Here’s a well-detailed article reviewing the Ulta affiliate program.

The old-time, clunky industry we knew years back, Beauty, which was once regarded more likely to be a clothing industry or an alternative word, over the years, has experienced a surge.

Well, you can attest to the fact that everyone wants to follow the latest trends. And no one wants to be left out, ineptly.

Apparently, this is a contributing factor and has led to the massive growth of the industry.

Recent Statistics show that not even a bad economy can hinder the progress of the beauty industry.

That’s how serious it has gone. reports that 70% of women can’t leave their residence without makeup. 

It is evident, most women won’t be able to do without the beauty industry. 

Coming to affiliate marketing, the fashion industry still rules. According to AM Navigator, the fashion industry takes the largest share of affiliate programs amounting to nearly 23.27%

Talking more on beauty affiliate programs, in this article we’ll be taking a review of a top beauty affiliate program, the Ulta affiliate program.

Enough chatters, let’s dive in.

What is Ulta?

Ulta affiliate program home page

Founded way back in 1990, Ulta is a beauty-products-focused international retailer based in the United States.

The company makes in the provision, everything beauty, from fragrances, cosmetics, nail products, bath and body products, to beauty tools as well as hair care products.

Over the years, Ulta has built a sounding legacy to become a go-to store for everything beauty.

The company, as an established brand, is now being regarded as a chain of beauty stores – With over 1,200 stores worldwide, this is not an understatement.

Even though Ulta is a well-to-do brand locally, the company has never paid negligence to the Online world.

Ulta has a well-built and authentic presence both socially, physically, and even emotionally (yeah). 

Ulta Affiliate Program – The Ultimate Review

The surge in Affiliate marketing is just out of this world…

While top companies are trooping into the industry, tons of publishers are following suit. Well, with a business that both benefits the two parties involved, positively, you shouldn’t be surprised by its growth.

Ulta, on the other hand, has followed the trends to launch its affiliate program.

Ulta affiliate program, just as the norm, allows webmasters, bloggers, influencers, and beauty insiders to earn a certain commission while they promote the company’s products.

The Ulta affiliate program is quite easy to join and requires no extra run to, just like the chewy affiliate program – you’re just a few clicks away from getting started.

And again, similar to Shein’s affiliate program, the Ulta affiliate program is free to join and requires no additional fee for registration.

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As done in target affiliate program, the Ulta affiliate program, is hosted on “impact”. However, you can join the program via other affiliate networks like Flexoffers.

With Impact on board, you should have no worries about tracking your performance. Impact does magnificently well to provide UI reports on sales, impression, and referrals tracking.

An important caveat to note on the Ulta affiliate program is that they don’t ship out of the United States. 

So, if your audience is not based in the United States, just don’t bother promoting Ulta’s product – it’s of no use.

However, people do ship Ulta products internationally.  But they only do this with the help of shipping forwarders. Yet, remember, not all customers would want to pass through that stress.  

Heads Up: Unlike most affiliate programs like the Costco affiliate program, Ulta Affiliate Program requires affiliates to own a website before applying.

What Type of Product is eligible for the Ulta Affiliate Program?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, one thing you should endeavor to enquire about is a company’s eligible and available products.

Products authenticity, popularity, variety, and relevance, are things you should endeavor to ask yourself before hopping into any affiliate program.

…So, you don’t end up asking yourself the question: is affiliate marketing worth it?.

Illustration of number of products eligible at Ulta affiliate program

That aside, Ulta is a complete combo of beauty products. With Ulta’s partnership on over 600 unique, established brands, the company makes over 25,000 beauty products accessible to its customers via their local store, website, and mobile applications.

As you should know, as an affiliate of Ulta, you would be getting access to promote any one of these products.

Commission Rate of Ulta Affiliate Program

Commission rate is actually the nitty-gritty of this article – If the commission rate of an affiliate program isn’t good, why join?

That aside, Ulta’s affiliate program has a varying commission rate which is based on the type of products sold, just like the Walmart affiliate program.

The program comes with a minimum commission rate of 1% and a maximum rate of 5%.

Ulta’s commission rate ranges from 1% – 5%. 

It is worth noting that the Ulta affiliate program is unlike Target where the number of sales made increasingly determines your earnings. The Ulta affiliate commission rate remains hovering from 1% – 5%.

Cookie Duration of Ulta affiliate program

Alongside tons of other factors, Cookie duration is a significant factor to look out for, if you want to proliferate your affiliate conversion rate.

For instance, a 24 hours cookie duration would hurt your conversion rate. Like, how many people do you expect to buy a product within 24 hours, after clicking on your affiliate link?

Well, I guess, only people familiar with certain products.

That aside, the Ulta affiliate program beats the norm, to provide affiliates a cookie duration of 30 days.

Get it?

Well, if you don’t, let’s take things a bit back.

What are Cookies and their implications?

Cookies are a very sensitive set of data packets stored on a web browser. 

Cookies, though hated by the masses, can be used to do so many incredible things online. But for this context, they’re used to track affiliate referrals, user’s behavior, preference, and actions.

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However, the cookies used by affiliate marketers are another set of cookies termed third-party cookies.

So how does this work?

Affiliate networks and publishers do assign a certain amount of time; cookies, directed by a third-party site (affiliate site), would last in a user’s web browsers.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Ulta affiliate program?Illustration describing how you can make $1000 monthly on Ulta affiliate program

Well, yes. 

