Over time, our world has experienced a big shift in everything, basically.

Well, if I should add, it’s a positive ride.

Backtrack to the days of Brick and mortar, who would have thought a thing like online transaction would exist, Talk more about e-commerce?

The mind-blowing of them all is the online marketplace – I’m sure our ancestors will be totally shocked if they ever hear something like this.

Back to business…

What if I tell you that you can earn money while promoting these online businesses?

Well, Yes – that is and has been the concept behind affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you get access to promote just any business, supporting affiliate marketing. 

A few of these are the Robinhood affiliate program, Lululemon affiliate program, Expedia affiliate program, Sephora affiliate program, etc.

So now, being specific to marketing online marketplaces, in this article, we’ll be dealing extensively with the Fiverr affiliate program.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr homepage

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is a leading international marketplace based in Israel.

The company, basically, is tailored to allow freelancers to provide services to buyers at a fixed cost, settled by sellers (freelancers). 

Yeah, Fiverr is a popular hub for freelancers, but it’s all too easy to forget how Fiverr started.

Launched in 2010, the idea of Fiverr all started In the minds of Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, founders of Fiverr.

These men had thought of a way to offer and buy services online. But at the time, this was more like a nightmare.

To bring these thoughts to life, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininge decided to launch an online Marketplace, termed Fiverr.

With this in mind, they aimed to create a platform that would provide a two-sided market for people to buy and sell all sorts of digital marketing services.

Within a short time interval, Fiverr gained a whole lot of interest, generated over $1 million in monthly gross retail value the following year, and became the talk of the town for digital marketers.

As a fast-growing company, Fiverr has established itself to be one of the top evergreen platforms the internet has ever welcomed, over time.

At the early stage, the company started with merely 8 service categories backed up with relatively poor initial investment.

Currently, Fiverr has over 500 categories across 9 vast verticals, backed up with 3.4 million active buyers from all over the globe.

Fiverr Affiliate Program – The Ultimate Review

Fiver affiliate program landing page

Unknown to many, Fiverr has an affiliate program, a well-established one, if I should add.

Just as the norm, Fiverr’s affiliate program aims to let marketers earn money while they promote Fiverr services.

Unlike most strict affiliate programs (E.g the Wayfair affiliate program), Fiverr allows affiliates, Marketers, to promote their services in whatever platform, you’re in touch with.

Be it a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or any other platform of your choice.

And since Fiverr’s affiliate program is from an established brand, promoting the company’s products won’t be much of a hassle.

Well, that’s if you have a good audience.

Additionally, the Fiverr affiliate program is hosted on the company’s server. And in the likes of the Shein affiliate program, it has a landing page.

But, mind you, you can also get registered to the program by joining a bunch of other affiliate networks.

A few of them are Cellxpert, Flex offers, CJ affiliate network, and Awin affiliate network.

However, there’s a caveat here…

The Fiverr affiliate program is categorized into 4 sets.

These sets are based on the 4 types of services Fiverr offers – Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Learn From Fiverr, AND.CO.

Well, we’ll take a deeper dive into it, in the next heading.

That aside, the Fiverr affiliate program comes with an option to allow affiliates to make use of deep linking.

With its deep link feature, affiliates can directly promote products and increase sales. 

In other words, they can provide a direct link to the goods or service, allowing the buyer to purchase it immediately.

What Type of Products Can you Promote on the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

So here’s where the 3 P’s search (coined by Emmanuel Sunday) in affiliate marketing, comes in handy.

The 3 P’s search simply means: affiliate marketers looking out for product variety, authenticity, and relevance of the affiliate program.

So back to the Fiverr affiliate Program…

Does it satisfy the 3 P’s search requirements?

Well, let’s take a deep look at it.

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Product Variety

Fiverr has tons of digital services available at their site. But mind you, it isn’t the services you see there that you actually promote.

As I said earlier, the Fiverr affiliate program is categorized into 4 sets, based on the 4 types of services Fiverr offers – Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Learn From Fiverr, AND.CO.

And by joining the affiliate program you’ll have access to promote these products ( services) from all these categories.

So, what does promoting these services look like?

