Here, in this article, you’ll get an in-depth view of the Walmart affiliate program.

From Amazon to Home Depot affiliate program, from shein affiliate program to Nike affiliate program, there are just numerous affiliate programs out there. 

Yes, you can engage in as many affiliate programs as you want, you shouldn’t just go out and select an affiliate program ineptly – that’s not a good idea.

You need to look out for things like the market reputation of the program, best niche fit of the program, conversion rate, saturation of niche, cookie duration, and the list goes on.

Well, you don’t need to worry about all these– as we take them down!

Without further ado, let’s kick this off

What is the Walmart Affiliates Program?

What is Walmart affiliate program

Well, we can’t just jump into Walmart affiliate programs without talking about Walmart itself.

Walmart is a very popular retail corporation and a household name in the United States. In fact, Walmart is the largest retail corporation of discount department and warehouse stores in the world according to Statista.

The 59 old retail giant, Walmart, is the No.1 retailer worldwide with a whopping net worth of $559.2 billion – this should give you trust

These all began way back in 1962 when Walton, the founder of Walmart, opened the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas with the primary focus to sell products at a very low price.

Walton used his low price strategy to get higher-volume sales at a lower profit margin. This marketing strategy eventually became an effective strategy for Walmart as a whole.

In not less than 5 years this business strategy began paying off. The company grew to 18 stores in Arkansas and made $9 million in sales in its first five years 

Before the 12th year of the company, they had grown to 1,928 stores and 371,000 employees.

By 2015 Walmart had over 2.3 million associates and 11,000 stores in more than 27 countries.

Today, Walmart has over 11’483 stores worldwide and makes an average amount of $40 million every day in profit and $466 in profit every second.

So here is the brief story of Walmart, So what about their affiliate program?

In 2007, Walmart finally launched its official E-commerce site. It was actually a good deal but an incomplete one, since users still had to pick their products ordered, at the closest local store.

Soon enough, Walmart finally chose to open a full-fledged online store as the internet progressed and E-commerce systems became more common.

Not Long after, Walmart launched its affiliate program.

It’s a big relief to affiliates that Walmart is known everywhere (with over 11’000 stores). You’d have no stress introducing them to your audience.

How does Walmart Affiliate Program Works?

Webmasters, bloggers, influencers, and many others are all welcome to join the Walmart affiliate program. 

Walmart affiliate programs, alongside Target’s affiliate program and many other affiliate programs, make use of Impact radius to help with tracking, reporting, and payment of affiliate partners/marketers.

With the help of impact radius, the Walmart affiliate program provides an easy-to-use dashboard for affiliates.

The Walmart affiliate program is quite easy to join. However, you’ll need to adhere to some basic requirements. 

  • Your site must be live and shouldn’t be on construction at the point of registration. 
  • There should be a reasonable number of contents on your site before applying. 
  • Your website should be family-friendly.
  • Contents should be legal, non-sexual, non-violent and shouldn’t promote any of these activities as well.
  • Your site shouldn’t promote any alcoholic products, tobacco, or gambling/lottery service in any way.
  • Ponzi scheme sites, pyramids, or any other forms of sites that are or promote investments are not allowed.
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To get full information on the terms and conditions of the Walmart affiliate program, click here

If you satisfy all the aforementioned requirements you can now head over to apply.

To get started with the application process, you can head over to the Walmart affiliate application landing page.

On getting there, click on the button tagged “Become a member” and you’ll be directed to a page requiring you to fill in your personal information such as name, email addresses, website address, username amongst others. Ensure to fill them appropriately.

After applying, it usually takes 24 hours (or more in rare cases) for your site to be reviewed and possibly accepted. 

You’ll be sent an email containing your login credentials if you’re accepted. Which you can then use to sign in.

After acceptance, you’ll be provided with the necessary information and most importantly, standard creatives, banner ads, and all tools needed to create your affiliate links.

If your application is declined you’ll also receive an email. But this time, it’s an email of disapproval. In addition, you’ll receive information on why your application was declined and in most cases, you can re-apply.

However, If your website adheres to Walmart’s terms and conditions, then you do not need to worry. Your approval would be very swift.

What Products are Available For Walmart affiliate program?

Walmart offers a vast distribution of products across various categories for its affiliate program.

From baby products to health products, from electronic products to sports and fitness. There are just many eligible products! And This is one of the main reasons why Walmart’s affiliate program stands out.

You shouldn’t have any problem marketing any Walmart products in your niche because Walmart has already provided lots of viable products for distinct niches which you can select from.