There are no limits or restrictions to earning money from the Ulta Affiliate Program.

While others might not be able to reach the $1000 mark every month, most people are making that and even more.

So how possible is it to earn up to $1000, monthly?

Let’s take, for instance, you’re promoting a serum product, like the one below.

Red Camellia Revitalizing Serum – Can you make $1000 monthly?

As you can see, this product, tagged “Red Camellia Revitalizing Serum”, is priced at $160 per product.

If we assume a commission rate of 3% (an average of the minimum and maximum commission rate), you would notice that your earnings would be leveled at $4.8 per serum product.

So, in other words, you’ll need to sell around 209 products to reach the $1000 mark.

Yeah, selling it sounds easy, but where the problem lies is in your traffic.

Mathematically, you’ll be needing about 4180 monthly traffic, for a conversation rate of 5%.

If you’re already in an ocean of traffic flooding on your platform, that’s nice. But, what if you aren’t?

Well, the strategy for generating traffic, basically, lies on your affiliate platform. Blog, YouTube, social media, and forums are one of these platforms.

If you are based on YouTube and Blog, then you would want to optimize your site/channel to follow best SEO practices.

That aside, you should also learn to perform keywords research. And as a beginner, you should try to aim at long-tail Keywords; a few keyword research tools should help you with that.

How to Join the Ulta Affiliate Program?

As said earlier, the Ulta affiliate program is hosted on impact. So, if you want to join, then you’ll need to pass through Impact.

If you’re already a member of Impact, you can head on to the Impact search tab, to search for the Ulta affiliate program.

But if not, then you’ll need to register via Ulta affiliate program Impact’s page.

Fill in the necessary information such as your email address, language, country, website, currency, phone number, and the rest.

After filling these, you can go ahead to click on the apply button.

Ulta will get back to you after a few business days to either approve or disapprove your application.

Pros And Cons Of Ulta Affiliate Program 

Pros and cons of Ulta affilate program

Too long; Didn’t read? 

Let’s take the journey of a thousand miles in 2 steps by weighing the pros and cons of the Ulta affiliate program


  • A behemoth in the Beauty Industry – If you’re really concerned about the brand expertise and recognition of Affiliate Programs you join, then Ulta should be a pillar choice – The company is a well-established retail store.
    • Intriguing Cookie Duration – Ulta affiliate program does well, regarding its cookie duration of 30 days. When compared to most beauty affiliate programs, you’ll discover that Ulta is top-notch in this aspect.
  • Vast list of Eligible Products – Ulta affiliate program places affiliate marketers on a table with a wide array of brands stocked with over 25,000 lists of products. Popular beauty brands like Too Faced, Smashbox, bareMinerals, Essie, Benefit Cosmetics, Pattern, Tarte, and more are all included.
  • Attractive Promotion – Unlike what most affiliate programs do, Ulta affiliate programs allow affiliate marketers to leverage the use of personalized product discounts, coupon codes, shipping offers, gifts, and others to proliferate sales.
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    • International Restrictions –  A big downside of the Ulta affiliate program is that they don’t ship out of the United States. So, if your audience is not based in the United States, then you do need to think twice.
  • Poor Commission – Ulta affiliate program commission rate of 1% – 5% is quite poor – The company could have done something better.

Alternatives Of Ulta Affiliate Program

So, are there any alternatives of Ulta affilate program? Well, yes:

1. Sephora

Sephora logo

If you’re really into marketing beauty products, then Sephora’s affiliate program should be a pillar choice.

Founded way back in 1970, Sephora is a robust beauty-products retail store based in the United States.

Sephora is just another giant in the beauty industry stocked with over 45,000 products curated from nearly 350 brands.

Coming to their affiliate program, Sephora’s affiliate program has its pros as well as its cons when compared to the Ulta affiliate program.

Respecting Sephora’s commission rates, the company’s pay is somewhat higher, compared to Ulta’s.

While Ulta’s commission rate fluctuates around 1% to  5%, Sephora rewards affiliates a standard commission rate of 5%, regardless of product type or quantity.

Also, if you find Ulta’s international shipping limitations to be adverse, then you should try considering Sephora.

Our guide on the Sephora affiliate program would do justice to your incoming queries.

2. Shein

shein logo

Want to promote fashion products alongside beauty products? Or rather, take advantage of cheap products to proliferate sales?

Shein is a market leader among “fast fashion brands” (a group of brands and stores that sells products at very affordable prices).

The company bases its expertise majorly on fashion products sold at insanely cheap prices.

Coming to their affiliate program, Shein’s affiliate program rewards affiliate marketers with a standard 10% commission rate backed up with a 30days cookie duration. 

Want to read more? Our article on the Shein affiliate program would, hopefully, be of help.

Final Thoughts

On one hand, the Ulta affiliate program sounds good and on the other, it just doesn’t seem to. 

Regarding Ulta’s cookie duration, you will notice a favorable shift for affiliate marketers. 

But coming back to their commission rate, it doesn’t actually make sense, though it’s okay to some extent.

Also, backtracking to their international shipping limitations, the Ulta affiliate program might not just work for everybody.

That aside, undermining Ulta’s commission rate, their 30 cookie duration is a viable way to maximize your potential earnings from the program.


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