This article gives you a thorough review of the Teachable Affiliate Program

Teaching in classrooms can be so much fun, you know? But what about doing the same thing to make a lot of money on the internet?

It is quite getting predominant to see a lot of online platforms offering courses- the same courses you offer in preparatory schools and up to the tertiary level. Interestingly, students now prefer taking courses online to attending physical classes.

In fact, statistics show that about 6.9 million students take at least one of their courses online in the US.

That is how well knowledge acquisition has revolved.

So, for the intellects; this is already a win situation. What about you and I that are not bookworms?

This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

You might be thinking affiliate marketing only works when you sell products; not at all. It is also applicable for services. 

Yes even teaching and you can join one of them to increase your income even though you are not related to Sir Isaac Newton. 

That man would have been a content creator on the internet actually (lol).

On a more serious note, by just referring outstanding educators and coaches to create content on specific learning platforms such as Teachable or persuading your friends and families to get their learning materials on them, you can actually make thousands of dollars off the internet.

Now, you are curious. Keep it cool.

The problem here is how to spot a reliable learning platform with a profitable affiliate program. Quite simple though.

And that is where we come in.

All you need to do is grab a cup of coffee as we take you by hand through the nitty-gritty of the Teachable Affiliate Program. 

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What is Teachable?

Teachable logo

Teachable is an online Learning Management System (LMS) or simply put as e-learning platform established in 2015 by Ankur Nagpal in the Bay Area of the US.

The platform was first introduced in 2013 under the name “Fedora” and was later changed to “Teachable” following the massive development of the platform in subsequent years.

The company allows creative minds around the globe in the form of content creators, entrepreneurs, coaches, and even business organizations to earn more from their exceptional creations and services.

It bridges the gap that exists between tutors and learners while easing the stress content creators experience from tax payment, VAT, royalty (authors), and sales of content.

Even better, Teachable is both user and beginner-friendly with a lot of customizable tools to help you make your contents look more appealing to your students anywhere in the world.

Teachable simply put is a medium of transforming your knowledge into money. Therefore, if you are an island of ideas; you can imagine just how much you can earn through this platform.

Like the platform campaigns; “Build a course, build a brand, build a business”.

Teachable Affiliate Program- The Ultimate Review 

Teachable affiliate program – The Ultimate Review

There is this popular saying that, “Teachers pay teachers”. Maybe that was what Teachable considered when it launched its affiliate program.

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The teachable Affiliate program has been around for quite some time and has made itself a name among affiliate marketers known as “partners” on Teachable.

Similar to most US-based companies affiliate programs, the Teachable affiliate program is straightforward and can be joined via Impact.

The partnership with Impact makes the program more sophisticated as it ensures that you get all the necessary insights such as tracking links to monitor your performance. 

The company also gives you professional marketing tips through monthly e-mail updates to help you boost your conversion and sales.

Affiliate partners are also given a unique tracking code on their partner portal. This code will allow you to earn more from Teachable Referral Program.

This implies that the affiliate program is of two ways. If you do not earn from selling the products offered by Teachable’s content creators then you can earn from referring content creators to the platform.

Or you can choose to use a stone to kill two birds; hope you get that?

What types of products are eligible for the Teachable Affiliate Program?

Teachable homepage – Products available at teachable

As you already know, Teachable deals with any content that is knowledge-based and marketable.

You should be prepared to promote divergent digital courses to coaching sessions offered by over 100 000 creators on Teachable.

The fact that you can also earn from selling your partner link in the form of invites to content creators is another form of promotion on the platform.

For most online classes and coaching sessions on Teachable, all you need to do is convince your leads to subscribe to them through your links and boom…

Additionally, the teachable affiliate program is hosted on impact radius.

So in other words, impact radius handles everything from sales tracking, impression and the provision of every useful data needed by affiliate marketers.

Commission rate of Teachable Affiliate Program

The major reason you are on this page is to earn on Teachable; isn’t it?

So, if it does not pay off well, neither of us will remain here.

Fortunately, it does

Basically, Teachable offers its affiliate partners a 30% recurring commission, since its subscription plans are monthly.

What this means is that each person you refer to the platform renews their subscription every month. To this effect, you will also earn a 30% commission each month they re-subscribe.

On the brighter side, you can even earn up to 40% or 50% commission from bonus tiers if you meet the monthly conversion threshold.

That is if you can sell over 31 courses or get over 31 subscribers on the platform.

Anyways, if you cannot get up to this; just endeavour to make between 11  and 30 sales to earn a 40% commission.

Cookie Duration of Teachable Affiliate Program

As an affiliate marketer, cookie duration should be one of the priorities you consider before joining an Affiliate Program.  This is the major reason we are looking into it.

Sincerely, Teachable has been commendably fair in virtually all aspects. An awesome commission offer at one side; and now its cookie duration will surprise you.

The company offers a 90-day cookie which is more than enough for a top affiliate marketer to convince his prospects to make a sale or subscription. 

Compared to most affiliate programs e.g H&M affiliate program with a 30 days cookie duration and affiliate program with a session based cookies, teachable affiliate program appears to be of a big advantage.

In fact, the normal  cookie duration standard is 30 days, Undermining some affiliate programs that go lesser than that. (e.g chewy affiliate program)

That aside, a 90 day cookie duration is more than enough to drive in every potential buyer to make purchase of a course.

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But wait, for the sake of newbies in the house, let’s take some of this term to a layman understanding.

What are cookies?

Generally, Cookies are a set of sensitive data packets containing informations that are exclusively shared between a user and a web browser.

Although in affiliate marketing, what is being used is a cookies known as 3rd party cookies.