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr, more like the normal Fiverr you know, where digital services are being bought and sold, is one of the first categories of the affiliate program.

You get to promote the services here, and stand a chance, to earn $15 – $30 per referral.

  1. Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro, as the name implies, is a pro version of Fiverr. 

Activities here are the same as the usual Fiverr. But this time around, it’s more professional.

Fiverr Pro is a marketplace filled with hand-vetted, professional sellers who can offer their services to serious audiences.

These services ordered by sellers are usually more costly, compared to normal Fiverr. 

Apparently, this is because of the highest-caliber talent available at this platform.

The goodies here’s that since the platform appears to be more expensive, so is the affiliate commission rate higher.

  1. Learn From Fiverr

Just another directory of Fiverr, Learn From Fiverr is a platform where freelancers can take advantage of Fiverr to learn in-demand and in-demand skills at affordable prices.

Learn From Fiverr works more like a massive open online course provider (e.g Udemy). 

Writing, Marketing, Graphic design, Website, Business, Video, and photography Courses are all basic courses available at Learn from Fiverr.

  • AND.CO

Yet another Fiverr-owned platform, AND.CO is an established SaaS platform that is tailored to streamline the workflow of freelancers.

AND.CO helps freelancers to handle basic overwhelming tasks, involved in freelancing. 

You can quickly organize business activities, track time, send out invoices, and accept money using the AND CO From Fiverr app.

Product Authenticity –

One of the biggest actual nightmares in affiliate marketing. Is the feeling of promoting the products of a poor or disreputable brand. And that of a poor product.

Well, these are both bad ideas whether or not it’s achievable.

That aside…

Fiverr is a well-established brand and so is their product. In fact, it’s the biggest marketplace existing, presently.

Also, if we head on to Trustpilot, we will notice similar results.

Trustpilot reviews of Fiverr

You can notice here that a lot of people, 61% to be precise, refer to Fiverr as an excellent platform.

While on the other hand, 26% of people out of 6,395, still find Fiverr to be poor at their service.

Product Relevance –

Product Relevance?

…well, it’s up to you.

If your niche or industry is related to Fiverr and its services, then the Fiverr affiliate program should be a perfect fit for you.

Commission Rate of the Fiverr Affiliate Program 

So, this is where the Fiverr affiliate program appears to be all different, in the likes of the chewy affiliate program.

You would only earn in the Fiverr affiliate program when you refer in new customers (also known as first-time buyers).

In other words, the Fiverr affiliate program’s commission rate has a first-time buyer setting.

This means that if users are already members of Fiverr and they go over to click on your affiliate link, you won’t earn.

This is actually a downside for us, affiliate marketers.

Take, for instance, your audiences are Fiverr-based, then you have little or no chances of earning from Fiverr’s affiliate program.

Since they’d probably be old-time users of the platform.

Additionally, Fiverr also goes out of the box to provide an affiliate commission structure based on a dynamic CPA (Cost Per Acquisition and Cost Per Action)

So, unlike the usual way, where you earn a certain commission rate per product sold, In the Fiverr Affiliate Program, you would only earn a certain amount of money for products referred.

The bad side here’s that, undermining the type or amount of products (services) you refer to, you will only earn per the preset amount Fiverr assigns to you.

Meanwhile, the amount of Commission Fiverr assigns to affiliate marketers is based on the platform you promote.

In other words, Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Learn From Fiverr, AND.CO all have different commissions per referral.

Let’s take a look at them…

  1. Fiverr

While promoting products in the Fiverr directory, you get to earn depending on the categories you promote.

Well, basically, the commission ranges from $15 to $50.

In details:

  • Articles & Blog Posts – $25
  • Slideshows & Promo Videos – $30
  • WordPress – $40
  • Whiteboard & Animated Explainers – $50
  1. Fiverr Pro

According to Fiverr, at the instance of promoting any services available at Fiverr Pro, you would earn $150.

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This is not really impressive, since the services offered here are way more expensive.

Imagine earning merely $150, after promoting a service worth over $1000+, $3000, or even $5000 – it’s crazy.