Below are some of the available categories:

Product categories available for Walmart affiliate program
Source –

Walmart Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Walmart affiliate program commission rate

Walmart pays affiliates commission rates ranging from 1% – 4% depending on the product categories.

As said earlier, Walmart aims to offer standard products at low prices. As their slogan says “Save Money. Live Better”, you shouldn’t expect anything more.

With the cheap prices they offer, you should know that they probably don’t gain as much as Amazon per product. And probably, their overhead outlays equals or is even greater than (since they’re more of physical stores than online) Amazon. 

This could possibly be the reason for their poor commission rates of 1% – 4%.

Consider the manufacturing cost, the storage cost, the rents, the utilities, the shipping cost – it’s logical!

Their commission rate might not be very appealing. However, they’re good for a start, since the company is well established and drives steady traffic. 

Well, below are their commission rates for popular categories;

Commission rate of product in Walmart affiliate program
Source –

Here’s good news; you can possibly earn more than the normal commission rates of 1% – 4% on certain products.

As seen above, products in the business and checks can pay up to 18% commission rates per product. Likewise, products in contact lenses categories can pay you up to 10% commission rates per product.

As much as these products seem attractive, it is worth noting that they’re in a very competitive niche.

This calls for a deep product research

So, you should be extremely cautious about which products you promote.

… to avoid promoting business and check products on a beauty and fitness blog.

Walmart Affiliate Program Cookies Duration and Policy

Walmart affiliate programs offer a cookie duration of 3days, far better than Amazon and a little bit poor compared to Target.

In case you’re not informed, in affiliate marketing, affiliate providers make use of cookies to track leads, sales, and downloads directed from any website.

So if a potential buyer clicks on your affiliate link and doesn’t buy the product instantly. If he buys it later within the cookie duration you’ll still earn your commission even without him clicking on the link again.

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Unfortunately, affiliate cookies do not last forever. Most affiliate providers do set the lifespan for which their cookies would function. 

Cookies lifespan/duration is variable depending on the affiliate program. The lifespan of affiliate cookies ranges from 1 one day to 30 days or even more.

Walmart affiliate cookie duration might seem poor but it’s far more generous than amazon affiliate (cookies of 24 hours) and poor relative to target affiliate (cookies of 7days).

In addition, it is worth noting that Walmart cookies rely on a last-click attribution model.

What this simply means is that the cookies will only be effective if the potential buyer does not click on any other affiliate link. And if he does, the commission will be accredited to the last affiliate link he clicked on.

Walmart Affiliate Program Payment structure

Walmart affiliate program commission structure

Sales commissions earned through your link are typically retained and won’t show up until 60days later. 

The purpose of this is to ensure the company that the sales you made through your link were not canceled or refunded.

Because if they were, Walmart reserves the right to modify, reverse or even cancel your commission (if all products were returned). 

While this can be heartbreaking, it’s inevitable for any physical products affiliate program. But If you should notice any products that tend to get returned over and over again, it’s ideal you leave that product and go for something else. And in rare cases, this calls for change to a different affiliate network.

Can I Make $1000 with Walmart Affiliate Program?

Can you make $1000 dollar with Walmart affiliate program?

Yes, you can!

Walmart affiliate commission rate can be said to be relatively poor, but that doesn’t limit you from earning. 

In fact, a 4% commission rate is somewhat okay for a popular brand like Walmart.

So the question here is “can you make $1000 with Walmart affiliate program?”. I think a more accurate question would be “how can I make $1000 with Walmart affiliate program?”.

Okay, it’s simple!

It all depends on your traffic, its conversion rate, and a suitable products.


Let’s prove this using an example 

Consider this product:

Walmart sofa chair on illustration– can you make $1000 dollar from Walmart affiliate program?
Source –

This item cost $1200 and it falls under the “Home” category. If you can recall, products under the home category have a commission rate of 4%.

So this simply means that you earn $48 for every purchase. So how can you earn $1000? In simple maths, you’ll need to sell about 21 of them to earn $1000.

So is selling 21 sofas attainable? Well, these all boil down to your traffic.

 In a rough estimate of a 5% traffic conversion rate, supposing you’ve created an intriguing review of the product, you’ll need about 420 unique visitors to earn $1000.

420 unique visitors might seem pretty easy, but the truth here is, unless you have authority on this niche it would be difficult to rank for it.  To rank, it’s ideal you look for the long tail keyword of the main keyword, sectional sofa.

