In search of a detailed review article regarding Sephora affiliate program? Well, here’s one!

There are tons of affiliate programs out there with beauty in mind. Including programs from top retailers like Costco affiliate program and  Wayfair Affiliate Program or from fashion- specialized programs like the Nike Affiliate Program or Shein Affiliate program.

Either way, you aim to get registered to a lucrative beauty affiliate program.

Well, if you plan to follow the usual practices of selecting a suitable affiliate program. I’d be sure you will be regretting it anytime soon.

Good affiliate programs don’t just end at cookie duration, commission rate and favourable policies: It goes beyond that. 

Topical relevance, Brand expertise, Established brand, are factors most people tend to ignore. 

Well, if you ignore this, I won’t be surprised when you end up asking yourself, the popular question: is affiliate marketing worth it. Thanks to Esopress, you can now clear your doubts of this question with additional affiliate marketing strategies to hook up with.

So that aside, if you’d want to join an affiliate program of an established brand with massive expertise in Beauty, then you should absolutely try considering Sephora affiliate program.

Well, here we are in this article, ready to dish out everything, from the foods to the nuts of the Sephora affiliate program.

Enough chatters, let’s dive in!

What is Sephora?Sephora logo

Founded way back in 1970, Sephora is a beauty-products focused international retailer headquartered in Paris, France.

Sephora is a combo of over 3000 beauty specialised brands and its own brand (Sephora Brand). With beauty in mind, the company is regarded as a go-to resource on everything from personal care to beauty products.

Arguably, Sephora is one of the most highly rated beauty products retailers that features over 10-100 thousands products encompassing cosmetics, skincare, body fragrance, nail color, beauty tools, body lotions and hair care.

Not hyping, Sephora is the Amazon of the Beauty products!

Sephora Affiliate Program – The Ultimate Review

To further dominate the beauty industry, Sephora launched its affiliate program which allows publishers to earn from Sephora while they market their products.

Sephora Affiliate Program is quite easy to join and with a few clicks, you can get started.

The affiliate program is open to allow all types of affiliate marketers including bloggers, webmasters, agencies and all digital marketing insiders.

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To make things more organised and simplified, Sephora Affiliate Program partners with Impact.

Impact handles all techies involved in the Sephora affiliate program. Including all Affiliate program needfuls such as referral tracking, performance reports, products impression as well as products sales.

How to Join the Sephora Affiliate Program?

As said earlier, the Sephora affiliate program is hosted on the Impact affiliate network. In other words, Impact is hosting the program in Sephora’s name.

Don’t get me wrong, the point I’m trying to drive here is that all processes, including application, registration, sales tracking and payment, would be taken care of by Impact.

So, to get started, head over to the Impact home page. If you’re already a member, you can simply login but if you’re not, then you’ll need to sign up. 

All the same, to join the Sephora Affiliate Program, head over to Impact’s homepage, sign up/sign in to your account. Afterwhich, search for ‘Sephora Affiliate Program” in the search tab and tap on Join.

What Type of Products are eligible at Sephora Affiliate Program?Illustration of products available for Sephora affiliate program

So this is where most people miss out, when selecting Affiliate Programs. And that’s the reason I dealt extensively on some affiliate marketing strategies when confronting a previous topic “is affiliate marketing worth it

When choosing affiliate programs you should take a deep look at the authenticity, flexibility and variety of products a company has.

Well, Sephora Affiliate Program on the other hand, correlates with all these proven strategies.

The company had dipped his hands into the beauty industry to create massive expertise in the space.

If you’re in the beauty niche, you’ll absolutely be overwhelmed by the varieties of products you have in store for your audience.

One more thing intriguing about the Sephora affiliate program is that you’re most likely eligible to promote just any products available at their store. This is unlike what Target Affiliate Program gives you.

Yeah, you can promote just about most things you see on their website. But how many products are available at Sephora’s ecommerce store?

Well, Sephora’s popularity can’t be a bone of contention here. Without a doubt the company has a great amount of authentic audience. In fact, comparably has it that Sephora is the 59th on the list of top Global Best Brands.

Coming to the numbers or rough estimate of products available at Sephora, there’s no proven amount. But according to Sephora’s about page, Sephora’s US store hails over 45,000 products from 340 brands.

Recall, that’s just one of their local stores. Talk more about their ecommerce shop.

Sephora Affiliate Program: Commission Rate

Unlike what Amazon or Walmart Affiliate program would pay for fashion products, Sephora generously gives a commision rate of 5%. 

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But Contrary to Target affiliate programs‘ belief of increasingly paying affiliates according to sales generated, Sephora commission rate remains stable regardless of the number of sales you make.

One more thing is that irrespective of the type of products you sell, Sephora Affiliate Program commission rate of 5% remains applicable.

