There are a lot of Onlyfans users who want to stay low-key. This is common among Creators and Users on the platform – a lot of them just want to be anonymous, especially the users. However, you can’t seem to blame them, since Onlyfans is not a thing you want to be proud of having.

Talking about staying anonymous, we all know the biggest barrier for Onlyfans Users (staying anonymous) is preventing Onlyfans from appearing on the bank statements of transactions.

This post covers everything you need to know about how to hide Onlyfans on bank statement.

What is a Bank Statement?

Normally, at the end of the month, most banks do send out bank statements (transaction history) to account holders on their reach. This statement contains every transaction processed on the user’s account for a period of a month.

Whether it’s issued via email, mailbox, or an ATM, it’s worth knowing, that most likely, the bank statement would get to the account holder. Plus, it’s usually an automated service that is inevitable.

People check their bank statements for a number of reasons. One of which is to make sure all transactions made during the month are being recorded and transacted properly, void of mistakes.

In the case of a family credit card, marriage credit card, or someone who shares his credit card with friends, it’s almost unlikely for such person not to check their bank statements.

And that’s where the question comes…how to hide Onlyfans on Bank Statement.

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Before that,

Can you hide Onlyfans on Bank Statement?

Basically, you can’t hide Onlyfans on a bank statement from following normal procedures. However, using a number of proven Onlyfans payment tactics, you should be able to hide them.

It can be really frustrating when you always have to be on the watch out for having to hide bank statements containing Onlyfans. This can be from your friends (if you’re using a friend’s credit card), your family (as a child), or even your wife.

The feeling is gross. And the worst of it all is when you make a payment on Onlyfans and you’re unable to reverse it. Boom, you’re on the verge of getting caught – if the bank statement of that month is brought out, your parent, wife or friend would see it for sure! And I’m pretty sure you don’t want that to happen.

Now, what’s the solution?

Apparently, there is no possible way to delete a debit alert from a bank statement, likewise, you can’t hide your Onlyfans on a bank statement following normal bank procedures. You can only hide them when you follow Onlyfans’ advanced payment tactics.

We’d talk about this better, in subsequent paragraphs.

How to Hide Onlyfans on Bank Statement?

To hide your Onlyfans on a bank statement, get yourself a private credit card and make Onlyfans transactions only using the private card. But for more privacy, you’d want to use a virtual card.

Generally, there’s no possible way to delete or modify a bank statement, even if you work at the bank. As long as a transaction has been made, it must appear on the bank statement.

This is done to ascertain a level of security levels for a bank, void of hackers. Because, if it were possible, then a lot of scammers that commit cyber crimes could have gotten away.

To hide Onlyfans on Bank Statements there are three ways:

  1. Use your Private Credit Card
  2. Get a Virtual Credit Card
  3. Leverage Prepaid Cards
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Step 1. Use your Private Credit Cardhow to hide onlyfans on bank statements with a private credit card

The only reason you would think of hiding Onlyfans from a bank statement is when you don’t actually own the credit card you use on the platform.

Likewise, many people don’t fancy the idea of using their personal credit cards due to some crucial reasons, such as security reasons, privacy, and financial threat.

Most importantly, a number of these people don’t use personal credit cards due to Onlyfans age limit, an Embargo that stops children under the age of 18 from joining or using the platform.


One of the best things you can do to hide your Onlyfans on your bank statements is to get a private credit card for yourself, so you won’t have to hide it from anyone. Or better still, get a virtual credit card, since that’s easier to get.

However, the issue with credit cards is that you can’t get them as private as possible. While some credit card provider issues bank statements via email, some still send them through the mailbox, hereby posting a security threat, when you’re not around. If you find this issue discomforting, do well to check other methods.

It’s worth mentioning that Onlyfans only accepts credit cards from Maestro, Master Card, and Visa. All other credit cards including American Express, Apple Pay, and Visa Gift Cards are not accepted.

Step 2. Get a Virtual Credit Cardhow to hide onlyfans on bank statement with virtual cards

Virtual Cards work like the usual plastic cards you know. While traditional cards are plastic and must be taken to anywhere we make transactions, Virtual cards, are not physical, as the name implies.

A virtual card is a perfect alternative when you feel insecure about using your actual credit cards to make transactions on Onlyfans. The interesting thing about credit cards is that they’re so easy to get. Plus, they can be gotten online.

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The point here is that with a virtual card you don’t have to worry about hiding your Onlyfans transactions. Even if they would give a bank statement, it would be via your email address, which no one knows about.

Meanwhile, we’ve created a list of virtual credit card that work for Onlyfans, seamlessly.

Again, it is worth mentioning that you should only get a credit card that is been issued by Master Card, Maestro, or Visa.

Step 3. Leverage Prepaid Cardshow to hide onlyfans on bank statements using a prepaid card

Prepaid cards are more like a mini purse. Unlike credit cards, they are not affiliated to a bank account and are standalone, more like a mini bank account.

To make payments with a prepaid card, you’d have to fund them, either at the ATM, bank or mobile transfer. And when they get exhausted, you repeat the process.

Prepaid cards can only be gotten in the bank or some retail outlets, unlike virtual cards.

When buying prepaid cards, you should always bear in mind that Onlyfans only accepts credit cards that are issued by MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa.

In a previous article, we made a list of prepaid cards that Onlyfans accepts –of which cash app is among– do well to check it out.

Final Thoughts

That’s it, on how to hide onlyfans on bank statement.

Generally, the best way to hide your Onlyfans on a bank statement is to get yourself a private credit card. It could either be a plastic traditional credit card, virtual card, or prepaid card. However, the best option still remains virtual cards, for the anonymity it gives.


How to hide Onlyfans charges?

You can’t hide your Onlyfans charges from your bank statement or transaction history. You can only get a private credit card for yourself, so you don’t get yourself into the same issue.


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