Let’s consider another example from a different product category:

Samsung smart tv on illustration– can you make $1000 dollar from Walmart affiliate program?
Source –

This Samsung tv costs $998 approximately and it falls under the “electronics” category. 

Since products under the electronics categories have a commission rate of 1%, you can earn $10 per sale. Apparently, to make $1000 you’ll need to make 100 sales.

To be realistic, a 5% conversion rate won’t be so much possible for a product worth 1000 – except it’s a miracle from God.

If we use a 2% traffic conversion rate, hopefully, you’ll need 5000 unique visitors to attain the 100 sales goal.

Note, these are logical reasoning

Generally, earning $1000 from Walmart is quite possible but it all depends!

To scale up your limit with Walmart affiliates, you’ll need to select carefully a niche with a decent amount of traffic and a high commission rate. To back it up, promote products with high cost.

Walmart affiliate program tools

To make work easier for affiliate marketers, Walmart has invested in so many tools, add-on, and even extensions. Let’s see some of these tools in detail;

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1. Walmart SDK tool

Walmart SDK is an HTML and JavaScript code that allows you to embed a “Buy Now” button before or after a product banner, article, review, or anywhere else (aside from social media).

When the “Buy now” button is clicked, it automatically directs users straight to the check-out stage of the product.

Walmart SDK can be of importance since it frees the potential buyer from any distraction. So, what the buyer has to do is simply pay for the product and it’s done!

 2. Walmart Affiliate Plugin

We all know how beneficial affiliate plugins are to affiliate marketers. You can use them to easily place affiliate links, track impressions, CTR, and many other functions.

Walmart on the other hand also has a plugin, but it’s quite unfortunate how outdated the plugin has become.

Nevertheless, it’s still a great one – half is better than none

3. Walmart Affiliate Extension 

The Walmart affiliate extension can be used to simplify your affiliate workflow by generating links and banners while browsing through the Walmart online store.

Pros And Cons Of Walmart Affiliate Program.

Too long, didn’t read? Here are the pros and cons of the Walmart affiliate program.


  • They have a massive list of products available for promotion – Over 4million products
  • You can earn a commission on every product available on – unlike target
  • Walmart has huge brand recognition. This would certainly play a role in the conversion rate of products.
  • They have a vast number of unique creatives including banners amongst others.
  • They provide vital information and the latest updates on their products via their affiliate newsletter.
  • The company provides data feeds for selling products.


  • Walmart affiliate program commission rates are poor relative to competitors’ commission rates.
  • They seem not to take their affiliate program as seriously as their local business.
  • Most of their affiliate tools are outdated

Alternatives Of Walmart Affiliate Program

1. Amazon affiliate program

Amazon logo

Amazon needs no introduction here: it’s a household name.

Well, incase you’re oblivious of the company, Amazon is a world renown top ecommerce retail store involved in the sales of both physical and digital products.

We all know the importance of brands in affiliate marketing. If you’re looking into applying for a program from a popular brand, then Amazon is the plug.

Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the world: Our recent affiliate marketing statistics says it all.

Amazon affiliate program comes in with a 24 hours cookie duration (which is poorer than the norms), decent commission rate (starting from 0%-20%.

Amazon affiliate program is actually good one. However, it has a bit of low of conversion due to its poor cookie duration.

2. Target Affiliate Program

Target logo

The second on our list is target affiliate program.

Target is a a well established online retail store generating millions of sales monthly: the top eleventh largest retailer is just no joke.

Coming to their affiliate program, Target general grants users a 7 day cookie duration along with a staggering 1% – 8% commission rate on all eligible products.

3. Wayfair Affiliate Program

Wayfair affiliate program: The 2022 Review

If you’re looking forward to apply for an affiliate program with a higher commission rate, bit better than Walmart, then you should consider Wayfair.

Want more reviews of Wayfair affiliate program? Do well to check our review article on that.


Summary of Walmart affiliate program review

Walmart is a leader in the retail industry with massive brand recognition.

As affiliate marketers, we all know the importance of brand recognition – it can either increase or decrease your conversion rate.

Buyers will likely prefer to buy products online from a well known brand rather than new brands.

Aside from the established name, Walmart, I don’t think they have anything else to beat the competition when it comes to affiliate networks.

Consider Amazon, a beast! Consider Target, a threat!

Walmart affiliate program commission rate is quite poor and very intimidating.

Well, if you place your shots on target you can possibly make it with Walmart. By promoting products with a commission rate of 4%, I bet you can reach your goal.


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