107,000/week, as they say – It doesn’t work that way!

So, what about the good reviews of the Expertnaire system?

Well, I’ll tell you something.

90% of the so-called affiliate marketers that claim to be making 6 and 7 figures are just pure liars.

While creating this piece, I saw something really funny, and I just had to laugh.

This is it…

facebook reviews of expertnaire affiliate marketing 4

It was in a group specially made for Expertnaire affiliate marketers…

They all laughed at it…because apparently, that’s just what they do.

So, I said earlier discovered that roughly 90% of this so-called affiliate marketers that claim to be making 6 and 7 figures with Expernaire affiliate marketers are just pure liars.

To be specific, “most of the Expertnaire affiliate marketers that refer you to the 72IG course.”

Okay, don’t get me wrong.

Probably, there are people earning this amount from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative business. In fact, this website is dedicated to keeping on producing articles on affiliate marketing.

I have friends who make such amounts and they don’t necessarily do that with Expertnaire – it’s up to you actually- you can use any other platforms you feel convenient with.

Honestly, I’m actually yet to get there.

And I’m not an Expertnaire affiliate marketer.

The thing is that there are a number of foreign based affiliate network that are way better than Expertnaire.

And for the fact that it requires money to get you registered is a No! No! for me.

…especially when you’re just starting out as an Affiliate Marketer.

Should you Join Expertnaire?

Okay this is it!

From my opinion, don’t join Expertnaire if you’re just starting out as an Affiliate Marketer.

Its actually okay to join the platform, since there are some valuable products on the platform.

Additionally, it’s okay to join the platform if you find yourself in a situation of having the need to promote digital products that are focused on Nigerians.

Other than that, I don’t see the need of Joining Expertnaire.

Also, before joining Expertnaire, it’s required of you to be an established affiliate marketer, with a good sales funnel. So, you don’t end up wasting your money.

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How to Join Expernaire Affiliate Marketing

Now, Enough of the honest trolls, let’s get into the nitty gritty of this article.

How can you join Expertnaire affiliate marketing?

According to experts, there are two ways to join the expertnaire affiliate marketing platform:

1. Via the Normal Registration Process

2. Via the 72IG course

Join Expertnaire Via the Normal Registration Process

This is the authorised and approved method of joining the expertnaire platform.

Basically, it requires you to pay the sum of N10,000, provide your credentials, and boom, you’re all ready to explore what expertnaire has to offer.

So, now, let me show you a step-by-step guide;

1. Begin by, heading on to the Expertnaire official website.

It looks like this….

expertnaire homepage

2. Now, click on the “affiliate” icon on the title bar. And then, you’d be redirected to this page;

expertnaire affiliate marketing (1)

3. Sign Up – Fill up the neccessary information, including your email address,  phone number, and all prerequisite.

4. After filling your information, you can ride on by clicking on the “Register” icon.

5. Before that, make sure you’ve thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

6. After you’ve clicked on the “Register” button, as we said, you’d directed to a new page, where you can now pay the registration fee of N10,000.

Here’s what it looks like.

7. You’d receive an email almost immediately after you’ve paid the money. This email contains everything you need to know about your account – login info, short guide and access to the official telegram expertnaire group.

8. Now, you can Login to your account, to complete your account info, such as your bank account.

Join Expertnaire Via the 72IG Course

If you’ve been the around the Expertnaire affiliate marketing system, then I’m sure you’d have heard about this one.

Registering for Expertnaire with 62k?

…yeah, that one.

They’ll always tell you that this is the most recommended method.

Well, Probably.

But here’s why they tell you that…

As we said earlier, the 72IG course is Expertnaire’s most popular course. And by signing up to the course, you’d also get registered to the Expertnaire system, right?

If you can recall properly, you’ll remember that I said that as an affiliate of Expertnaire, every course referral you make you 75% as commission.

Meaning that as you get referred, they make 75% of your referral money.

That’s about 46,875 of your registration Money.

In fact, that’s the business in Expertnaire.

And probably, that’s what you’re gonna be doing, when you finally join Expertnaire.

So you should get ready to do like your mentors – i.e flaunting fake (edited) screenshots of “6 figures and 7 figures earnings” so you can get people to finally join the platform through your affiliate link.

Final Thoughts

Expertnaire affiliate marketing is actually not a scam.

But sincerely, their approach to it, unlike other affiliate networks, is totally bad.

The point is that, as my friend would say, “any Affiliate network/program that requires money to start is a scam.”

I don’t fully agree with his rule though.

Because I have seen some authentic foreign affiliate networks that require money.

But get my point, they only require a little amount of money – say $1, $5 and nothing more than $10.

And these are only few affiliate networks….out of the millions of affiliate networks in the world.

Additional, don’t use your last money to get registered to any affiliate network, when you:

  • You’ve not gotten an established audience.
  • Think WhatsApp is going to generate a huge amount of traffic
  • Not ready hustle/pay for real traffic.



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