Let me start this article by mentioning “E-commerce.”

I’m pretty sure what came to your mind was Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, or the other big eCommerce stores out there.

But if you’ve been so specific to research for “best cheap online shopping sites”, I’m sure you’d be familiar with Wish, alongside AliExpress.

Yeah, they both work in common. You can call Wish the AliExpress V2.

But if I should say, Wish is the beast of cheap products.

Anyways, here in this article, we’d be taking the Wish affiliate program from the foods to nuts.

Sit tight!

What is Wish?Wish homepage

Founded by the collaboration of Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, Wish is a renowned eCommerce store based in the United States.

The company was established in the middle year of 2010. However, it started getting a bit of attention in its 6th year.

Wish appears to be one of the game changers the e-commerce Industry ever welcomed.

Imagine buying an Airpod for $3 with free shipping? Or a set of knives for $9, or even shirts for $1?

Insane right? But that’s the price range you get to see at Wish.

Everything, down to almost 80% discounts or thereabout.

Perhaps, that’s the reason they’re named “Wish” – They actualize people’s long time wishes, easily (oops)

The company is wholly known for its immense cheap prices. However, this was not the initial aim of the company.

According to Wish, they aimed to serve as just another competing eCommerce store. 

But however, as time went on, they noticed a huge interest in products with cheap prices. And at the time, it was an underserved market.

So, they decide to venture into it. In essence, they directed their efforts towards products that were selling faster, using their price strategy.

And that’s the reason Wish is not a go-to platform for basically everything, like Amazon.

Wish Affiliate Program – The Ultimate ReviewWish affiliate program landing page

Does Wish have an affiliate program?

Although the Wish program has no landing page, Yes! It does have an affiliate program.

The wish affiliate program, however, is not self-hosted. You’d need to make use of a third-party affiliate network to access it.

Currently, there are only two affiliate networks hosting the program – Impact and Flexoffers.

But as you should know, there are usually variations on affiliate program details on these networks.

Where one would offer a commission of rate of 5%, the other would be 3%.

And this applies to the Wish affiliate program. However, Impact is a bit favorable.

Since the program is hosted on these networks, you’d have to go through them to apply.

If you’re already a member, you can simply log in and search for the program and then apply.

But, if not, you then need to go through the hectic process of signing up for one of these affiliate networks.

What Type of Products Can you Promote on the Wish Affiliate Program?

So, let’s analyze the Wish affiliate program based on our formula, “the 3 P’s Analysis”.

In case you’re oblivious, the 3 P’s Analysis, as coined by Emmanuel Sunday, is what we, here, use to gauge an affiliate program based on its products’ variety, authenticity, and Relevance.

Without any chatters, let’s get right into it:

Product Variety –

There are actually a lot of products to promote at Wish.

In fact, claims have it that there are over 200 to 300 million products in stock at any one time.

…from roughly a million merchants.

This is quite a lot. 

But the good thing here’s that you can promote basically everything at Wish.

There are over 17 categories at Wish, matching up to what most e-commerce stores offer.

These categories include;

  • Gadgets
  • Wallets and bags
  • Home decor
  • Phone upgrades
  • Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Hobbies
  • Shoes
  • Baby kids
  • Watches
  • Tools
  • Tops
  • Pets accessories
  • Stationery
  • Kitchen
  • Bottoms
  • Automotive.

So with Wish’s “Home decor category”, you can beat your chest to say you’ve gotten a viable alternative to Home depot Affiliate, Lowe’s affiliate, or even  Wayfair’s.

It goes over to offer immense cheap prices for Fashion products. 

Fashion category at wish

Appearing more like Fast fashion brands like Shein and H&M.Pet accessories category at wish

And there’s even the “Pet accessory category” that would work well if you don’t want to work as a Chewy affiliate.

Product Authenticity –

There are lots of arguments as to whether Wish is an authentic store or not.

In my experience, they’re kinda genuine. But if I should say, it’s the company which is actually the real thing.

Actually, their insanely cheap prices have led people to doubt the authenticity of the company’s products.

Same as AliExpress

Most people suggest, Wish sells products that are counterfeit, fake, or even bad.

While researching for this article, I noticed some negative comments on Wish from Trustpilot and play store.

Mostly, these negative comments were centered on their deceiving purchase-bait images, which appeared not to be the real thing.Trustpilot reviews on wish

Trustpilot reviews on wish

There were also negative reviews emphasizing Wish’s long shipping term, which appears to never come.Trustpilot reviews on wish

Trustpilot reviews on wishBut yet, they appear to be more of positive reviews than the negative ones

Trustpilot reviews on wishTrustpilot reviews on wish

The thing here is that people are so much inclined to cheap prices over anything while shopping.

Imagine seeing an Airpod which costs $100 for as little as $3 at Wish?!

Personally, I’d get that product even if I don’t need it.

Product Relevance –

Most e-commerce affiliate programs tend to adjust to almost all niches.

If you have the right audience backed with the right Content, you’ll want to promote Wish.