  1. Learn From Fiverr

Also, in Fiverr’s Learn From Fiverr, you’d be earning $30 for every course order via your affiliate link.

It’s worth noting that this fee only applies to first time buyers (FTB)


Alongside Learn from Fiverr, Fiverr’s AND.CO has a commission rate of $30.

Payment Structure of The Fiverr Affiliate Program

The Fiverr affiliate program has a pretty high minimum threshold, relative to some factors.

Similar to the booking.com affiliate program, you’ll need to reach the $100 mark before you can request for payment.

In addition to that, Fiverr has a pretty vast payment method. You can make withdrawals via direct deposit (which would only work if you’re in the US), bank transfers, PayPal, and Fiverr revenue cards.

Cookie Duration of the Fiverr affiliate Program

Fiverr’s affiliate program has a cookie duration of 30 days – way better than that of Costco affiliate session-based cookies or even Ulta affiliates 24 hours cookies.

A 30 days cookie duration is good enough to make any potential difference to your stay at Fiverr. Or at least that’s the standard cookie duration.

And anything less than that, in my opinion, is a No-go area. On the other hand, anything higher than is also good, but has no much-added effect, compared to the 30 days cookie duration.

But wait, let’s bring these terms to a layman’s understanding.

What actually is the cookie duration?

Generally, cookies are sets of temporary data stored by web browsers on a browser device.

These cookies tend to contain vital information shared between a browser and user. Such as login, identification, and progress information

In affiliate marketing, cookies are generally adopted to perform critical tasks.

Basically, Cookies are used in affiliate marketing to track referrals behavior based on a target website. 

And usually, these cookies are being given an expiration date. Also known as cookie duration.

In simple terms, a cookie’s lifespan indicates how long a potential buyer who clicks on your affiliate link will generate you money during a given campaign.

So take, for instance, the Fiverr affiliate Program cookie duration of 30 days.

Any prospective buyer who clicks on the Fiverr affiliate link has at least 30 days to buy any service for you to earn.

For Anything beyond that, you won’t earn any commission.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Fiverr affiliate program?Can you make money from fiverr affiliate program

Apparently, you can make that and even way more.

As you can see, the Fiverr affiliate program is more like a high ticket affiliate program. 

So making $1000 is very realistic.

Take, for instance, if you decide to promote services at Learn from Fiverr, you just need about 34 sales to hit the $1000 target.

Additionally, if we view this from a Fiverr Pro point of view, you’d only need 7 orders to make $1000.

How to make money from the Fiverr affiliate program

So as I said earlier, making $1000 from the Fiverr Affiliate Program is realistic – It can be achieved effortlessly.

Yeah, but only if you know and understand how affiliate marketing works.

Basically, you’ll need to have selected your platform, build or have an already built Platform and then make use of every opportunity within your hands to market your affiliate links.

So let’s assume you’ve already selected your promotion platform. And possibly, you’ve got a good amount of relevant audience.

By the way– By promotion platform, I mean the platform you use in promoting your affiliate links. E.g Facebook, Blog, YouTube channel, Twitter, etc.

In my opinion, a blog is a perfect fit for the fiverr affiliate program

That aside…

So, how can you actually make this money from Fiverr’s affiliate program?

  1. Leverage The Use of Long Tail Keywords

So, if SEO is the target –of which it should– you would want to rank high on SERPs for certain keywords.

One of the proven tactics to fast forward your motion to Google’s first page is by targeting low Kd keywords. Of which are mostly long-tail Keywords.

Sure, long-tail Keywords might not generate traffic in thousands. With good, quality content, you’ll get to rank in no due time.

So, instead of writing on a keyword like “Top digital marketing course” you can go for a keyword more like “Top digital marketing courses in 2022”  or even “Top free digital marketing course in 2022”.

  1. Find all Possible means to add Fiverr affiliate links to your Contents

It’s not all about signing up for the Fiverr affiliate program. But, can you actually promote Fiverr?

The services and products available for the Fiverr affiliate program are vast. And so, Fiverr has great potential.

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So, here the quest is to Find all Possible means to add Fiverr affiliate links to your Content.

Let’s say you make a guide on “how to create a blog”.

