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Onlyfans has been one of the popular trends since the pandemic, helping creators make money off their hard work. Users on the platform can follow their favorite creators for a monthly fee that falls within the range of $5 – $50.

However, for some reason, Onlyfans has limited the payment method on the platform to basically credit cards. We all know that not everyone is fine with having to make payments using their personal credit cards – it could be a bit risky you know, especially when you’re not yet sure of the authenticity of the platform.

In a recent article, however, we talked about how users can make payments Onlyfan without the use of a credit card, which Prepaid card was mentioned. In the article, we had to state the fact that not all prepaid card works for Onlyfans.

So now, if you’re in search of what Prepaid cards work on Onlyfans, this is the bus stop!

Can You use a Prepaid card for Onlyfans?

Onlyfans allows users to make payments using a prepaid card, supposing the prepaid card is a Visa card and supports the 3D secure authentication, an advanced security system that helps reduce the risk of fraud during payment transactions.

As stated by Onlyfans, they only accept some prepaid cards that are tuned to what they find worthy. For instance, prepaid cards like gift cards are not accepted on the platform since they can’t be reloaded.

This is very much unclear since Onlyfans doesn’t even provide a list of eligible prepaid cards. However, It’s worth mentioning that the only set of prepaid cards that works seamlessly with Onlyfans is the Visa Prepaid Card.

What Prepaid Cards Work On Onlyfans?

Onlyfans only accepts prepaid cards that are reloadable and issued by Visa. Additionally, for a Prepaid card to work on Onlyfans, it must support the 3D Security Authentication, an advanced security system for credit cards.

Firstly, Onlyfans is against prepaid cards that can’t be reloaded after first use. This includes cards like Visa gift cards, which become useless after they get exhausted. Don’t bother trying to use them to make payments, because they won’t work.

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And if they do, they can only be linked to the Onlyfans account, but won’t be able to make payments, as supposed.

Another standard you could use to sight an Onlyfans-eligible prepaid card is to check whether or not the card does support a 3D security Authentication. A 3D Security Authentication is a security protocol that helps prevent fraud during transactions made through debit and credit cards.

Using this protocol, a prepaid card would need a temporary verification code or SMS before a transaction can be confirmed. Unfailing to provide the code, the transaction won’t be made.

In the case of Onlyfans, after you must have submitted the details of the prepaid card, you’ll receive an immediate pop-up, requiring you to confirm your purchase with a code sent to you via SMS.

Select one of the verification methods mentioned, and do just that. An ineligible prepaid card won’t be able to proceed to payments at this stage. This is the primary reason why a number of mobiles and e-wallets including Apple Pay, Visa gift cards, Samsung Pay, and Google pay doesn’t work on the platform.

Lastly, Only Visa Prepaid Cards work on Onlyfans. In essence, every other prepaid card issued from other payment networks including Master Card, Maestro, etc, doesn’t work on Onlyfan.

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Is worth mentioning that not even all prepaid visa cards work on Onlyfans, as we can see below:

onlyfans payment methods - what prepaid cards work on Onlyfans

What Prepaid Visa Cards Work On Onlyfans?

We mentioned earlier that Visa Prepaid cards are the only prepaid card that does work perfectly on Onlyfans. Now, what prepaid visa cards work on Onlyfans?

1. Netspend Visa Prepaid Card

netspend homepage - what prepaid cards work on onlyfans

For over two decades now, Netspend has been in the business of providing an easy, safer, and less costly way to make transactions with debit and credit cards. With 23 years of experience, you should know that Netspend is no newbie.

The company has a prepaid visa card that works perfectly with Onlyfans. It’s called Netspend Visa Prepaid Card. And you can get it on their website.

On purchasing the Netspend Visa prepaid card, you’d also get a Netspend account, which could be accessed when you download their mobile app. With their Mobile and online banking you can easily keep track of your day-to-day transactions on the platform, as well as your account balance.

Additionally, as a prepaid card you don’t have to worry about extra charges, monthly fees, or late fees that are usually incurred on transactions, since Netspend follows the same route as most prepaid cards to offer a clean transactional Environment, void of extra charges.

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Netspend also guarantees a faster speed rate in processing payments, thanks to its Direct Deposit feature.