Commission Rate of the Wish Affiliate Program

With wish marketing set-up, you shouldn’t expect a lot from them. Actually, they don’t have much to offer.

Considering their insanely cheap prices, I still wonder how they cover their overhead expenses.

You get most things for $1- $10!

That aside…

Since the Wish affiliate program is hosted on third-party Affiliate networks, you should expect varying commission rates, depending on the affiliate network.

On Impact, for every successful affiliate purchase made, Wish offers you a 1% commission rate.

So, let’s say you made a successful sale for a $3 phone pouch, you’d get a commission of 3 cents.

On the other hand, Flexoffers has a commission rate of 0.8%.

Apparently, there’s a lot of work to do, at Wish, to earn something tangible.

You’d need to make hundreds and even thousands of sales to make any good thing out of the program.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Wish affiliate program?

The possibility of this is little to none.

But why say so?

Wish is heavily a low-ticket affiliate program. You can barely find products of $100, talk more of a thousand dollars?!

Most items you’d be promoting have a price range of $1 – $15. 

With their commission rate of 1%, you should be earning about $0.01 – $0.15.

That’s totally poor to match up with a thousand dollars monthly.

Except you’re willing to diversify, you can’t make such an amount.

However, it can drive a lot of traffic that can make over 100,000 sales every month, then you’d be making that amount, though.

But that’s not feasible, actually.

Making a hundred thousand products sale means that you should be able to drive millions and millions of traffic to Wish.

Using a 5% conversion rate, that’s about 5 million unique page views.

Meaning that you would be contributing 13% to Wish Monthly traffic!

Long story short, you can’t earn a thousand dollars, monthly, from the Wish affiliate program.

But you can as well go for expedient amounts like $100 or $200. Yet, this is pretty much difficult to earn.

Payment Structure of the Wish Affiliate Program

Unlike the Adidas affiliate program, which would make you spend over 2 months waiting for your commission to be approved, Wish works otherwise.

You only have 30 days for your commission to be validated and eligible for withdrawal.

This is done, however, to verify sales made by affiliates.

Products canceled, returned, and unfulfilled would not be paid for.

The 30 days payment cycle also applies to Flexoffers.

Additionally, the program has a very little payment threshold. 

The Payment Threshold is set at $50 if you plan to make a withdrawal via a Bank account.

But if you go by Check, you’d need to have garnered $50.

This is actually good. 

Because unlike other affiliate programs with high minimum thresholds, you can easily hit the threshold.

Whereas, at Wish, you’d need to go hustle hard to make a common $100. At least, about 2000 sales.

Cookie Duration of the Wish Affiliate Program

Both In Impact and Flexoffers, there’s a straight cookie duration of 30 days for Wish’s affiliate program.

This is actually surprising to see…

Undermining Wish’s business module they still manage to give their program an edge over many eCommerce programs.

…like Amazon or Walmart, with a pretty much lesser cookie duration.

But what actually is Cookies and their duration?,

Generally, Cookies are a set of data packets that tend to contain sensitive information.

This information is usually data shared between websites and browsers.

And they contain information like Login details, products in Carts (without being logged in), and most importantly, affiliate referrals data.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, literally, this referral data is being stored up.

By this, affiliate networks would be able to track your referrals, sales, etc.

Although cookies can be deliberately removed by users, they’re usually given a period to stay on browsers.

These periods are what we call cookie duration.

The bad part here’s that when this cookie is removed, you can no longer earn from them, even after a valid purchase.

…. except they had gone back to click on your affiliate link.

So, if a prospective buyer clicks on your Wish affiliate link, they have about 30 days to buy the product.

Anything beyond that will earn you nothing, even after a valid purchase.

Pros And Cons Of the Wish Affiliate ProgramPros and cons of wish affiliate program

So, what are the pros and cons of the Wish affiliate program?


  • Products Variety – Wish is an embodiment of a massive list of products. You can get lost the whole day, browsing on Wish. Hence, this promotes flexibility for your prospective referrals.
  • Cheap Prices – Cheap prices are one of the mind-blowing strategies to drive sales to any business. Wish does that, and has now passed it on to affiliates. You can Wish insane prices to maximize sales!
  • Standard Cookie duration – Wish has a pretty much standard cookie duration for affiliates, way better than Amazon’s 24 hours.
  • Low Minimum threshold – The company’s threshold is a bit encouraging. Because making more than that amount would be difficult.


  • Bad reviews – There are a lot of bad reviews about Wish. From their long shipping duration to people’s reports on Wish, selling fake and counterfeit products.
  • Poor Commission Rate – Wish’s 1% commission rate is just out of place. With this, it’d take you several thousand of sales to make anything tangible from the program.

Final Thoughts

It appears to me that the drawbacks of the Wish Affiliate Program are more prevalent.

Except if you’re just starting and you feel like experimenting with things or you really need to promote a particular product at Wish, I see no reason to join the program.

The program’s commission rate is totally out of point. It’d take you months or even years to achieve anything tangible.

Imagine having to refer a thousand products sale for a $100 commission…that’s unfair

There are lots of other eCommerce affiliate programs that do much better!


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