Can you add your Fiverr affiliate links to it?

Well, yes. And you can even add tens of them.

For instance, you could refer to a gig that can offer a hands-free blog creation.

Still, on the same page, you can go over to state the importance of logo creation in your post. And why everyone should ensure to get one.

And by this, you have the chance of adding your affiliate link to a gig offering logo design.

Alternatively, you can even go ahead to tell them to get a logo design course from Learn from Fiverr.

The idea here’s to find every and any possible means to add your affiliate link.

  1. Create Informational Guides

The old-time saying – Content is king– still stands to remain one of the proverbs that remain actual.

In the digital marketing world (blogging to be precise) you can’t do anything without content. 

Talk about Adsense or more on Google search engine? You can’t make it without content.

Likewise, in the Fiverr affiliate program, you’ll need to harness writing informational guides at one point in time.

And by informational guides, I mean writing well-detailed guides for important topics. 

For instance, topics like –How To Create A Blog, Introduction to Web development, How to craft quality Contents, How to outsource posts for your blog –  are all information guides.

And as I said earlier, find every and any possible means to add your affiliate link. Then, you’re to go.

  1. Make Authentic Service/ Products reviews

In a recent article where we confronted a topic (is Affiliate marketing worth it?), We talked about the importance of making product reviews.

Just as stated there, product review stands out to be one of the effective ways to generate sales in affiliate marketing.

And so, Fiverr’s affiliate program is not excluded from this.

You can start out by writing articles that compare Fiverr with other similar companies.

Alternatives Of Fiverr affiliate program

  1. Udemy

Udemy home pageIn comparison with Learn from Fiverr, Udemy appears to be a viable alternative to Fiverr’s affiliate program.

Udemy has been in the game of standing as a middleman between course sellers and buyers since 2010.

So, it has an upper edge over Fiverr in terms of “who sounds like the expert”.

Additionally, Udemy has an affiliate program.

Coming to the features in Udemy’s affiliate program, Udemy does relatively well.

Their commission rate is set at 15% backed with a  cookie duration of 7days.

Here’s a complete review of the Udemy affiliate program.

  1. Teachable –

Teachable homepage – Products available at teachableSimilar to Udemy, Teachable is another massive open online course (MOOC) provider we have on our list.

The platform allows creators to build, design, publish and sell courses for students.

Coming to their affiliate program, the teachable affiliate program appears to be a game-changer.

It offers a 30% commission rate for courses refereed. The goodies here are that the commission earned is recurring.

Additionally, the Teachable affiliate program has a cookie duration of 90 days.

Pros And Cons Of the Fiverr Affiliate ProgramPros and cons of Fiverr affiliate program

So here they are:


    • Influential Brand – Fiver is a well-established brand. And a go-to resource when it comes to outsourcing for third parties. In fact, Fiverr is the biggest online marketplace existing.
    • No Global limitations – Unlike most companies that are strict about tailoring their audience to a specific country, Fiverr is for the world. In other words, you can promote Fiverr to the 160 Countries, available.
    • Deep Linking – Deep linking is an integral part of affiliate marketing. Good to know, Fiverr didn’t relent here as they fully have support in it.
  • Wide Variety – Joining the Fiverr affiliate program is just like joining three to four affiliate programs at once. There are lots and lots of products to promote there.


    • Flat Commission Plan – With the flat commission rate, regardless of the products (service or course) you promote, you’ll earn a fixed amount. Whether the products are worth $200 or $2000.
  • FTB Commission policy – Fiverr’s FTB (first-time buyers) policy for Commission rate is totally a bad one.

Final Thoughts

The Fiverr affiliate program, as said earlier, has its advantages and disadvantages.

But obviously, the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages.

Basically, if you’re a start-up, you can go ahead by giving Fiverr’s affiliate program a try.

But also note that you shouldn’t just settle on it, since the program doesn’t have much to offer. Since it doesn’t really favor affiliate marketers.

Better still, you can keep the Fiverr affiliate program as a side hustle.

Meanwhile, apply the right affiliate marketing strategies to Fiverr and you’d make it, in no due time.


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