To add it up, the security settings on Netspend are world-class. Even if your card is stolen or lost, making a purchase with the card by an authorised person would be a really tough deal.

2. ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Card

ace elite homepage - what prepaid cards work on onlyfan

Just like Netspend, ACE elite is a leading debit/credit card provider in the industry. Ace Elite has, however, been around for quite a long time, around the early years of the internet, in 1968.

The company has one primary goal – to provide safe environments for everyone to make payments without having to bother about carrying money To and Fro.

The ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card is a product from ACE, targeted to work well on Onlyfans perfectly. As a Visa prepaid card, you can also make use of the ACE Elite card to make payments on any platform that supports Visa.

The ACE Elite Visa prepaid card also gives you this “prepaid card” feeling that keeps you budgeted – making you only spend as much money, as you’ve loaded into your account.

3. CashApp Prepaid Cardcashapp homepage - what prepaid cards work on Onlyfan

This might not be the best prepaid card for Onlyfans on the list, since it’s actually not stable. Nonetheless, Cashapp prepaid card could also be used to make payments on Onlyfans.

Cashapp offers a prepaid visa card under its network, which is sponsored by Square Inc. The good thing is that this prepaid card can also be used to make payments on whatever platform that supports Visa prepaid cards, including Onlyfans.

This could be a perfect alternative to using credit cards on Onlyfans.

The Cashapp prepaid visa card just like many other prepaid cards is reloadable. In other words, you can keep on refunding it, even after it gets exhausted. The prepaid card can also be perfect way to help you stay on budget.

Why should you Use a Prepaid Card on Onlyfans?

The primary reason why everyone wants to use Prepaid card or Virtual card to make payments on Onlyfans is due to privacy and security issues.

If you’re the type who wants to stay anonymous on Onlyfans and don’t want to have any backtrack that could tell that you use Onlyfans, then getting a prepaid cards should be your target.

OnlyFans formally endorses its users and creators to only make use of credit cards, due to their compatibility.

However, a credit card isn’t overly advisable to use, since it keeps track of your credit history and could bring it out on a bank Statement. I guess, you, using Onlyfans, is probably not something you want to be proud of.

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Plus, using your personal credit card for a platform which you are not sure of how authentic it appears, is not advisable. Apparently, a prepaid card is the only solution to get you out of this mess.

Prepaid cards could also be a way to keep yourself on a budget. Since you can only use what is deposited on the card, it is impossible outspend your budget.

To sum it off, prepaid cards don’t incur extra charges on transactions, unlike traditional credit cards. By using Prepaid cards, you can cut off those penny and maintenance fees that are usually added to your debit when payments are made.

How does Onlyfans work?

Founded by Tim Stokely, Onlyfans is a leading content-sharing platform that works like most traditional social media platforms, where users can share videos, pictures, clips, and text.

Onlyfans is basically divided into two categories; Creators who create content and User who consumes this content.

It’s worth mentioning that the platform runs based on a Subscription model. That is, users on the platform pay a monthly fee to every creator they subscribe to. This fee could fall between $5 – $50. Note that, the subscription fee on Onlyfan can’t go beyond or below this range.

Onlyfans make 20% of the earnings of every creator. This is totally massive, owing to the fact that there are over 170 million users and 2 million content creators on the Onlyfan. And creators can make that amount effortlessly.

Onlyfans was launched in 2016 and received immense growth within a couple of years. According to statistics, a good number of subscribers were converted to the platform during the pandemic.

Due to Onlyfan’s open contents policy, which allows creators to post whatever they feel is right, Onlyfans were able to get a number of NSFW creators who saw Onlyfans as an opportunity to make money online by displaying NSFW content.

Final Thoughts

As long as you have a prepaid card that is being issued by Visa, making payments on Onlyfans using a prepaid card shouldn’t be an issue to you. But since we’re not Onlyfans and Onlyfans only stated that “some prepaid cards would work,” we can’t be so decisive on this issue.

However, we’ve already provided a list of the 3 best-prepaid cards that work for works seamlessly on Onlyfans.

Still facing any issues on your credit card, read our guide on how to fix Onlyfans verification.


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