Trying to make payments on Onlyfans but have been receiving several unsuccessful messages, like, Onlyfans card not verified? Here’s a fix… In today’s article, we’d talk in detail about the best process of Onlyfans card verification.

Onlyfans Card Verification not working? Why?

Onlyfans card verification would not work for several reasons which include: insufficiency in card balance, an unsupported credit card, invalid card information, or cards that can’t be reloaded.

For some time now, Onlyfans has long incorporated the idea of creators and users to verify their identity. This is in sort to get rid of underage users on the platform.

While creators have to go through all manners of processes, Ours, as users, is just to input our credit card at the first use. This includes even when subscribing to free Onlyfans.

The point here is that you now have your credit card and have tried using it, but all to no avail – the Onlyfans verification failed.

What are the reasons for this and how can you fix them?

Here’s why your Onlyfans verification was Declined and how to Fix it:

1. Insufficiency in card balance

When you get the message that your card was declined, calm down – it might just be something simple to fix.

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One of the possible reasons why your Onlyfans card verification failed might be because you don’t have sufficient funds.

The solution?

Go check your balance and find out. If it’s low, do well to fund it up to at least $5 above the transaction you want to make.

Alternatively, there are situations where credit cards are set on a daily, weekly, or monthly limit. Some are also limited based on transactional amounts. Say, you can’t make payments more than $100 at once.

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At this point, what you need to do is to check the app of the virtual card, to see if there are any settings on “transactional limit” that is out of place.

2. An unsupported credit card

There are many credit cards that are not supported on Onlyfans.

An example of this is Apple pay.

Onlyfans has long said it, that they no longer work with credit cards that are not 3D secured. Which, apple pay does not yet support.

As you know, the 3D secure is a recent feature added to most credit cards to help reduce the rate of online fraud with stolen cards and authorized.

It creates an extra layer of security, where users are required to carry out a verification via OTP that is usually sent to the user’s mobile number.

So, if you’ve got a credit card that you want to verify on Onlyfans, make sure it’s 3D secured!

However, On the other hand, we have also seen credit cards that satisfy Onlyfans’ basic requirements but still tend to decline payments.

An example of this is Chime Onlyfans.

While Chime satisfies everything required of Onlyfans payment rules, it still doesn’t work. This is because it doesn’t permit transactional activities on its network to s*xu*l content.

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The Caveat here? Get a valid credit card, that is tested and trusted, for the Onlyfans card verification.

As a general rule, Onlyfans only accepts credit cards that are issued by either Master, Visa, or Maestro. Lastly, the credit card must support the 3Ds security feature.

3. Invalid card information, Network errors or Global fault.

If you were declined at the first instant, the best thing to do is to retry it again.

Because many things could have gone wrong at the first trial. It could be a typo, a network issue, or even some troubleshooting errors directly from Onlyfans.

The best thing to do at this point is to repeat the procedure. And if it doesn’t work, you give it a day and then try doing it again.

4. Cards that can’t be reloaded

If you’re trying to verify your Onlyfans card, don’t waste your money getting cards that can’t be reloaded. Most times, they don’t work.

These types of cards are mostly gift cards.

In a previous article, we talked about our experience with gift cards and why they don’t work.

To share a little, Gift cards don’t work on Onlyfans because they don’t satisfy Onlyfan’s payment policy.

Onlyfans implemented the policy of using credit cards as a means of verifying users’ accounts to avoid underage students from getting access to the platform. This is because, according to US law, a child under the age of 18 can’t get a personal credit card for themselves.

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Obviously, Gift cards are a twist of the game for Onlyfans intention, as people can just get into a store and buy gift cards without the aid of documents or money.

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TL: DR – Avoid using gift cards for Onlyfans card verification. They don’t work!

5. Onlyfans is blocked in your Country

There are countries where Onlyfans is strictly blocked from people accessing.

In some cases, the site is being taken down in that region.

While in some other cases, it’s accessible in the region. Usually, in this case, none of its third-party services or partnership would process activities used on the platform.

If you find yourself one of this situations, your credit card can likely be rejected.

In the first scenario, you can only visit the site from that region, using a VPN – that’s an obvious blocking.

However, in the latter, you might not tell.


It’s all about troubleshooting. If you have tried every other thing, but they don’t seem to work, give it some time.

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You could also get a new card. Plus, it would be best if you don’t get one from that region where Onlyfans is allegedly blocked in. Alternatively, you can go for a prepaid card.

Final Thoughts

Generally, there are a lot of things that could have gone wrong for credit cards that fail to work on Onlyfans. However, to be on the safer side, look out for the following things before buying credit cards for Onlyfans:

  1. The Card Issuer: Onlyfans only supports Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.
  2. Security System: A card must support 3D secure, before it can be accepted on Onlyfans
  3. Out of date: A credit card that is expired can’t be accepted.
  4. Reloadable: Onlyfans doesn’t accept any credit card that isn’t reloadable.

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