What is the Cookie Duration/Referral Period Of  Sephora Affiliate program?

Affiliate program’s Cookie duration are an integral factor for selecting affiliate programs.

Well, it’s not the all-in-one factor for choosing a suitable affiliate program, it is recommended for massive conversion.

In other words, the higher the cookie duration (referral period), the more your potential conversion.

Sephora, on the other hand, offers a 24 hours cookie duration. Sincerely, this is a very poor one in comparison to the standard of 30 days.

Well, before I appear faster than my shadow, what are Cookies?

Cookies is a set of data packs drawn from users’ recent activities on certain websites. Cookies are automatically created by web browsers and are kept temporarily.

Affiliate networks make use of cookies to set up a period of time of which a certain click on publishers affiliate link will have impact on their commision.

So, As Sephora affiliate program’s cookie duration is leveled out at 24 hours so will the effect of a click on their affiliate link last.

Take, for instance, if someone clicks on your Sephora affiliate link with the aim to purchase a product. On shopping the products, he discovers that he’s out of money or maybe decides to think about it.

On returning back, so far it’s within a period of 24 hours, if he purchases the products, you’ll earn your due commision even without him clicking on the affiliate link for the second time.

So, that’s just the little concept behind cookie duration.

Pros And Cons Of the Sephora Affiliate ProgramPros and cons of Sephora affiliate program

Too long; Didn’t read? 

Let’s take the journey of a thousand miles in 2 steps by weighing the pros and cons of the Sephora affiliate program.


  • Sephora is a well established brand. You don’t have to go through the stress of going all over to introduce the company to your audience.
  • Wide array of products. The ecommerce hosts over tens and hundred thousands products from over 3000 brands.
  • Their commision rate is a decent one relative to most pay from top fashion affiliate programs.
  • 24/7 customer support from impact radius Support team.


  • Sephora affiliate program’s major downside is it’s poor cookie duration of 24hours.
  • Sephora affiliate program is not available for most countries, especially African countries like Nigerians.

Alternatives Of Sephora Affiliate Program

The Sephora affiliate program is a good one, but if you take some important things down when choosing affiliate programs, you’ll find out that the program isn’t just that good.

If you’re looking forward to checking out some of the alternatives of this program, just sit tight.

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1. Sheinshein logo

Never heard of Shein? Well, Shein is the untold game changer of the fashion industry and the leader in the fast fashion brand.

Shein is a Chinese online fashion retailer known for its unbeatable low rates on clothing.

The company sells everything from women’s fashion, beauty products, personal care, men’s fashion as well as the ones of children. Unlike Sephora, you have a wide variety of fashion products to promote rather than just beauty products.

Coming to their affiliate program, Shein’s affiliate program is a top rated one, featuring a vast amount of eligible products, long lasting cookie duration and a staggering 10% commission rate.

Unlike Sephora which gives only 24 hours for its cookie duration (referral period), Shein generously gives marketers a 30 days cookie duration (referral period).

Want to read more? Our article on the Shein affiliate program would, hopefully, be of help.

2. Walmart Walmart logo

So, if you would like to go for an all in one affiliate program for physical products, then you should absolutely take a look at Walmart.

Walmart is a behemoth in the retail industry. It is a retail firm based in the United States that sells everything from groceries to household products to fashion products etc.

This is a list of products available at Walmart:

Product categories available for Walmart affiliate program
Source –

Likewise Sephoras, all products available at Walmart stores are eligible for their affiliates Program. 

However, Walmart’s affiliate program has a bit poorer commission rate. The program’s commision rate ranges from 1% – 4%, unlike Sephora’s stable 5% commission rate.

Commission rate of product in Walmart affiliate program

An upside from Walmart’s program is that it comes with a 3 days cookie duration (referral period). Of which its way better, when compared to Amazon or even Sephora.

Check out our article on the Walmart Affiliate program for a more explicit review.

3. TargetTarget logo

Target is another viable alternative to Sephora, we have on our list.

Just like Walmart, Target is just another online retailer that sells just everything retalable (if there was such a word) you can think of.

Likewise their online store, their affiliate program is highly strategic. The company pays publishers directly proportional to the numbers of sales made. So, the more sales you make, the more your commision rates get to be increased.

But sadly, Target’s increasing commission rate strategy does not apply to beauty products. In addition, beauty products are the least paid category in Target’s program.

However, Target beats the norm to provide publishers a staggering 7 days cookie duration (referral period)

Well, we’ve also made a review on the Target affiliate program –Hope you check it out–

Final Thoughts

Considering the multiple advantages of Sephora affiliate program, if you find yourself in the beauty or fashion niche, you should absolutely consider Sephora affiliate program a pillar choice.


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