The affiliate market industry uses cookies (precisely, third-party cookies) to make tracking affiliate referrals easy.

So with cookies in place, almost every action taken after a click on your affiliate link is being recorded and accredited to you.

To make matters even more confusing, the affiliate marketing industry offered a new mechanism for marketers to assign specific periods of time during which a cookie in a user’s browser would be functional.

Cookie duration was the name given to this induction.

As a result of this, merchants such as Walmart, Nike, Adidas, Amazon, and others began including cookie duration in their programs.

So take, for instance, if someone clicks on your affiliate link, but decides to use a little bit of time to save up.

With teachable affiliate program, if he/she comes back within the 90 days cookie duration, to purchase the product (course), you’ll still earn your due commision even without him clicking on the link for the second time.

Can you make $1000 monthly on the platform?

How much can you earn in teachable affiliate program

The simple answer is a big YES

It is written boldly on the partner program’s page of Teachable that on average, most affiliate marketers on the platform earn $450 per month and many earn $1000 or more monthly on it.

This is pragmatically realistic considering the robust commission rate offered by the company and the diversity of earning methods.

Imagine someone selling over 31 courses worth $100 every month (50% commission on that is over $1500) and referring a good number of content creators to the platform within the same months.

And maybe you do not know, content creators also pay to access the platform after a free trial period.

It is obvious people are making more than this per month. It solely depends on your marketing ability to generate and convert leads. 

An accurate question sounds more like; “how to make $1000 monthly from the teachable affiliate program?”

How to make $1000 Monthly from the Teachable affiliate program

Let’s take this using listicles:

1. Build/Drive Relevant Audience

Arguably, this is one of the most important aspect to be taken seriously, if you aim to be successful in Affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, it’s advisable you take your time to choose a suitable platform for promotion and work forcefully with it.

Note: I added successful in the first paragraph – Most people usually use black hats (spamming, etc) to drive traffic to their affiliate link without having to spend a dime or their sweat in building any platform.

But trust me, when I say they can’t be successful with that, I mean it. Basically, their earnings will end up fluctuating

That aside, Your promotion platform, can either be a YouTube channel, a blog (most preferred) or social media page.

Yeah, you can drive in traffic using a wide approach e.g paid advertisement, social media platform etc.

But it’s still very important to build a target audience, for sure conversions.

2. Harness SEO

If you find yourself using Blogs, websites or YouTube channel to promote your products, then you might want to engage with it.

Making your website, blog or YouTube channel, SEO optimized is more like creating a user friendly website.

And this all boils down to content optimisation, keyword research and link building.

As an affiliate marketer, you should be eager to create unique, quality contents encompassing reviews, product’s comparison, and knowledgeable articles.

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Additionally, as a starter, maximise the use of long tail Keywords; to better fast forward your hassles off finding yourself traffic at the early stage.

Making use of some SEO keyword research tools can help you with that.

How to join the Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable Affiliate Program is easy to join and with Impact handling the sign-up process, it is even simpler.

To join the Teachable Affiliate Program,

  • Visit the Teachable Partner Program and scroll down to where it says “Sign Up
  • Click on the “sign up” and the Impact landing page will be opened in another tab
  • If you already own an account on Impact, just log in to complete the sign-up process; otherwise
  • Fill in the required details such as your personal details, company address, promotional information, and agree to the term
  • Click on “sign up
  • Wait for approval: Note, you can either get approved or disapproved which could take days or weeks. If your promotional information is solid enough then you should get approved.

Once you are approved, you can start promoting courses on the platform and make sales to earn a commission.

You should also make ready your Tax information ahead of approval as it might be needed to cash out your earnings.

It is as easy as that.

Pros and Cons of Teachable Affiliate Program

Pros and cons of teachable affiliate program

There is nothing with advantages without disadvantages, right?

Let’s find out the good and the bad of the Teachable Affiliate Program.

Pros of Teachable Affiliate Program

  • High Commission Rate: The commission rate OF Teachable is one of the highest in the affiliate industry.  It is very rare to see companies offering as high as that 50% to their affiliate partners.
  • Exceptional Cookie Duration: 90 good days is not a joke and to those who know how important cookie duration is; they would not think twice before endorsing such a platform.
  • Two-way earning method: It is as simple as if you are not making enough sales, try to supplement your earnings with referrals.
  • Recurring commission: You never stop earning on Teachable as far as your leads re-subscribe on the platform. The good thing is that once a content creator is making good sales then he would surely re-subscribe and you can just continue booming every month.
  • Data analytics tools: There are several tools to help you track your performance and improve your overall success on the platform.

Cons of Teachable Affiliate Program

  • Minimum threshold of payment: Teachable upholds a $50 minimum threshold that might pose an issue for some marketers regardless of how low it might appear.
  • Payment Issues: Non-US marketers might face difficulty withdrawing their earnings from the platform due to currency conversion problems.
  • Eligibility for recurring commission: Subscribers must spend at least 2 months on the platform for you to be eligible for the recurring commission.

Alternatives to Teachable Affiliate Program

Although the Teachable Affiliate Program is very well okay, you might want to consider some other similar companies to expand your purse.

Here are some top companies you can look at their affiliate programs:

  • Kajabi
  • evolCampus
  • Kanmu
  • Docebo

Our Verdict

Teachable is arguably the best for marketers of online content as it appears to be “Mr Perfect” in the Affiliate industry.

Its fantabulous recurring commission rate and cookie duration are exactly what every affiliate marketer would like to have.


Its downsides might become significant in the long run

However, since you might have earned more than enough.

It would not matter much.

So, the Teachable Affiliate program is vividly a win-win situation at the end of the day


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